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  • Dom M seeking F partner(s) for Taboo Roleplays

    Hello there! So I have been craving for doing some taboo roleplays lately, especially anything incestuous. BUT, themes such ageplay, corruption etc have been on the back of my mind as well. I will try to write down some possible scenarios, please EcchiText me if any of the ideas seem appealing to you.

    1. Generic Slice of Life Incest

    The plot is just as it sounds. A normal family leading normal lives in some suburbs until MC begin developing feelings for his mother/sister/daughter. Primarily I am seeking a romantic consensual relationship between son and mother, which later develops into a dom-sub dynamic but I am fully open to other relationships as well, even if it comes to non-con and ageplay.

    2. Office Roleplay: Boss-employee or coworkers

    YC is an ambitious youth looking for her big break. She is willing to do anything and pay any price for it, even if she has to climb the staircase of 50+ year old cocks with her mouth.

    Or, she is the office bicycle. Everyone gets a ride. Thanks to her, office parties turn into bukkake after a few drinks. She could be a homewrecker as well. The sweet guy who just got engaged to his highschool sweetheart could be her newest obsession. Until she gets him to rail her against a desk and be fucking addicted to her she won't rest.

    3. Corruption

    YC is a religious figure or follows a religion strictly where she can't have sex before marriage. MC rips YC out of innocence and turns her into a double penetration lover. Brownie points if your character is a nun or a priestess. I would love to do a medieval setting where sex before marriage itself was a taboo with this plot. This plot will probably be non-con at the beginning, until YC begins to accept her reality.

    4. Cheating

    YC is happily engaged/married to their prince charming, but she comes across this man at a party, or as her gym trainer, or at office who she can't stop just thinking about. On top of that, the man has been spoiling her with attention and good vibes. They start hanging out, a little more than just friends. One thing leads to another and he introduces her to the world of bdsm, awakening her sleeping desires to be used and abused.


    So, these are the plots I am craving for. If you are interested in any of these, or a possible combination of these please don't hesitate to shoot me a text! Hope you are having a good day ❤️

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