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ATMGlory Rules and Prices


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ATMGlory was created by @aLittleCrow and @JennyDK as a place where they could express their love of gloryholes and earn EcchiCredits at the same time. It is open for anyone who is interested in being on either end of the hole.



Before we go anywhere further, there are some capitalized words that everyone should know the meaning to.

  • A 'Catcher' is the person who is operating an ATMGlory thread as themselves (read: the character in their profile picture) or a character they've introduced in the first post.
  • A 'Customer' is the person who wants to roleplay with a Catcher in an ATMGlory and is willing to pay for it. If used with a capital 'C', it most likely refers to the person who is reading this.
  • A 'Service' is the act of roleplaying in an ATMGlory thread between a Catcher and a Customer in the Catcher' s designated thread.


  • Before starting a roleplay, Customers are suggested to ask their chosen Catcher if they would agree to Service them, either through EcchiChat or EcchiText.
    • A Catcher may decline the Customer's request for any reason, and if a payment has already been made, the Catcher is not obligated to return the sent EcchiCredits.
  • If the request is accepted and the payment is made, the Catcher puts the Customer in their personal customer list found under this club' s OOC Negotiations forum, writing their name and the option they have chosen.
  • If a Service is already active between the Catcher and another customer, as well as if multiple other customers have applied before, the Customer should await their turn, which shall be indicated by:
    • The Catcher's ATMGlory thread's name changing to include "[Catcher's username here] Occupied -  [Customer's username here]";
    • A separate post mentioning the Customer with the use of an @ command (used like this: @aLittleCrow) and explaining through roleplay that their ATMGlory is now free;
    • OPTIONAL - An EcchiChat or EcchiText message, if the Customer is online and seems to not have noticed the first two indications of their turn.
  • If by this time the Customer has expressed disinterest in getting Serviced or if they have taken more than 24 hours to respond to the post with the mention, the next customer in the Catcher's personal customer list is called.
    • Any EcchiCredits the Catcher has received are not returned to the Customer in this instance.
    • An exception is made when the Catcher receives prior warning about the unavailability of the Customer either through an EcchiChat, an EcchiText or a 'Leave of Absence' notification in their profile.
      • If this is the case, the Customer is gradually lowered in the Catcher's list until they become available once more and continue to express interest in receiving the Service. Otherwise, the first subpoint of this rule is held up.
  • In case the Customer has expressed interest in changing their Service before it has begun, here are the possible paths the Catcher may take depending on the scenario mentioned below.
  • The Customer chooses a cheaper Service before the already chosen Service has begun. For example - they choose to change Anal (50 ¢) to a Blowjob (20 ¢)
    • No EcchiCredits are obligated to be returned, and the new Service takes place as normal;
  • The Customer chooses a more expensive Service before the already chosen Service has begun. For example - they choose to change a Handjob (10 ¢) to Vaginal service (70 ¢)
    • The Customer pays the credits still necessary for the Service to be paid (in the case of the example - 60 ¢), and the new Service takes place as normal;
  • The Customer chooses to change their Service or add on another one either during or directly after the Service is completed. For example - just before the Customer's character has reached climax, they choose to orgasm instead of the handjob originally chosen but with a creampie:
    • The original Service finishes as normal and the Customer is placed at the end of the Catcher's personal customer list with the newly chosen Service, and everything proceeds as previously instructed.
    • If the Customer has began harassing the Catcher because of this, the Catcher has full rights to remove their name from their personal customer list and never perform a Service for them.
  • A previously unmentioned scenario has unfolded:
    • The Catcher may proceed however they believe most parties would be satisfied, and after the situation has been resolved, is obligated to bring it up to other Catchers to discuss what rule changes may be needed.
  • If a Catcher has to wait for more than 24 hours for a response from their current Customer in their active ATMGlory thread and no warnings have been sent in that time about being unavailable to RP due to various IRL circumstances, they can invite the next customer written in their personal customer list.
  • The Catcher is allowed to stop the Service at any time if any of the previously mentioned rules have been ignored or broken by the Customer, or if they personally have been insulted or their limits (found under their profile) have been broken even with a prior warning.



As this is meant to be a paid roleplay club where Customers pay their chosen Catchers for their Service, here are the EcchiCredit amounts that are necessary to be paid to Catchers. Every cost is meant to be donated to the Catcher the Customer wishes to be Serviced by, after which they will be placed in the Catcher's respective waiting list.

Roleplay options involving 1 Catcher

  • Handjob: 10 ¢
  • Blowjob: 20 ¢
  • Titjob: 15 ¢
  • Anal: 50 ¢
  • Vaginal: 70 ¢


If a Customer has chosen a joint Service option, the EcchiCredit costs are meant to be divided between the Catchers, and after all of the chosen Catchers have confirmed receiving their payment, the Customer gain their turn as soon as every involved Catcher is free.

Joint roleplay options including @JennyDK and @aLittleCrow

  • Double handjob: 50 ¢
  • Double titjob: 80 ¢
  • Double blowjob: 100 ¢
  • Complete twin service (Includes everything the customer desires as long it is gloryhole based): 250 ¢
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