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  • Sweet as Peaches - General Search Thread

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    You can call me Sweets, Peach, etc. Whatever you want within reason. I'm only just jumping back in to role-playing so be patient with me, but I'm ready to start looking at finding a partner or two!

    Let's get to business!

    What do I perfer to play?
    I perfer to play female characters. That being said I do also perfer a male character opposite. I perfer MF, MMF. I'm happy to play a male character myself but it has to be the right plot, and usually in addition to a female character. Also F xF isn't really my jam, not a no, but definately a harder sell. I'm happy to discuss!

    What about writing?
    I'm not picky but I do usually use my phone most often.  So keep that in mind. A couple paragraphs, a few mistakes. I'm admittedly out of practice. I do tend towards third person and try to hand back what I'm given and more when I can. Thinking about 2-5 paragraphs. Maybe more, maybe less. But overall I'm not all that concerned as long and you're interested and trying. How much do I post? It depends. Usually a minimum of once per week, but the more effort or thought I try to put forth the longer it takes. Sometimes you'll get multiple posts in a day especially if I'm quite vested. 

    Likes, dislikes?
    Love a bit of a plot, and characters tend a little more submissive when we get to the smuttier side of the role-playing. Though not always true. It totally depends on what we're playing on what I expect my ratio for smut to plot ratio but a little of both is always good!

    Plot suggestions!
    Send me your ideas! Private message please. I want to know you're interested so I love to hear them. I have a few ideas below but please don't feel confined by them. To be honest these aren't really plots but maybe jumping points to get us talking, perhaps in the future I can think up something more descriptive for them. Likely anything suggested can be fantasy or not. Let's chat. Alot of these are pretty soft at first glance but with... harder characters it can go darker.

    Arranged Marriage

    A Prince and a Princees engaged to be wed. A story that's been told a few times over, all a clash of love and loyalty. 

    • Opposites Attract: True love? Hardly. Both with little in common beyond loyalty to their countries, the love is hard to find. Culture and personality differences make love seem like a distance dream. Will they be able to put aside difference to united their country against a enemy amassing far away?
    • Unrequited: It was true love from the start. If only one sided. A knight asking for her favor not uncommon or unsightly at a tournament. Unspoken love now made impossible by a political union. (Easy to swap chambermaid, someone of service to another, etc.)
    • Kidnapping: The union of these two families would cause upheaval in the country. Simple solution? Murder. But more lucrative? Kidnapping.
    • Runaway: Never kean to be told what to do a runaway into the night, when told they'd be forced to marry. With little skills outside the walls of the castle a friendly stranger at a tavern could help.

    Enemies to Lovers

    Really is a fine line between hate and love isn't there? 

    • They used to be best friends. Wronged in the past they reconnect at a high-school reunion. 
    • An earthy optimist out to save the world and a corporate pessimist duke it out. What can they learn of eachother when forced to work together to find a path forward.
    • A thief and the law. Who will do the stealing in this relationship?
    • Hunted and hunter. When you've grown up understandong that a race/people are nothing but animals for hunt. What happens when one shows you otherwise?
    • Difference of Class: The wealthy have very little concern for those who have little. Why would they when you've worked for your money and they haven't?   

    Other fleeting thoughts perhaps I can develop into more full ideas in the future:

    • Regency romance. Pride and Prejudice, Bridgerton esque.
    • Cursed not sure where this thought is yet
    • Some sort of magic and Sci fi love story? Perhaps scientist and magic user? I just am drawn to the collision of the two.
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