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  • [f4M] "Adam looking for Ling" - the hottest Raceplay Reality Show!

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    White men. Asian women. One island. No clothes. The perfect recipe to create the hottest dating show on earth.

    Based on the real "Adam looking for Eve", "Adam looking for Ling" adds a NSFW twist and raceplay element to the hit reality show. It's filmed on a completely deserted island, far away from any kind of civilization, and its premise is simple - a group of white men, the "Adams", and a group of asian women, the "Lings", are brought together to live alongside eachother, under two simple conditions; wearing any type of clothing at any time is strictly prohibited (condoms included), and the Adams have absolute free-use over the Lings, fully free to fuck, breed and colonize their tight yellow pussies whenever they desire to.

    Seasons usually begin with one Adam and one Ling. Every couple of days, more contestants of each gender are brought in one by one; the Adams arriving on a luxurious boat and the Lings arriving on a wooden raft as the audience is briefly introduced to them. When they're near enough, they strip down and swim to shore, meeting their fellow castmates soon after.

    At the end of the season, the public votes for their favorite Adam and Ling and a monetary prize is given to the winners!

    Hello! Today I'm looking for a male partner to roleplay a season of "Adam looking for Ling" - the reality dating show presented above. I'm looking for someone who can play as MULTIPLE CHARACTERS, as I want you to play as the full cast of male contestants; the Adams, while I will be playing as the full cast of female contestants; the Lings. Together we'll play out the season on a day-to-day basis, exploring the characters' dynamics and relationships, some of the steamy challenges ALFL has prepared for them, and, of course, the wild sexual encounters that are sure to ensue when you pair up a bunch of white gods with womb-breaking cocks and a bunch of submissive asian sluts with a need to be bleached and owned.

    Discord is an option as well. Also, reference pictures are much prefered over written descriptions!

    Kinks: Misogyny, sexism, free-use, traditional gender roles, rough sex, non-con, incest, raceplay, political play, dirty talk, breeding, impregnation, size difference, age gaps, unrealistic sizes, public sex, harem and more.

    Limits: Beast, gore, snuff, and scat.

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    Just wanted to pop in here and say that this idea is fucking amazing. Of course, It's on a totally different level of difficulty for me so it'd be impossible for me to even try it lol. Noticed the post really wasn't getting the attention it was supposed to get, that's it. Peace, I'm out.

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