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    Before anything else is said I want to make something crystal clear from the start: Despite the themes and kinks mentioned here, at no point is there to be forced copulation, direct or indirect. Every female in it will participate willingly and will never be a true slave (without agency or be sold for money).

    With that disclaimer done, I will share the overall premise:
    In a fantasy world where various races live almost fully isolated from each other in (monoethnic by large) nations, there is a minor village somewhere a small population of a monster race lives. Part of why they are so few is due to how their species is unable to father any females of their kind and thus reliant on other races to help them procreate. However, they have had little luck in attracting anyone to their tiny village to help them out. So this leads them to break their otherwise firm tradition of keeping to themselves.

    Desperation leads to them to seek out the nearest other town or village. Here they start to find some females to seduce and talk into copulating and hopefully make their numbers grow. Things get more and more out of control as their instincts begin to drive them to bimbofy the females there and thoughts about racial superiority quickly get out of hand in their minds, becoming a firm belief and thus begin to make it part of their mating with the females. This grows and grows until they basically have convinced all females there to become their happy and willing cock slaves and breeding bitches.

    This leads the males to begin to carry out this to the next village, the next, repeating the same process and eventually they end up being in control of the whole known world and eventually even outbreeding males of any othre species.

    These are options for their race:

    • Orcs
    • Minotaurs
    • Dragons
    • Ogres
    • Pigmen (only with filth kink. See below)

    Suggested races for the females:

    • Goblins
    • Gnomes
    • Humans
    • Elves
    • Angels
    • Imps

    The kinks I would love to see in play (up to discussion) and those with * are those I would consider required:

    • Airhead
    • Big tits*
    • Bimbofication*
    • Body writing
    • Bukkake
    • Cock shock
    • Cock worship*
    • Continuous orgasms
    • Corruption*
    • Double anal/vaginal
    • Double penetration*
    • Filth (sweat, smegma, pubes, body odor and maybe chubbiness/fatness and nasty armpits)
    • Fucked silly
    • Group sex*
    • Heart pupils
    • Huge monsters*
    • Huge size differences
    • Less than serious master/slave play*
    • Lewd talk
    • Lipstick marks
    • Monsters*
    • Ovary fucking
    • Powerhouses*
    • Raceplay*
    • Screaming orgasms*
    • Size queen
    • Slobs
    • Temporary mindbreak
    • Temporary or permanent IQ loss
    • Unintentional sexual innuendo

    Shortstack gallery:

    Monster gallery:

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    7 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    im interested ^^

    Very lovely to hear 😄

    Any sort of race you would like to play and/or for me to play as?

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    On 28/11/2021 at 04:25, Aaron said:

    I liked the short green babe’s attributes 

    Could you link to the one you have in mind?

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    36 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    yes im still here

    Lovely. How big a world would you like this to span over? Like several kingdom of goblins?

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    That is indeed an improvement. Personally I have no upper limits! 😄

    How do you feel about the kinks and acts listed?

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    Well maybe as an orc who discovered a village full of big proportionate Goblin ladies and from that point forward we continue the plot of the story.

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    The kinks with a * are required, as stated above.

    I have no idea how you thought this would work with 1 male.

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    On 03/12/2021 at 01:17, Aaron said:

    oh well i did misunderstood.

    So are we still doing this? Given you are to play the orc race.

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