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Sega suffers DDOS attack

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Around 10am GMT (7pm JST) Phantasy Star Online 2 servers were subjected to a DDOS attack. After almost 24 hours their PSO2 site was also DDOSed and is currently down. Sega have reacted surprisingly fast compared to other companies that have been hacked and have even outright been honest about the whole situation. At first they felt the problem was easy to fix and that the servers would be back up by 1pm JST, but it quickly became apparent that this would be unrealistic as time went on. At 6pm JST they released a statement both on their twitter and emails to all PSO2 users. (The only two ways they can currently communicate.) 


To save the frustration of using google translate I will give a break down of the content of the email that was sent to me. 


"It is with great regret that we can fully confirm that all ten of our servers and our official website have been subjected to a DDOS attack. We have been working none stop to get to the bottom of the situation and because of the seriousness of the attack have, with deep reluctance, decided to keep all servers (website included) offline until Monday evening. 


Please be reassured that everyone's data is very secure and has not been compromised. While our team is trying to deal with this attack we shall also be discussing possible compensation such as extended time for AC items that are time sensitive and more.


At this moment in time all we can do is apologise greatly to our fans and players for the massive inconvenience this attack has caused and ask that you be patient while we try to get to the bottom of who/what is attacking us. We can confirm that is is a third party that the attacks are coming from. Apart from that we can give no other details.


Please keep an eye on our twitter for more information regarding the situation.


Thank you and great apologies once more."


In all my time as a gamer I have never seen a company react so quick and be this honest with their player/fan base before. Then again Sega have always cared about their customers as they know they are always just a wrong turn away from dying. It is PSO2 that has pretty much kept them a float for the past two years


There have already been rumors as to who is responsible but I am unsure who or what it could be.


> Some say that the amount of manpower to take down ten servers at once would be Chinese or Russian hackers so it could be either one.

> Some think it is angry SEA players who have been ip blocked from JP servers after they got their own version. The Indication being that the hackers are using VPN to do this

> Some say it is angry Westerners who are yet to have the game released in their regions. 


I am personally not sure what to make of this and only hope this gets sorted soon. I also think it is nice that Sega has reacted so quickly. 

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