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    Hey everyone! I'm currently searching for some particular RPs and i figured I'd make an updated version of the things I'm searching for! in both ideas I am wanting to play my kitsune Amai (pics of him in my album!) 

    Idea 1: My character is on a journey to find something that he's been wanting for quite some time now, and has decided that he's going to take the most interesting routs possible on his search! On his journey he'll meet all sorts of horrific, female monsters looking to get a piece of him! He's not afraid of letting big monsters top him as long as they're female and he won't stop at monsters, townspeople are fair game too! Basically I am looking for someone willing to play the monsters/supporting characters in this RP, kinda like a DM in DnD i guess but way more sex. I also have this in a sci-fi variant if interested!

    The other one is basically a sexy slice of life RP at a resort where Amai works as an 'entertainer' for women, if you will. Feel free to ask about more details and such for this one.

    Also, feel free to message me! I like brainstorming and these are just general ideas! Anyone is welcome, all I ask is that you're at least semi-literate (3+sentences per post) and can play female rolls! Thanks for reading! ❤️ 

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