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  • The Merciful Lord and his harem. (may contain ageplay!)

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    Another fairly simple premise I thought of that I think could be fun to dive into.

    Overall idea:
    A ruler of a kingdom, a monster of race and massive of bodily size, saves a young female from overwhelming danger and saving her life. Without much left of her former life, she is without a home. Generous and kind, he even offers this help to her.
    So happy with his help, she suggest wanting to be part of his court, eager to service him in bed and standing by him when he receives delegates or is out on other tasks or quests. They form a deep friendship over time, naturally. There is absolutely no point where she is coerced into anything and is content with her life as a one woman harem girl.

    Over time, more females join the harem as the ruler comes into contact with others, helping them out in various ways, building a lovely harem where everyone feels comfortable and well.

    Quick note:
    - I am NOT seeking master/slave or sub/dom fetish.
    - This will be a public RP

    Optional kinks/ideas:
    - The ruler being a hypercocked boy of age 10 or lower and magically cursed to never age
    - Multicocks - the ruler having 2,4, 6 or more cocks
    - Magical items with fun effects 😉

    Reference suggestions: (feel free to look through my galleries if others interest you more!)


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    I must say having read this idea I am very interested in doing this with you, if you are still looking for a partner to play this one out with I would like to discuss it with you.

    Always a big fan of fantasy and lewd themes, let me know what you think!

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    Hello there and thanks for the interest 😄

    I would love to discuss this as well.

    Can you tell me what your initial ideas and thoughts are?

    I did have someone interested, but sadly they assumed I was looking for sub/dom dynamic - which I have no interest in. Just saying that now so it's very clear.

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    Well my initial impression and idea is something that seems less sub or dom and not really even romantically driven to be honest.

    The way it reads to me is something where my character is a benevolent noble/lord in whatever capacity he is a ruler, and helps various female characters who join his harem starting with one and building as we go.

    The relationship between them seems like close friends, both in personal and physical needs.  I think the term 'Friends with benefits' could be apt to describe it, just more positive without the negative connotations linked to that.

    Although if you wanted to associate a more romantic level to it that is something I would also be down for.  

    I may be over explaining, but basically a harem style theme but with deeper layers of friendship and mutual respect.

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    That is a very correct assessment indeed and I am thankful for that you seem to have gotten it right.

    Yeah, that is the very basic of it. He doesn't actively seek to expand upon it, but the females offer to join on their own volition ^^

    That is also true and I have hard time seeing how this is so hard for others to comprehend, like nearly every RP hneeds to have this sub/dom fetish involved in it. Why can't grown adults just fuck each other without it having to be some sort of project? XD

    Indeed - that last line sums it up pretty well ^^

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    Yea, I can definitely understand the appeal but at the same time it can put the ball too much in one court having it that way in my opinion!

    I am glad that we are on the same page there!

    Would you be open to discussing it further in DMs?  If you are down I'd love to go into more detail there!

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    7 hours ago, AGentlemanGiant said:

    Hello, I've an interest in this sort of scenario if you are still interested in starting one.

    Would you like to discuss one?

    I have set this to "Not looking" because I have found a partner for it, sorry.

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