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  • I have some ideas I've been wanting to do with the MHA and JJk characters. Canon x OC with me as my OC. Plenty of posts a day. I post daily and will post as many times in one day as I can. Romance and smut are required with each plot. I will not do just smut or just story. Has to be a mix of both.

    1) Hot springs: College professor has had their eye on one of their students for such a long time. Problem is, they're dating someone in their class. That's when the teacher gets a brilliant idea. He starts failing them on purpose even with their test answers being right. With the school trip coming up, teacher decides to offer a deal. They can go on the trip however, the hot spring bath time is shared between the two. With an odd number of students, it only made sense that the only student without someone to go take a bath with got to bathe with the teacher. Right? (Aizawa, Gojo, Hawks, Dabi)

    2) Saved from the villain: Fey is captured due to his unique quirk and feminine looking body. Hero comes to save him after months of being tortured and sexually assaulted. He's in very rough shape when the hero breaks in to free everyone who has been taken. (All characters I'd like from My Hero can be applied to this one)

    3) Jealousy is a terrible thing. But when the love of your life is dating someone else? There's just no stopping it. Character A (the dominant), must find a way to break up Character B and their lover for their chance to be together. (Deku, Dabi, Hawks, Bakugou, Gojo, Aizawa, Sukuna, Todoroki)

    4) A misunderstanding comes up between A and B. (A is dominant). B sees a picture of A kissing another person in the news paper and decides to leave without giving A the opportunity to explain. Years go by. All contact has been broken. B is finally ready to start dating again. Somehow A finds out about this and does everything in his power to stop it. Whether that be sabbotaging it, completely replacing the guy or whatever is interesting that would attract B back. (Bakugou, Deku, Aizawa, Hawks, Todoroki, Kirishima)

    5) B wins a contest to spend the day with their favorite hero. They have idolized them since they were a kid and now that they are almost a hero themselves, this presents a great opportunity for B. Things take a rather... Lustful turn the longer the two are together. (Hawks, Bakugou, Aizawa, Deku, Kirishima, Kaminari)

    6)Date gone wrong. Feyrith is out on a date. It's going absolutely terribly. Enter in character B (The dominant) They end up saving Fey in one way or another from the terrible date. Can either be a darker rp where they kidnap Feyrith or it can be a romance thing. (Dabi, Deku, Gojo Sukuna, Hawks, Kirishima, Bakugou, Aizawa)

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