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  • Gwen and her Pedo Abusive Mother [What-If]

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hey there everyone I am once more looking for someone to do another RP idea I had in mind~

    So this time around I am looking for someone to play Gwen's mother ( my Gwen not Gwen Tennyson's mother, still trying to fix that )

    The idea is that after Gwen was born her dickgirl mother seeing as she had a dickgirl mother and mother, so Gwen's dickgirl mother is blaming Gwen for her lover aka Gwen's mother's death at birth and thus as the years go on is being abusive and overall a bitch towards her daughter as she decides to start using her daughter sexually in rough manners. Having her daughter give her blowjobs when she doesn't want to or straight up fuck her own child whenever she feels like.

    If you are slightly interested or confused about this do not hesitate to ask me about anything and I will happily let you know more about this RP seeing as I want to do more RPs with all of you lovely individuals~❤️ 

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