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A New Wealthy Female Client


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It's a dark day as a new wealthy man and women walks in every minute to choose the many male and female prostitutes in this hell and I'm one of those male prostitutes.

My name is Jason most of the time I'm waiting for a new client ,just so I can gain some cash for my poor family but these days I'm scared for what awaits me threw that door,I walk into that room nearly completely naked and come out sometimes with a good time and sometimes with a bad time due to these rich peoples wierd fetishes.

I saw you as you walked in and chose me as your prostitute and followed you to your room and I pray that your a great mistress.As we walked threw door I was worried for what you had planned for me.


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OOC: That doesn’t quite fit here.  There are no male prostitutes, just women and a few futas.  The only male employees are a number of security guards.

Individuals stories are largely independent of each other but it is a shared setting that has a few rules to it, like that.  Would advise reading my notes in the topics section among other things.  I welcome more people playing, but you will need a different sort of character.  Also once you do have one, the topics section also has a list of character profiles you should ad yours to first.

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