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  2. EcchiTown

    Zoey makes her way to what appears the be the centre of town figuring that would the best place to find assistance in finding her new residence. Zoey was always a woman with few possessions and finally had made time to settle down somewhere. She loved her small hometown but it was quickly growing into a city and she had to find somewhere were she'd be a little more helpful and important. After all, she didn't want to be forced to resort to prostitution... yet.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Lydaa

    People are so nice on here :)

    1. SMFoxy


      I'm happy to hear you think so. :)
      It's lovely to hear people are having a positive experience here on EcchiDreams.

    2. Evilkiller181


      Glad you think so :D

  5. Aria.Rose

    I have a brother rapes sister but she starts to like it rp idea Dm me on Instagram @aria.rose03

    1. SMFoxy


      You're more than welcome to RP on EcchiDreams, and may find people are more willing to do so if they can stay on the site. I'm not saying that people won't go off site, just suggesting that you can RP here, too.

  6. General Out of Character Chat

    @Sunstone: As discussed, we can start making our way around EcchiTown and bump into @ZoeyA and @Crazymerc22. If either of you (ZoeyA and Crazymerc22) want to post while waiting, you're more than welcome to, of course. The intention was to spot you as I/we were walking around, but of course you could spot us first, or just randomly start walking or hope for the best. Whatever you'd like to do really. Hope to be having a lot of fun in this RP. (I refer to characters in first person here for ease, but I'm sure everyone knows what I mean.)
  7. EcchiTown

    "You ask a lot of questions, huh?" Foxy rolled his eyes a little, ignoring a lot of questions. "Give me a few minutes to get dressed, and I'll be right with you." Turning away, he left the stranger to stand there outside his window, leaving the room and heading off to get some clothes on. Figuring he better at least put in a half-arsed effort if people are going to be coming into town already, he settled on a pair of dark grey trousers and a plain white button up shirt, forgoing a tie, though. Satisfied, he walked to the front door, unlocking and opening it, walking out. He locked it before his attention returned to the individual in his garden though. "I'm Foxy. You can call me Foxy. Or "Sheriff"." He tells the person, oddly finding himself quite liking the sound of that. "As of today I'll be Chief of the ETPD." He went on to explain, observing the common courtesy of introducing himself. "I'm going to go on a quick walk around EcchiTown, and I'm sure you don't wanna wait here. So the options are..." He raises a hand, and points towards the centre of town. "You go that way and get to where you're going... Or you come along for as much of a tour as I feel like giving. Not that there's much to see right now." Foxy shrugged slightly, settling on walking around the outskirts counterclockwise today. "Either way, your name?"
  8. Inkybus

    How do I announce I'm up for a roleplay? Do I just post here or is there a forum?

    1. Manni


      Yes, there is a forum for that. It is called the Private Roleplayers Bulletin Board.

    2. Inkybus


      ah thanks :)

  9. Inkybus

    Loving it here so far, people have been patient understanding and very helpful.

    1. SMFoxy


      I'm glad to hear you're having a good time on EcchiDreams.
      I sincerely hope you continue to do so. :)

  10. ZoeyA

    I noticed the EcchiText has a feature to add more than one person to a chat, anyone want to try a threesome? Probably with a little less writing than other RP's.

    1. Lydaa


      I'm in!

    2. Tyler1988


      Me too.

  11. Lydaa

    Who is into zodiac? Im a libra 😋

    1. Evilkiller181


      I'm a capricorn

  12. Last week
  13. My preferences (inked by a newbie)

    I love me some Ninja Nurses!
  14. Inkybus

    I have no idea what I'm doing here xD

    1. SMFoxy


      Do you need help with anything? If so, don't hesitate to ask.

    2. Inkybus


      I'm just a bit shy and unsure where to post thanks for the offer :)

  15. SlutsukiKiryuuin

    this site deader than club penguin

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    2. SlutsukiKiryuuin




      dang. Ya triggered. 

    3. Crazymerc22


      Sure. Whatever. You do you, I'm out.

    4. Buio


      Preach haha.

      It is fairly new though so it;s kind of to be expected that there isn't a huge membership base yet. It's interesting to see the number of profiles created whose last visits are just a few days later, though. Seems there is a certain critical mass that hasn't yet been reached that causes a lot of new members to leave fairly quickly.

      Like Crazy says, though, there's ways to find people if you dig, and putting up your own private board thread is a good place to start :)

  16. Some Gentle Lezdom

    I've been doing some pretty rough RPs where I've been treated like the slut I am, but I'd really like to do something more gentle to break up all the harshness. I was thinking about some gentle lezdom. Basically all the domination of lesbian femdom, with the control, the bondage, the top/bottom relationship, the worship, and all that, but with a gentle approach with more petting, cuddles, being called a good girl, taking it slow and little to none of the humiliation, pain, or other harsh parts of femdom. Obviously we'd both be roleplaying girls. If you are interested, just message me and we can work out the details.
  17. I probably have more fetishes then I have listed I'm willing to try new things and explore I can rp as a girl as well and I am a switch I can be a dom or a sub ;) open for most things
  18. My requirements

  19. ↁɨϕทɣsนs


  20. Lil' something about me

    It's a phone app for communities with themes. For instance there is Stranger Things community for Stranger Things fans etc.. There is an community for almost anything. You can make blogs, voice chat or normal chat with people. Kind of like Kik but better in a way
  21. General Out of Character Chat

    I apologise for not being on, I am watching over the RP and eager to get back into it, currently I am working on some critical updates to EcchiDreams (Work Stuff) and @Neptune is working very hard to get the guides sorted so that others know what the clubs are and how they work, which we aim to get done by December the 1st this year, then I am hoping that through December I can spend time actually doing my RP stuffs and RP.
  22. ZoeyA

    Found a fun question asking thing


    I'm a sucker for people asking me stuff...

  23. Kai

    would love to rp right now~

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    2. Violet flames

      Violet flames

      Still interested in a rp?

    3. Kai
    4. Violet flames

      Violet flames

      I'll ecchitext you then

  24. Bio_cock420

    or so I hope to be T_T

    1. Violet flames

      Violet flames

      I think you are 

  25. @SMFoxy A-Okay by me lovely :D
    • Bio_cock420
    • Violet flames

    Sorry for sometimes replying late but I'm quite busy these days, also thanks for roleplaying with me

    1. Violet flames

      Violet flames

      It's okay I understand 

    2. ZoeyA


      I gotcha, love :D

  26. ArdillaVerde93

    GameStop has just made my fuck you list. I had Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon pre-ordered. I was under the impression that pre-ordering both games separately would earn me a poster. So I didn't pre-order the Veteran Trainer's Dual Pack, which comes with art cards and codes for items, for the same price as both games separately. Now, they're offering the poster with the Dual Pack!

    1. SMFoxy


      Well shit. Is there any way to like... switch your preorder to the Dual Pack? It's not out for another three days, right? Though that's probably pushing your luck. Either way, that just plain sucks.

    2. ArdillaVerde93


      I actually just called about that. They aren't accepting pre-orders for it.

    3. SMFoxy


      Damn. That does suck. I really don't know what more I can say about it than that. xD

  27. Alaniz

    I love summer, and the sun, and the days being hotter...but i dont like it this much! Days are so hot that i cant even act as a normal person, or think straight, no one can! (But honestly who even cares about others not being themselves, right?) specially since this city is surrounded by big flippin mountains, all the sun rays are reflected into the city, and the highrises dont help! Not even clouds get into the city because of mountains surrounding it (seriously look up an image of santiago in summer). Now for real, all my condolences to all my fellow southern-hemispherers that dont live near the coastline, i know life is hell, quite litterally right now. Stupid global warming, start doing good deeds for earth now guys! Love and good luck in everything for y'all!

    1. Evilkiller181


      Whoa damn

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