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    Hello! I am a hetero male looking principally for female characters to ravish, and I am not picky when it comes to whom is on the other computer. Male or female, as long as you are polite, enthusiastic and aren't a single sentence poster I'm more than happy to give it a shot and play with you. All I ask is that if you lose interest in the game please let me know. If personal issues prevent your posting just let me know; I know real life gets in the way of fun.  Here is a link to my roleplaying preferences, by the way.

    I am a huge fan of mind control scenarios, where my character dominates females. I am also a huge fan of harem plots; if a man can control minds why would he stop at just one? I admit when it comes to plot/smut I lean more towards the former but I do want a plot.

    THE APP: What if someone discovered an app on his phone that allowed him to alter minds and perhaps even more? What would he do with it? Where would he stop? Could he stop?

    DOMINUS DESIRES! Imagine if a second rate super villain received the ultimate upgrade, powers that made him a god? And imagine he wanted revenge upon all those super heroines who had defeated him in the past. It's time for Dominus to turn Capital City's heroines into his playthings!

    INCUBUS: Not all incubi are evil, some are a little naughty. What if one incubus decided to turn some super heroines into his playthings. Could they possibly convince him to use his powers for good or would they succumb to his power utterly and become his submissive whores?

    PLANET CASTE: The salvage operator found the hidden planet and discovered it's inhabitants were controlled by a central computer who ruled with a benign will. But what if the salvage operator discovered a way to suborn the computer and turn it to his own ends?

    SALVAGE SHIP: Along the same vein as Planet Caste, only our "hero" comes across a massive colony ship constructed by a long dead super advanced race, full of men and women in suspended animation. With the ultra-advanced technology at his disposal these people could be turned into playthings...

    SEX GENIE: Typical story of a man finding a container with a nigh-omnipotent being, only in this case said being's wishes must be focused upon creating sexual situations. Perhaps she is a succubus posing as a genie, or is some sort of unique half breed. What sorts of reality warping depravity can she inspire her new owner to come up with?

    SHE CAME WITH THE SHIP: A man wins a poker game and a sweet new space ship was in the pot. What he didn't know was the ship comes with it's very own sex slave. A basically decent guy, how long before his morals erode under her sexual charms? Could go different ways here, we can discuss particulars.

    NAUGHTY BOYS!: Imagine a group of boys who got ahold of some means of mind control. Perhaps it's a drug delivered in aerosol form, or an incubus has infected them with his dark sexual power. Whatever the source, the Naughty Boys are on the hunt and looking to dominate some classmates and adults.

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