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    Hi there! If any of you have seen my status stream, you know I like to post story ideas there. I haven't done it since the last time I was on for awhile (so in 2022!) but I'm back and will likely start putting story musings on the stream again if I write a bit about. This will be the final place for the prompts to go!!

    I'll put them under a spoiler tag to keep things organized, with just a title and tags listed above it to make it easier.

    I will be adding more over time, but I will comment when these updates are made. I will also be adding more tags and such over time for current and old stories, to ensure that everything that can be included with the story is mentioned. What is tagged, however, is not all that I am limited to. I am willing to do more, but would like to discuss all kinks/tags when the story is discussed. 

    EDIT: 1/13/2024- Okay, so since I was using Imgur for all of my pictures before, but they are now gone, I need to find a new hosting site and then repost the pictures for these prompts. Until then, they'll just be empty and just have the prompt/musings.

    Idea #1: To be A Pet

    Tags: Pet Play, Kidnapped, Slavery, Noncon/Rape, BDSM. 


    How she was captured was unknown to the young woman. It was her eighteenth birthday on Halloween, she was out with a couple of friends, and then the next thing she knew was a man shoving her into a trunk. When she attempted to sit up in the trunk, he slammed the door down onto her head, knocking her unconscious. When she awoke, there was something... Wrong. The very first thing she noticed was the presence of something long and thick down her throat. It was not chocking her, as she had long since lost her gag reflex after weeks of working on it, but it was uncomfortable and made it difficult to breath. The second thing she noticed was a pain in her ass that was unlike anything she'd experienced before.

    Then, came the real problems. Her wrists were latched together with a metal pair of cuffs and she was on her stomach on the ground. She pushed her self up but could not get past being on her knees, as she found her ankles were bolted down to the floor by something that had to be similar to what was around her wrists. On top of that, she could not even get her body up very far on her hands, as there was a collar and chain connected to her neck! With anger she began to pulled at her leg binds, but all she did was hurt herself and rustle the object in her ass. Dejected, June stayed in place and cried.


    Idea #2: Going To The Chapel

    Tags: Arranged Marriage. Degrading. Humiliation. Public Sex/Nudity. Noncon. 


    It was hard for Astrid to accept the fact that she was being married off to a man she had never met. It was harder still that to marry this king, she had to go along with his... Traditions. A simple white dress and a sheer veil was custom for her country as well, but the red ball gag shoved into her mouth and the tight arm tie the kept her hands together was something she had not seen coming. It was uncomfortable and she could not handle having to hold her bouquet in that manner for long. At least she just had to hold it in front of her and not near her face. 

    The wedding was quiet, calm, and relatively quick. But then came the reception. 

    It was at the reception where the king showed her the purpose of a queen in his kingdom. She was cut out of her dress and her veil as thrown to the side. From there, her tied hands were connected to a hook and she was lifted onto her tiptoes. From there, as she was forced to stand naked beside her king husband, she is poked, prodded, and touched by him for the whole time. She is nothing to him, but an object to be observed, to be touched, and to breed. He wanted sons and he would put them into her, no matter what it took.

    The queen had no power. All Astrid could do was cry and struggle against his touch while her father, the king of a neighboring country that needed peace, watched in horror.

    (Note: Her father does not have to be in the audience; that is simply one idea for this and can be edited out to fit the needs/wants of someone who wishes to write this sort of thing!)


    Idea #3: Ya Got Me Helpless

    Tags: Amputee. Pet play. Torture. Kidnapping. Noncon/Rape. Size different. Forced nudity. Objectification. Humiliation. 


    It had been a long day at work and Aspen wanted nothing more than to remove her prosthetics, relax for the night, and simply exist. It was difficult to move around sometimes, but she usually kept an arm on to ensure she could get to and from places until bedtime. If only she had kept them all on that night. 

    A man had snuck into her home without her knowing it and grabbed her from behind, gagging her and taking her with him. Aspen didn’t understand at first what was happening, but as she tried to struggle out of this man’s arms, she found herself with a hand over her mouth and nose. No sounds but grunts and muffled yells could be heard. There were no cameras outside of her apartment. There was no one to come looking for her. 

    Aspen had grown accustomed to her life now, after a few months of this treatment. Her body was no longer hers- it belonged to Daddy. Her limbs were a privilege that had to be earned by good behavior. If she acted up, she would lose the soft cushions that were kept upon the stumps where limbs once were. That had been one of the things that finally broke her. It hurt to walk on her stumps and it hurt more that she was pushed down and beat if she tried to walk in anyway except on all fours. 

    Aspen had just finished a calm day of cock warming when her Daddy sent her back to the small room he allowed her to live in. He said he wanted her to be pretty for the coming night. 


    Idea #4: Hang In There, Angel

    Tags: AngelxDemon. Torture. War. Noncon. 


    This idea is not thought out yet, but I'll be working on her soon!


    Idea #5: A Witch's Brew

    Tags: Noncon. Pet play. Magic. Fantasy. 


    The witch had spent her night on the broom, riding back home after a coven meeting. She had plans to make up a few potions before bed, but all of a sudden her broom was being pulled back down to the ground and she was being taken down along with it! As the ground got closer and closer, it wasn’t just the broom being pulled down- she was too. And just like that- Jade was on the forest floor. As she began to move, she saw a man in front of her, with a wand pointed to her face. Jade fell into darkness after that. 

    When she awoke, Jade found herself in a curious position. There was something shoved into her rear and something in her pussy as well. “What...?” She muttered to herself as she began to move around, a hand falling between her legs before whatever was in her turned on. “Ahh~“ she moaned, the feeling of pleasure coming to her then. It was, obviously, a vibrator and she began to wonder how it got there. Then, just as before, there was suddenly a man above her.

    “I see you’re awake, kitten,” the woman heard from in front of her, the same man from before right in front of her and lifting her legs up, revealing her filled pussy and ass to him. “It’s time to play.”


    Idea #6: Big, Bad Wolf

    Tags: Noncon. Werewolf. Torture. Fantasy. Historical/Based in the past. Winter. Amputee. Abuse. Kidnapping. Predator/Prey. Size differences. Blood play. Genital/Breast torture. 



    She could hear him coming back and she knew within her heart that he was in his beast form again, ready to rake his claws down her chest and leave marks across her body. He never took her when in the body of the beast, preferring to only satisfy himself when human. The blond always feared that he would change his mind on that choice one day- that he would come back fresh from a hunt and have his way with her,  fur all over his body and the blood of his kill fresh upon him. She wanted nothing more than to run and hide, but that was impossible. He'd amputated one of her legs a long time ago and always has her tied to a tree, only releasing her when she needs to relieve herself or when he is ready to go into his cabin for the night. As he came to stand beside her, a single claw trailed down her cheek and dug in deep. The beast of a man had long since stopped caring about the marks he leaves on her body.

    "Please.... Master, please. Let me go," She begged of him, her throat dry and body freezing. It had begun to snow while he was gone and she was ready for the day to be over. She didn't know why he insisted in leaving her out in the cold like this, but if he did it for much longer, she would break. The woman craved the warm nights in his bed, where he would be pressed against her and his dick would be shoved inside of her body all night long. It was a small price to pay for warmth when she just could not get warm. The chill never left her body now and she feared one day he would allow her to die from it. 


    Idea #7: Dragon's Milk

    Tags: Noncon. Kidnapping. Fighting/Action. Fantasy. Torture. Humiliation. 


    There is a legend of the milk of dragons being used to create eternal life. The only thing with legends, however, comes from the fact that there is no proof of them until it happens. When Anla is captured from her cave in the mountains after a long and hard battle, she assumes that she'll be able to fight her way out of captivity. What happens to her when she arrives at her prison makes it impossible for her to go. (WIP)


    Idea #8: Drown the Witch

    Tags: Fantasy. Possible bad ending. Torture. Depends on how we want to write it!


    The fact that there was snow falling meant nothing to the village people. The woman was a witch and this would prove it. Tying her wrists to the pillars as she was held onto the edge of the pier by men stronger than her, Fawna struggled and pleaded with her torturers through tears. "No! I didn't do it! I didn't! Please, please, no!" Her words fell upon deaf ears, however, as the last know was tied and the man holding her down grabbed around her waist. Her body was lowered to the the water slowly, fear building in the freezing woman's body. She'd been in the cold for an hour at this point, frostbite surely having set in upon her toes and fingers.

    Her feet hit the water first and she tried to stop the man from lowering her, a scream leaving her throat before she could stop it as the cold began to overtake her. "No, no, no, nonononono," She said quickly, her words slurring together as the water began to come up farther on her legs until it rested just below the naked lips between her legs. She screamed again, the cold too much on her. "Please!" She cried one last time before she tried to use her shaking legs to go up on her tiptoes, but failed, only managing to splash herself with the artic water. The voices of the villagers could be heard from above her, but the sobbing woman did not pay them any attention as her body quaked with cold. Her eyes had been almost frozen shut, but she could still open them slightly. Tilting her head up, she watched the man who had lowered her into the pond turn and walk away before he was out of sight. 

    From then, her head came down and she looked out across the pond, body doing its best to keep her warm but nothing helping. That was when she saw it. A large shadow came across the pond from above and she looked up.

    ( I'm looking for someone to play a flying shapeshifter of some sort who saves Fawna from her icy and watery grave! Not sure where I see this story going, but I think it could be fun to do something with a story inspired by this picture! Themes and relationship stuff can be discussed if you're interested! A character bio will be added here soon.)


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    Going to bump this! I'll be adding a new story idea to this tomorrow I believe, though I've yet to decide what picture I'm going to use for it yet. 

    If anyone sees this before I make an update later tell me which you'd rather see: a female knight who has a holy mission, a shapeshifter slave escaping from confinement after killing her owner, a ball joint doll created for only one purpose, or a special girl stuck in an ice pond?

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    Gonna bump this. I haven't added a new idea yet, but I should get around to adding another soon. I think I'll do the ball joint doll or female knight idea!

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