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  • Not just a Monster Fucker... I have many ideas! Subs and Doms welcome ^^

    ⭐ So, despite what my profile says about joining a year ago, I'm pretty new to this site! (Made it a year ago then promptly forgot about it lol)

    ⭐ In any case, I have quite a few concepts swimming about in this brain of mine that I'd like to bring out and RP with y'all. I am technically willing to do Public RP, but I have no idea how that works, so I think it's best to stick with Private.

    ⭐ Below, you'll find a list of concepts I've had. This'll occasionally be updated whenever I remember this exists, so keep watch out, I suppose!

    • Whoops, You're in Florida Now (M/Futa4F or F4M/Futa) - An Anthro male/futa is the driver of a massive shipping truck, driving all across the country to fulfill their job... But sitting behind a wheel in a truck cabin 24/7 is a lonely way to live... So, one day, the driver just kinda decides he wants a companion, and thus proceeds to kidnap the first human woman he sees while stopping at a gas station!
    • Musophobia is the Fear of Rats and Mice (M/Futa4F) - This one is a lot more specific than the last one- You play as Edelgard von Hresvelg, one of the three main characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, who has found herself deep underground in an ancient sewer system- And unfortunately for her, Rats tend to commonly be found in sewers. So, when a giant Rat (or an Anthro Rat, whichever you prefer) rushes out of the shadows, there isn't much she can really do besides panic. (This one is special, because I specifically want somebody to play Edelgard- And if you're do this for me, I will love you forever. I'm willing to play the Rat as being cruel, kind, indifferent, whatever- Up to you!)
    • A Female Spider that Fortunately Will Not Eat You After Sex (Futa4F) - Hornet, the half-spider guardian of the ruins of the Kingdom of Hallownest, has been alone for a long, long time. With the lack of sentient, non-infected creatures nearby, it's quite difficult for her to find a chance to... Release herself... But through fate, magic, or coincidence, a human has found their way into Hornet's presence! Or, maybe Hornet's made her way to our human world? Either way, get ready to be egged by this elegant, needle-wielding, web-spinning spider warrior!
    • Bring Your Own Ideas! - Exactly how it sounds- Approach with whatever the heck kind of ideas you can think of! Shoot your shot, and see if it's a hit!
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    Hey there @Proud_Monster_Fucker I have been heavily looking for this exact thing!!~ 💖 ( with it being both Feral and more so Anthro ) 

    I have a Scenario in mind with a tons of things for it if you are interested, although I do want to make it more Noncon and uncaring from the Doggo. 

    Hope to hear from you soon enough~😘

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