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Hatriot Mail

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I know everyone who becomes popular gets  emails to give compliments, feedback and all that jazz. But what happens when you get hate mail that has been written just to insult not just the content you cover but your fanbase? Hatriot Mail is born:



Basically; one of the places I go to to listen to news stories has started a segment in which he presents the most ridiculous, insulting and funny mail he receives. It is released every wednesday! 


I personally think this is a funny way of combatting hateful idiots that can't stand liberals and his show. Although I do think David does deal pretty well when people call him out on his place of birth and religion.


David was born in Argentina but went to America when he was five, with his family. His family is Jewish and he lived that lifestyle, however he is agnostic. For some reason haters keep calling him an Atheist Jew and link him to Nazis all the time. o.O 


For more info on him:





What do you guys think? Is this a good way to deal with haters?

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