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The worst RP I've ever participated in...


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A loose retelling of the time I spent with a particular group of roleplayers.

Ohh... have I got a story for you.
This story takes place during my time as a sophomore in high-school. By this point, I'd gotten familiar with many of the do's and dont's of role-play, character building, world building, and storytelling in general. I've played with some excellent players. I've played with some terrible players. I've played with elitist assholes. I've played with imaginative saints. And I've played with many in between. But there was one specific group of players whom I played with that stuck out in the worst way imaginable. Eight years have passed and it still remains a vivid memory. This experience, though I loath to admit, has played a big part in my development as a role-player and storyteller. It is a persistent memory that demands exposure... and so I will share it with you, dear reader.

My main characters name is Phrincut Leafhell. My Gaia account was named Phrincut, same as this account of mine. And this story was back when he was still a dark elf. I was taking a stroll through Virtual Hollywood, one of the few hangouts where you could take direct control of your avatar. Being the introvert that I was(and still am), it was places like that where I found myself interacting with people the most. And it was here where I met two other players: Angel and Manic. Now, I don't normally go butting into peoples conversations. That would be exceptionally rude, no? However, I'd noticed that he was bragging about his super powers. I was very much into comics and manga at the time, so the mention of super powers peaked my interest. Manic left to go change into some more suitable clothing, so I decided that I would speak to Angel while he was away. Looking back, I could see that he was attempting to seduce her... and it makes me giggle whenever I think of his reaction when he returned to see Phrincut speaking with his target. I'd injected myself into the conversation and took them both to Towns for some privacy. Manic, turns out, hadn't a clue how to use his powers properly and Angel... was just there. So, being the mildly arrogant and over-confident sixteen year old I was, I took them both under my wing and started teaching them what I knew.

I hand't a single clue about the chain of events I'd just set into motion...


Manic is the first person I met in this story, as expressed above. He is a pale-skinned, white haired human who believed that might made right. He'd always flaunted his natural cryokinetic abilities and would attempt to overpower Phrincut during their training sessions. He was never successful. As a role-player, he left much to be desired. He could never figure out how to use his characters abilities in new and creative ways. To compensate for this, he gave himself more powers. Ice, Fire, Earth, Wind, Super Strength, Flight... he even tried to give himself a Nightfury egg so he could become a dragon rider. I shut that down immediately. Manic was to be the protagonist of his world, but if we're being honest about the situation here, Phrincut became the protagonist the moment he injected himself into Manics business


I met Angel at the same time I met Manic. She, unlike Manic, was shy, insecure, and unsure of how she'd managed to get herself involved with me and Manic. Peer pressure, perhaps? She wasn't a budding writer like I was at the time of our interactions. She watched plenty of anime, but never quite knew how to apply it in the context of a role-play. I ended up teaching her alongside Manic and, unlike Manic, she was very receptive to my teachings. She and I ended up bonding over shared interests and her appreciation for me taking time out of my days to be with her. We became... rather close


Koloring is someone I met a little while after my initial meeting with Manic and Angel. She's Manics older sister and would soon become the bane of my existence. She was a mentally unstable witch who enjoyed picking fights with myself and her brother. I call her a witch because she, unlike her brother, used magic as her primary means of attack. She could corrode the things she touched, detach her head and limbs from her body, teleport, cast illusions, and... um... Frying Pan Magic. She could summon frying pans to... use as a melee weapon. She also fancied herself a chemist and scientific genius, but never presented any solid proof of her affinity in those fields. Everything I just listed for her were the result of ass pulls in the middle of a fight rather than fully established abilities. Soon after our first encounter with her, she'd grown interested in Phrincut. That interest quickly grew into an obsession that escalated to her suddenly switching sides to try and get my attention. Suffice it to say, she was an exceptionally annoying girl.

Tails Doll

One thing I would like to make known to those who may seek to play with me is that I despise playing with pacifistic characters in 1 x 1 scenarios. I especially detest when these types of characters contribute nothing to group scenes. No combat ability, no ability to reason, not even support abilities. The ones that simply cower in a corner and look to their allies to act as their shield. In the beginning, that was exactly what Tails Doll was. A useless, cowardly pacifist. He was only twelve at the time, but I'd never met such a gutless twelve year old boy in my life at that point. It was annoying having him around because he contributed nothing to whatever was happening. That said, he was a child and still had room to improve. He paid attention to me and tried to apply what he saw to his own character, with varying levels of success. I was honestly proud of the boy for making the attempt. He and I even remained in contact once that whole ordeal was over. Unfortunately, he and I fell out of contact a couple of years ago do to his debilitating mental health.

Daisuke Doll

This one shouldn't take long. Daisuke Doll, as the name may suggest, was Tails' older brother and if I'm being honest... I can't remember anything significant or meaningful about this guy. He acted as a subordinate to his sister whom we will meet later. He didn't like Phrincut hanging around Tails and teaching him things because he believed me to be a bad influence on him. He, uhh... existed. Look, the character was wholly unremarkable. I don't even remember what he looks like. He had barely any presence in the events that followed after our meeting. You probably won't be seeing him in this story.

Isabella Doll

Finally, we come to the main antagonist. Isabella Doll. She alone is the reason I find this story worth sharing at all. She, like Koloring, came with magical abilities, such as freezing time... the cheapest kind of magic. But her cheap ass magic isn't what makes her such an antagonistic entity. She was the kind of villain who wanted to rule the world... but also wanted total anarchy and mayhem. When she appeared on the scene, she initiated large scale change... but not for the better. The role-play reached its peak when she made her mark on the world. There will be much to discuss regarding that soon.

There's one thing that all of these people(excluding Angel) have in common. They all had the spelling, grammar, and storytelling skills of a primary school student. They typed as if they all had dyslexia, none of them could collaborate to tell a solid story, and with the exception of Tails and Angel, they were all egocentric assholes with no respect for anyone elses ideas or input. Above all, they were lazy and creatively bankrupt(except Tails).

In truth, many of the events leading up to Isabella's tyranny are a bit fuzzy for me. The main trio, Manic, Angel, and Phrincut, had been in hostile encounters with Koloring on numerous occasions. There was never a compelling reason for all of the conflict. But somehow, in the middle of it all, Angel and I kept growing closer to one another. See, she and Manic had been in a psuedo-romantic relationship. However, he'd never have time for her. He didn't listen to her problems, he didn't show her much affection, etc. But she ended up finding all of that in me, first as a friend. But later on... while Manic was offline for two weeks... she and I began a long, fairly rocky, loving relationship. Of course, we were teenagers. Our concept of love was, at best, flawed, but we still cared deeply for one another. Manic found out about the relationship and had begun to resent me ever since.

Yes. I'm a shitty person for stealing another dudes girlfriend. Not my proudest moment, but it happened. Sue me.

Now, you may be wondering why this tidbit about my love life is necessary to inform you about. The answer is quite simple, really. You see... my relationship with Angel was the catalyst that ignited the fuel of catastrophe. Our affection for one another was the reason everything began to spiral out of control. Manic was supposed to have Angel, not me! Koloring was supposed to have me, not Angel! I'd quickly come to realize that Phrincut's presence in their mess-up little world was hindering whatever plans they'd set in motion. From that point on, they'd begin doing everything they could in an attempt to tear us apart. They'd try something stupid, I'd shut it down. They'd try to get me to do something retarded, I tell them to go suck an egg. Hell, they thought they knew my character well enough to make a clone of him! There wasn't much to him, however. He looked like Phrincut, but behaved like a stereotypical evil clone. They didn't even know how Phrincut's power worked. Suffice it to say, "Evil Phrincut" was nothing more than a pale imitation.

Now, on to the aforementioned catastrophe...

Isabella Doll had finally arrived in the role-play... and she had every intention of fucking up everything I'd tried to set in place to bring some kind of substance to this plothole infested world of theirs. I learned much later that Tails was attempting to do the same. See, he was apart of their little brain trust and shared his ideas with them. Thing is... they were bullies. Manic, Koloring, Daisuke, and Isabella all picked on and bullied him, calling his ideas stupid and impressing upon him that he would never get to their level of "creative excellence". Tails told me of his idea of a floating city. A city called Hammok, an advanced and technologically prosperous city in the sky. It would've been a peaceful, prosperous place. Not the most well-developed idea, sure, but it was miles ahead of what they did with the idea. They took Hammok, renamed it Sky Kingdom, and turned the once peaceful civilization into almost literal hell. No reliable food sources, no clean water sources, all of its citizens driven into madness and cannibalism, the whole place was a disgusting mess. And leading this orchestra of chaos? Isabella, who'd placed herself as Queen of this bogus kingdom.

What kind of ruler would allow their city to fall into such ruin? This was, by far, one of the most disgusting, horrific things I'd seen in a roleplay at the time. Even now, the memory remains vivid. Being the overly-optimistic teenager I was, I tried to fix the problem by introducing a new character into the role-play. His name is Alicui, another dark elf and former agent of the world government I'd just made up at the time. He has no powers, nor magic, to aid him in his missions. Only his strength, skill, wit, and martial arts training. He'd been sent to capture Isabella and imprison her so that they can have her judged and executed. Alicui went about this via deception. He convinced her that he was an alley and convinced her to build a prison tower in the middle of her kingdom. She stupidly agreed to this and had the prison built. When it was finished, Alicui revealed himself to be an agent and tossed her into a random, nondescript cell to await her trial. However, she had a trick up her sleeve. You see, without alluding to or communicating the idea at all... she managed to escape through a conveniently placed escape tunnel in her cell. A conveniently placed escape tunnel... in a random cell...

You've probably noticed a running theme by now. The theme being that EVERYBODY DID WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANTED. There were no rules. No checks and balances. No logic. No common sense. No friggin love, attention, or care put into the creation of their world. Every time I tried to fix something, two more issues popped up, each one more ridiculous than the last. I never understood it.

Soon after her miraculous escape, Alicui arrived in her throne room to confront her and bring her to justice. But she seemed to disagree. She believed Alicui to be a traitor to her cause. To be little better than a street thug in terms of loyalty. I, of course, found her accusations ridiculous and had Alicui make an attempt on her life. However, in the most unlikeliest of fashions, her citizens, the mad cannibals, rushed into the throne room to protect her from him. These people, who would sooner devour one another than help one another prosper in their time of need, are standing together as one to defend the woman who neglected their needs from the man attempting to free them from her tyranny. Could this situation get anymore unbelievable? Well... while Alicui was doing battle with them, she escaped... through a conveniently placed escape tunnel in her throne room.

It was after this conflict where everything devolved into chaos. Just incessant, uncoordinated events one after another. More characters were introduced. One of them turned out to be Isabella, attempting to tear me and Angel apart again. Tails kept getting bullied. Angel kept getting harassed. And I kept stepping in to try and fix what couldn't be fixed. It all got to be overwhelming. At some point, I'd finally caved. I grabbed Angel and Tails and left that utter travesty of a role-play.

So ends this horrid little tale of mine. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have any questions or thoughts you wanna share with me about my story? Have any disastrous role-plays you've suffered through for an unnecessary amount of time that  you wanna share with me? Please, let me know. I live for this kind of content. 

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