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  • Stockholm Monster Camp (M4F, multiple characters, breeding)

    I got this idea from a lovely NSFW Genshin video on R34, where I'm wanting to play a camp full of monsters for a varying cast of female characters.

    The basic idea is the demon lord/evil king/*insert any evil ruler who uses monsters in their army* needs to keep the monsters in his service happy and replenish their ranks with fresh blood. The solution is a camp dedicated to the act of taking captured women and letting the various monsters and beasts breed them without end. The RP would jump from the various women and the monster's who've laid claim to them in the camp, some women have only just recently been captured and are actively trying to resist and fight back, only to be raped mercilessly into submission. Others don't want to be fucked, but they've been around long enough to know resistance is futile and just assume the position and pray the monsters will just get it over with. Meanwhile others have been here so long they've come to love whatever monster laid claim to them, seeing them almost like a true lover and willing to do just about anything to make them happy.

    While it might sound like just a collection of one-off scenes, going from one pair to the next, that's not really true. The camp is a living breathing place, the various characters can and will interact with each other from time to time. Some orks might be blood brothers, so they may trade their women back and forth from time to time. Some of the women might have been friends or even sisters that got separated when they came to the camp, only to catch glimpses of each other getting bred by various monsters around camp. Maybe they even actively try to seduce the monster who has their friend just so they'll claim them and the two can be reunited.

    Some basic structure for how the camp works:


    Rules for claiming women:

    • What ever monster captured the women gets first dibs on breeding her.
    • If a monster wants to claim a woman, they paint them with a mark/symbol that shows they're "owned" by them.
    • If a monster has laid claim to a woman, they get priority breeding rights to her. This does not mean other monster's can't fuck/bred her, it just means her "owner" can choose to pull another monster off of her mid-sex to claim the rights to her body for himself.
    • If a monster wants to lay claim to an owned woman, they must fight the woman's current owner in a duel for the right, with the winner becoming that woman's owner.


    How the women are treated:

    • All women are striped naked upon entering the camp. They are forbidden from wearing any clothing.
    • Women who show resistance and aren't claimed are tied up and locked in cages outdoors, leaving them exposed to the elements, only to be taken out of the cages for feeding and being tied up to be bred by the lesser monsters. (Goblins, Kobolds, beasts, etc)
    • Women who show resistance but are claimed by a monster are usually kept tied up and dragged with their owner wherever they go, never being let out of their sight. How their owner treats them varies from monster to monster, but usually are whored out by their owner to other monsters.
    • When a woman has stopped showing resistance they are allowed to roam the camp freely. However unclaimed women roaming the camp are free breeding game for the other monsters of the camp. (Orks, trolls, lizardmen, minotaur's, etc.)
    • Claimed women are allowed to roam the camp freely as well, but usually stay within arms reach of their owner. Both so their owner can claim them whenever the need strikes them, and to avoid any possible unwanted breeding from other monsters.


    The camp itself:

    The camp itself is about the size of a town, surrounded on all sides by stone walls that are guarded at all times. Inside, open huts are constructed that provide basic shelter from the elements but little to no privacy from any prying eyes. The center of the camp is where the women who show resistance are kept, locked in cages and around them are various constructions in which they are tied up in for breeding. From stone pillars with shackles and chains to be tied up with, to stocks and pillory's, the women are kept bound in place so any monster can come have their way with them. 


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