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    Hello everyone! I'm new here But I have quite a few plots that I'd love to try out. I ONLY do fxf and futaxf relationships. For my plots I usually prefer a story to smut ratio of 75/25 or at most 60/40. Just depends on which plot we end up going with. Just feel free to message me with which plot you would like to do and we can discuss further details. I do plan to expand on these ideas later. Some plots might be darker than others so keep that in mind. I'm open to quite a lot of kinks so don't be afraid to ask me.

    • Experienced superhero x new and mysterious supervillian (action/drama)
    • Cop/Detective x secretly the murderer/criminal (mystery/suspense)
    • Lone survivor x sheltered settlement resident (zombie apocalypse/action/horror?)
    • Wounded warrior x healing nun (romance-heavy/fantasy/tragedy?)
    • Monster/Murderer x final girl (horror/dark/mystery?)
    • Cursed warrior x demon/monster (action/dark/death/horror?)
    • Lost samurai x oni woman (action/fantasy/romance)

    Feel free to suggest any ideas that could be interesting but try to stick to these. I will probably add more plots in the future!


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    Nice to see more cravings for female x female and female x futa.

    I am both happy to discuss other ideas, my own bulletins or whatever else we may agree upon.

    I especially enjoy sweet romance RP - both canon stuff or not - hopefully mixed with comedy.

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