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    This premise is relatively simple and straight forward, but ought to be a good catalyst for a ton of various adventures and smutty fun.

    This will be about a fully new female warrior/paladin/mage, who wishes to become a very famous, rich and skilled adventurer. However, along with murdering various bandits, monsters and other bad guys, there are also plenty of monsters who are not evil and in fact very keen on having a good time with the young female. The more she indulges in her own and the monsters' kinks, acts and lusts, the more corrupted she gets.

    Beyond this, I also wish to include the collection of loot, a skill system of some sort, leveling up as well as a profile for the adventurer to list all of these things in!

    I will require someone who is willing to have gargantuan sizes on these monsters and their cocks!

    Kinks and acts I wish to include as many of as possible:

    • Airhead
    • Big tits
    • Bimbofication
    • Body writing
    • Bukkake
    • Cock shock
    • Cock worship
    • Continuous orgasms
    • Corruption
    • Double anal/vaginal
    • Double penetration
    • Filth (sweat, smegma, pubes, body odor and maybe chubbiness/fatness and nasty armpits)
    • Fucked silly
    • Group sex
    • Heart pupils
    • Horse cocks
    • Huge monsters
    • Huge size differences
    • Less than serious master/slave play
    • Lewd talk
    • Lipstick marks
    • Monsters
    • Multicocks
    • Ovary fucking
    • Powerhouses
    • Raceplay
    • Romance
    • Screaming orgasms
    • Size queen
    • Slobs
    • Temporary mindbreak
    • Temporary or permanent IQ loss

    I will show of the references I have in mind her for, but I will also list the two main galleries you may suggest stuff from as well:
    Magic girls  and armoured women

    Suggested references:






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