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  • Tentacles In My Girlfriend's Vent?

    ~  Tentacles In My Girlfriend's Vent?  ~

    Everyday seemed the same. Get up, go to school, and come home and sleep until the cycle repeats itself. At least that's what it would've seemed like if it weren't for someone who brightened up their day, nearly every day that is. A couple of two girls had been together for quite a while, they had met each other at their academy on the first day. It seemed like they only hung out with each other because they didn't know anyone else, and they were both shy enough to only keep to themselves most of the time. And in a lot of other ways, they had a lot in common. Their friendship together, their trust, soon turned into a full on relationship where they began to love each other. And everything looked normal for them, but for one of them, who had planned to bring their significant other over to their home... Noticed something.

    There were strange noises coming from the vents, and all of sudden, they met them. These... Weird tentacles. They could talk, and they warned her that if their girlfriend was loud, something bad would happen. That same day, they couldn't help keeping their hands off each other. After such a long time, the most fun they had was teasing each other, but more was needed. When they had come back to her house, only just from slight touches, the pleasure had rushed to one of their bodies, causing them to squeal. Loud enough for the tentacles to hear, and they rose up above both of them. What they'd do then would depend on what they would... Would they fight them off, or possibly accept them into their fun times together? There were only seconds to decide... So they had better decide well. 

    ~  ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~  ~

    Hey there! Mhm..! So this roleplay, I wanna try something just a bit different. For this one, I would like to play at least two characters, depending on your preferences that is. Where a Yuri couple are interrupted by tentacles that may or may not want in on something they've been teasing each other for. And even though I'm a guy in real life, I believe that I do the girl role pretty well. I've definitely had my experience a long time back then... So why not add something that more people may enjoy, along with something that I do? Tentacles and Yuri! What could be better?

    Some things I look for in roleplay are: 

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (This doesn't mean perfect, but somewhat alright spelling, punctuation, and grammar is nice to keep things concise!)
    • Minimal Fluff  (Fluff is alright sometimes, but when unnecessary details start to contradict the roleplay, or let alone stop it. We may have a problem..!)
    • Decent Length  (About 2 - 3  or maybe even  4  paragraphs are plenty! You do not have to be a professional writer, but a good amount of details and such are very encouraging.)
    • Expressive Text/Dialogue  (Like when a character uses  ' ~  !  ?  -- '   You know? Those little things that make roleplays just that more expressive? Things like that if it makes sense.)

    But things that I don't enjoy in a roleplay are:

    • Lack Of Direction  (Surprises are fun and all, but if a roleplay has no structure or anything to it then it sort of becomes confusing and aimless... You know?)
    • One Liners  (One liners are incredibly discouraging. Especially if you work hard on a good few paragraphs to only get one or two sentences, or even worse... One word.)
    • Ghosting  (Please, if you're going to EcchiText me and discuss things with me, then please do not ghost it. If you have to take a break or stop the roleplay, please let me know because that's okay. It's very discouraging and annoying developing a roleplay to only have it fade away for no reason. So please, if we develop a roleplay, please do not ghost it.)

    So with that out of the way, let's discuss kinks! For this roleplay, I mean, obviously I would like tentacles and some cute romantic things with the Yuri couple. But besides those main things, perhaps casual sex, slight BDSM, slight masochism, and of course... You cannot forget, dirty talk! I think that has to be my favorite, I mean what is a good sex scene without dirty talk? But anyway, I can do other more intense things like tentacle rape, and while I do enjoy that, I only do in spades. I don't like anything too extreme. Sometimes it becomes less exciting and fun, and just becomes... Well, scary. Yet that's all just what I think, it's always more about the other person's preferences and tastes, so you can let me know what you like. But remember, please keep within our own boundaries. Things like Lolicon or scat or extreme gore are instant turnoffs for me. So please remain within my limits!

    And if that wraps it up, and you find yourself interested. Then feel free to EcchiText me! I'll usually be available and I promise you a good roleplay. This took me a while to type up so I hope it's not for nothing at least. I'll see you there~    (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  💕

    wp5090104.jpg 204007_deliciousorange_true-love.jpg?f1337185083


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