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    Hi there!

    I am looking for a plot backed ERP with your character being a female. I prefer MC to be a male, older than your character. YC should be 15+ and female. Thin, short girls are my thing (unless... look at the end). All plots can be turned into consensual/romance but then there would have to be something else added to make it more interesting - however at the time I have a taste mostly for darker plots.

    The plots I crave:

    Bad savior - A shadowy organization kidnaps girls and then invites very important people from the world of politics, media and business to basically rape them. This went for some time, until someone decided that people start to gossip about this, so it must be put to an end - maybe some politicians didn't like organization would start to blackmail them, threatening to reveal what the politicians were doing? There was a raid on organization head quarter. The commando entered the building and started methodically kill everyone inside, wiping all the traces that this organization and this building existed.
    YC was kidnapped too. Maybe she witnessed some cruelties, but she was kept intact for the next party. This day she heard explosions and then the excited voices of the other girls, who thought they are being rescued - voices which quickly turned into shrieks of terror. The raid was not to save anyone, except politician's fat asses. All traces were to be removed - and that included potential witnesses. Girls were dispatched by the commando... Lucky for your character, MC, one of the mercenaries, is already tired and disgusted by the task he was given. He wants to retire. When he saw YC, he took a quick decision - he would save her. He is not a saint, though - his actions were dictated not by good heart, or at least not just by good heart - but by the desire he felt when he saw her. MC will hide YC and pretend she wasn't at the organization's HQ; but he would also take advantage of her situation.

    (this can be modified to a lab making some unethical experiments, if you want YC to be somewhat different from standard human)

    apocalypse with a dark twist - everyone is gone except YC and MC. Unfortunately, it means there is no police which could prevent MC from forcing YC into things she may not necessarily enjoy. This might be dub-con (preferably), con (with some romance) or even non-con.

    isekai - YC somehow (e.g. she drunk handwavium?) finds herself in a world with airships and alien races. She has no chance for survival, unless someone will accept her, becoming her owner. Well, she is lucky, because MC is willing to protect her in exchange for just few cuddles. Ok, not just cuddles. Maybe also kisses. Well, who am I fooling, you know where this is going, right?

    dystopia - to help falling fertility, a global government decides to start a lottery, where young girls are randomly assigned to older men. By the law, men can do whatever they want to; MC is rather skeptical at first, before he sees YC appearing with a suitcase at his door. This could be a love from a first sight, or a dub-con, or romance.

    sf - what if a sex doll android, or a scared girl, escapes from the lab and hides in MC space ship? He may decide to keep her - as his toy.

    sf - what if a frustrated guy decides to buy himself a sex doll android, but he's a cheapskate and contacts a black market to get a second hand one... and they deliver him a scared girl instead?

    modern - YC escapes from home and hitchhikes. Well, maybe it was not the best idea, since she can meet MC.

    fantasy - a veteran soldier had enough of wars, and after razing another city he takes a young girl as a spoils of war. He wishes her to be his wife -whether she wants it or not.

    You can suggest your own plots; currently I crave modern and sf. You want your character to be kidnapped, blackmailed into sex? (actuall after some thought, no. I wouldn't want to play that). Go ahead and send me a message. Just keep in mind the point (5) below.


    NOTE: (1) As you can easily guess from the amount of mistakes I've made above, I am not a native speaker.  The good news is that I will tolerate a massive amount of your typos and errors. (2) may play onsite via private messages or on discord (3) MC is not me. (4) I appreciate OOC discussion before jumping straight into the plot (5) Unfortunately, MCs are not psychos, no matter how hard I try - and they will eventually obsess over YC, probably trying to kiss her, cuddling her and bringing her hot chocolate to bed (or her cage). This is not negotiable. I am not saying they will fall in love or that the ERP will turn into a romance, I'm saying they, for example, won't dump YC in a trash or sell her - they will care (6) I don't ghost. (7) Discuss your kinks with me. Say what kinks you would want to introduce. I have my hard no's, but I might be open to some others. (8) timezone is central Europe, about 6h difference to New York.

    You may contact me via private messages, suggesting your own ideas for a plot. Hm, what else should I add... Usually I write about 200 words per message, but I can easily go up to 700.

    Finally - if you are a female dreaming about being femdom - well, this never was my kink before, but recently I thought it might  be interesting to play as a young boy against an older woman (and in that scenario YC may be whatever you want to be, however preferably she would be much taller).

    marriage - say your character has a fetish for younger boys. She is from traditional country, while she lives in a city. One day her family demands sh marries, otherwise she will be disinherited. She obeys reluctantly. She does not even see his husband until the wedding, when to her amazement she sees he is much younger than her (negotiate how much younger, but definitely below 18). Very, very loosely inspired by a manga by Kaoru Mori Otoyomegatari

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    If you are in the same timezone as me, or if you can play between around 5:30 AM UTC to 4PM UTC (1:30 AM to 10AM New York time), I am very open to your plot ideas!

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    Bump! I would love to find people willing to play women who could be active 6AM GMT to 12AM GMT.

    Added new plot.

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