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  2. Motorcycle Helmet

    I shall be playing the strong but silent soldier of fortune known only as... ''Motorcycle Helmet''. He is a giant of a man, standing at 6 ft. 7, who never wears a t-shirt and always wears a motorcycle helmet with a pitch-black visor, completely hiding his face. None have ever witnessed him without it. None living, anyway. His body is chiseled as if it were made in the image of a Greek God, by some master sculptor of ancient times... His skin has a golden brown tan, ever exposed to the scorching sun, and is riddled with a hundred scars of all shapes and sizes, each carrying a story, a mystery, of its own. He nevers talks, but for the occassional grunt. But Motorcycle Helmet hath no need for words, nay: his deeds speaketh for him. In the brothels and saloons of the Texas Wasteland, there are rumours a plenty about this man. The whores believe he hails from an exotic land across the sea, and that behind his dark mask lies a face of angelic beauty... That his people know no language but that of love and passion... Others say he was gruesomely disfigured by a Deathclaw, and that he hides his face in shame... Some say he is no man at all, but machine... a rogue Synth who defied the will of his very makers in search of his own destiny... Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain: Motorcycle Helmet walks his own path, and you best not get in his way.
  3. Naruto Uzumaki

    "Hello All"Naruto-uzumaki-naruto-22688527-594-884.j

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  5. looking for detailed RPers

    looking for semi-detailed RPers. mainly does high school, college, and adventure roleplays. please contact me if you would like to rp with me
  6. The Black Unicorn

    "Huh? This slop?" Jericho swished the concoction around in its glass before taking another nasty snip from it. "Oh it might as well be gasoline honestly," he answered with a chuckle. The DJ tossed his head back onto his shoulder to look at the new patron who had entered and then bring his head back to look at the mercenary. Jericho didn't say anything, he merely watched the white of the mans lingering eyes. His silver-white eyes blatantly darted between the owner of Gateports clothing store and the mercenary, listening with his eyes as the other two had a conversation with their own. Jericho questioned whether to interrupt their little side-bar until he saw the merc motion with his head for her to join them. Jumping in on this invitation Jericho spoke up, "Oh, that's Ms. Catherine. She runs the clothin' shop here." Blanca turned his body to face the two of them, ignoring the possibility that she may not recognize him, and began his joke. "Hey Catherine, this nice fellow is here for business! Maybe he could cut you up something nice, eh? Eh?" Blanca stared at the two with a wide-eyed grin, waiting for what he hoped would be a laugh.
    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • Fated Melodi


    (When you hopefully see this...)

    Happy birthday Melodi! Wish you the best and the happiest ^•^

    Miss you a lot, and hope to see you again. But most importantly I hope you take good care of yourself! 

    *hugs and kisses you* Happy 25th Birthday.

    ~Love Yuuto~

  7. General OOC

    I'm not sure where to start. I' mostly here to do world building
  8. The Black Unicorn

    He smiles, slipping his glasses back on. He still looked slightly menacing, but his presence was alluring. His smile only widened when she curved her back, as if seemingly trying to attract more of his attention. His eyes continue to roam her, capturing every small detail that he could see of her body, from her full. pink lips to her curvaceous body. He almost wanted to see more, but she was someone that he hadn't even really met. He cocks his head in his direction, inviting her to come closer to him and the gentleman next to him. He wasn't seeming to get much out of him anyway, and he needed some form of entertainment. She would do just fine. After all, it was clear that the lady in corner with the owner was only interested in who she was talking to. It was a shame, as she was a pretty little thing as well. He sighs and continues letting his eyes wander the beautiful specimen of a girl in front of him
  9. lVergill


    Time to sleep for me so take care and good night everyone. <3

  10. sex Side Story: A Hard Lesson

    Rosal was completely silent, except for the soft sobs that escaped his throat every once in a while. The visions ran through his head several times, and each time, he attempted to force a change. This led to only more self torture. His concentration was broke when he heard Diomedes speak, telling him that he may still have a chance to make his brother love him. He looked up at Chazin, a pleading look on his eyes as if he wanted exactly what Diomedes suggested. He wanted to have someone actually love him for once, anyone. Anyone at all. He looks to Diomedes with complete fear, the visions still lingering in the back of his mind. Chazin stumbles, covering his ears. It was an obvious sign that he had been returned control of his body. His breathes were ragged and tortured. He looks at Diomedes with the same amount of fear in Rosal's eyes. He glared at Diomedes, not in hate, but in shock as his voice trembles when he attempts to speak. His heart was beating quickly, threatening to burst out of his chest. He soon calmed down, regaining his composure before speaking. "Wh-what the fuck was that... Why did I see my mother like that...?"
  11. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "Goodnight, Neptune ^_^ Sweet/Lewd dreams are wished upon you ^_^"
  12. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    ^ What Shuya said. I'm off to bed anyway.
  13. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "It's not a problem, @Aurafox1! Just take your time ^_^"
  14. The Black Unicorn

    Catherine could sense eyes on her, a feeling she was rather used to. But like every time, she turned her head towards the source of the stare and found herself looking at the man with the twin blades. Her full lips curved as she gave him an openly friendly smile. She noticed that he was remarkably handsome, but the thing she noticed the most were his red eyes that seemed to bore down into her. It was unusual, and it was something that just leapt out at her. Her attention was snapped away as the waitress put down a glass of vodka in front of her with a loud clink. She handed over the caps that the drink would cost before picking it up from the bar. She then turned her eyes to the handsome stranger, lighting her glass at him in a silent salute before she brought it to her lips and took a sip. She shifted slightly on her stool as she leaned her elbow on the surface of the bar, curving her back slightly as she continued looking at the man staring at her, letting him know that she noticed his gaze. Her demeanor indicated though, that she was far from offended. If anything, she was rather enjoying the attention.
  15. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    Yeah, ignore all the stuff I wrote about the guy looking older and all that. I clearly wasn't paying attention to the context ^^; I'm gonna try to get to responding soon. Sorry for the wait, guys!
  16. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "Speaking of which, I don't think I've ever seen Temaelrin RPing in Blackberry Falls. Only in EcchiTown... Eh, whatever. You two must be very busy, after all."
  17. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    Well... I imagine since there isn't many fox boys walking about xD Although it would be amazing if there was... but that's the fantastic thing about RPs!
  18. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "Yes, Karma is amazing. He's actually based off of someone that I know in real life, minus the furry part"
  19. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    Karma is a sweet boy~ But Kaylaen will love that about Shez.
    • lVergill
    • FutaSerena


    Also! Thanks for the follow Serena~ xD

    You can rely on me for anything and I will be here for talk too. 

  20. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "Shez, just like Chazin tends to be more dominant, with both genders. Karma, however, tends to be the bottom bitch, but as displayed, he will top just to help with his exhausted partner."
  21. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    Kaylaen would not refuse. With guys he tends to be more submissive, but with chicks he can be. He's a bit of a switcher xD
  22. The Black Unicorn

    Kuri looked closely at the new customer, a female that had walked into the pub. He chuckled softly, his silky voice ringing through the ears of anyone who may be listening "My, my... Isn't this a popular place~ I've never seen so many people in a pub like this since I've left Japan and was stranded here." He smiles and shifts in his seat, the katanas moving slightly. She looked almost too clean and innocent to be lurking around wastelands like these. He wondered exactly what she could do for work, and he caught her eyes roaming him and the strange man next to him, who he still hadn't learned the name of. He looks at her, reading the body language that implied that she was respectful of the "conversation" that he was having. He hadn't really gotten anything out of the male, but still at least tried to act interested in the conversation. He couldn't help but let his eyes wonder over the female, seeing her perfectly fine body as she seated herself
  23. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "Shez might wanna try him out after he'd had his fill of Sophia XD"
  24. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    He's so drunk he will not hesitate to accept. He would find both sexy xD
    • lVergill
    • Fated Melodi

    Happy Birthday, Melody~ <3

    It will be on Monday so I wanted to tell you early and hope you have a good birthday while coming back safe here. =3

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