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The Doctors of C.O.I.T.U.S. (Commission for Observation and Investigation of Tentacular and Unusual Sexuality)


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The Doctors of C.O.I.T.U.S. (Commission for Observation and Investigation of Tentacular and Unusual Sexuality) work tirelessly to catalog and document every variation of extraterrestrial life, and especially their methods of procreation and fornication.



Dr. Madeleine Mamelle is biologist specializing in the burgeoning field of xenobiology. She is 35 and hails from France. She is fit, busty, and wears glasses. Her hair is blonde and eyes are blue. 

Madeleine is generally optimistic, happy, and playful. She enjoys the hands-on approach to science taken by the staff of COITUS, and has an adventurous streak when it comes to her work, and is always trying to push the limits of human/alien relations.

She is has an analytical mind is excellent and collating and analyzing the data collected by her team. She hopes to one day make the trip to Tentaculus IV to see the aliens she studies in their natural habitat. She is heterosexual and enjoys giving oral, receiving anal, multiple partners, and multiple simultaneous penetrations.



Dr. Constance Evans is an 30-year-old American researcher specializing in the study of human sexuality. She was offered a spot on the US Olympic gymnastics team but declined to focus on her studies. She is thin and very dexterous with lightning fast reflexes. Her physical flexibility is echoed in her mental, emotional, sexual, and moral flexibility when researching xenosexuality. 

Connie is quiet and observes more than she speaks, but when it comes time to get to the physical experimentation, she is quite vocal. She is a demanding sexual partner, rarely giving her partners time to recuperate before asking them to perform again. Despite her rigorous pursuit of knowledge, she is also a generous and highly skilled lover who cares less about gender than she does about pleasing her partner.



Dr. Sofia Bianchi is a thirty-five-year-old Italian researcher in her sexual prime. She specializes in macrobiology and xenobiology. She has incredibly long legs and always wears high heels, stockings, and short skirts to show them off. Her long black hair hangs past her posterior.

Sofia is stern and unyielding. When she sets her sights on a subject for testing, she will not give an inch until she gets the results she wants. She thrives on anal sex, and loves powerful tentacles. She is heterosexual, but enjoys watching other women with various aliens, sometimes to the point that she will masturbate while recording test results.



Dr. Keiko Yamamoto is a 30-year old Japanese researcher specializing in xenomorphic sexuality. She has long dark hair, a curvy figure, and has an innocent quality about her that makes her look younger than she is.

Keiko loves music and plays multiple instruments. She credits her oral sex technique on the breathing skills she learned playing woodwinds. She loves giving oral sex and one of her favorite things is to give oral sex while being penetrated vaginally. She is bisexual, but generally makes physical connections with men and emotional connections with women. 



Dr. Cara Donnelly is a British researcher from northern Ireland. She is the theoretical biologist of the group, focusing more on mathematical models and theoretical rather than practical experiments. She maintains a laid back style and doesn't do much to show off her figure, but she actually has the best body of any member of COITUS. She approaches her research with a practiced detachment.

Cara is pansexual and loves sex. She enthusiastically engages in intercourse with new alien species before any other team member. There isn't a sexual act she doesn't enjoy.

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