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Name: Santa Claus

Age: Ancient


Race: Human

Origin: Christmas realm

Information: Abandoned as a baby and raised by the Kringle elf family, Saint Nick is ageless man who was once human, unnaturally long lived thanks to the elf magic he was taught from his youth by his adoptive family. The big man in red is a genuinely benevolent spirit who loves nothing more than to bring joy to children and families around the world, working tirelessly every year to ensure everyone is well taken care of. He will be especially busy this holiday season, even with the help of Amazon Prime.


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Name: Jessica Claus

Age: Centuries old


Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Information: Jessica was once a kindly school teacher in an oppressive kingdom until, one day, she met Nicholas, who she fell head over heels for immediately and joined his crusade to bring joy to children who had none. She married Nick and learned the ways of elf magic, finding she had a natural talent for it, to help him in his endeavors and suit her own needs.

She loved Nicholas like no woman ever loved a man, but he sleeps a whole year and she is a woman of great needs, her body developed over time to suit him, but she regularly finds herself using her magic for more naughty adventures around the north pole. Vixen and Dancer are two of her favorite playmates and she will regularly fool around with elves, usually females as well, endowing herself with male appendages to play with them.

Jessica is strong willed, breaks for no one, sultry and, for lack of better words, the ultimate lay.


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