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  • [f4M] Father and daughter stranded together in a deserted island...

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    Good morning, evening or night! Today I'm looking for a male partner to roleplay the following incestous stranded prompt with...

    It's a hot summer day and the Smith family - a traditional family with a father, a mother, a son and a daughter - is enjoying the August heat in a paradisiacal cruise throughout the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, alongside many other families in vacation.

    All is well until a sudden storm - a deadly combination of dark clouds, strong winds and crashing waves - erupts out of nowhere, causing a shipwreck. After regaining consiousness, the Smith father and daughter find themselves washed ashore in a seemingly deserted island, and realize they have nothing but the ripped-off clothes on their backs and eachother.

    The roleplay will follow these two characters' - father and daughter - day-to-day lives as they attempt to survive in a completely abandoned island. The duo would quickly adopt a Dominant/Submissive dynamic, seeing as the father - a virile head-of-the-household stud raised with traditional values that epitomizes masculinity - would naturally take on the leadership role, as opposed to his daughter's - an innocent and very feminine teen girl that strikingly resembles her mother taught from a young age to always follow her daddy's orders - follower role.

    I'd like to explore the pair's sexual relationship as they find themselves in this Adam and Eve like situation, as well as the growing tension between them - the experienced father stripped away of his god-given right to fuck his wife every night, and the virgin daughter only now immersing herself in the world of sex and seeking her father's love and approval above all else.

    As for how the roleplay itself will play out longterm, nothing's set in stone. I do, however, have a few ideas, but feel free to share your suggestions...

    - The father/daughter duo gives up on trying to escape and instead decides to remain at the island and repopulate it, with the father breeding and impregnating his own daughter. (A nice "climax" moment could be help actually coming, but being refused by the pair.)

    - They discover the island isn't actually deserted and find a hidden tribe of exotic women lost to the ages. They begin worshipping the father as a god-like figure and he becomes their harem master and king of the island, with the daughter living out her days as a member of his harem (or maybe being its "head slave".)

    Looking for a male partner to roleplay as the father, and I'll roleplay as the daughter. I have a reference picture ready for both of our characters that I think would be a perfect fit, if you'd like to see them. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Kinks: Traditional gender roles, misogyny, rough sex, being degraded, raceplay, political play, size difference, unrealistic sizes, age gaps, incest, breeding, impregnation, public sex, harem, ff(+)m, just to name a few.

    Limits: Beast, scat, gore, snuff.

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    Sounds interesting.  Of course there could be a twist that after a fair amount of time (and incest) they stumble across mom and son on the same island (and more incest)

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