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  • ~ A Failed Witch Hunt ~

     ~ A Failed Witch Hunt ~

    It was only the first day, the first time that Vendrick and his two men were commissioned to hunt the witch that plagued the lands of the royal. From their kingdom's crops to the forested path that led to it. However, these three were quite... Clumsy, quite buffoonish really. Their incompetence didn't help the gang when they came closer to the foggy woods, eventually losing track where the witch was. Vendrick looked behind himself to see no one, his two friends were gone suddenly. Panicking was the only thing he could do, his one means of defense being a measly sword. And he could only wish that he and his friends were never chosen to slay the witch. Which seemed incredibly unlikely at this point. And at that very moment, he was suddenly snatched away by dark forces that he couldn't even comprehend, it was her. The witch with her glowing eyes and sharp seductive smile. Her clothes looked as though they levitated from her aura. Vendrick was trapped, and he could only endure what was going to happen to him, and his knighthood. Whether it be the degrading words towards his career as a witch hunter, or being the lustful touch that consumed him, only to have his mind wanting more as he was overpowered... 

    ~  ~  ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~

    Bbbbbbbppprrrrrr! Alright, I'm not having too much activity going on right now, so I hope this will peak someone's interest sooner or later! I've got a bit of time on my hand, so allow me to cover what I'd like for this fantasy femdom roleplay! So I thought I would make something a bit different, and while I've done many fantasy roleplays before, this one is a bit smuttier than others. Or as I'd like that is. Anyway, I'd like to play as the clumsy witch hunter Vendrick, and for my dear old partner to play as the seductive witch themselves!

    As for the story, I'd like it to be similar to what I have up above, but we can always discuss it further and add or tweak things to it. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to it, just as long as it doesn't stray too far from what I have. But anyway...

    Here are some things that I look for in a roleplay:

    • Decent Length  (About 2 - 3 paragraphs is enough, but I can do more or less if desired!)
    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (Doesn't have to be perfect, just as long as mistakes aren't too distracting.)
    • Details & Expression  (Little details are nice, and especially expression through characters' traits and dialogue..!)

    And here are some things I don't look for:

    • One liners  (It's hard to keep going when you write a lot for someone, only to get one or a few sentences back, you know?)
    • Ghosting  (Please don't do this, to anyone, it's incredibly discouraging when me and someone get a roleplay going, only to not respond for weeks or months and completely vanish. Please let me know if you want to stop or if you're not available, I'll always understand.)

    But that's about it for writing preferences, and you can always look at my preferences sheet if you want a bit more clarity. I might wanna update that eventually though... Anyway! Now how about onto something more... Juicy! More of what a lot of people are here for...

    Kinks!~ Here are some of the things I'd like for this roleplay:
    Femdom, paizuri, light degrading, dirty talk, mind break, and... H-Hand holding... ~

    So that's it! I believe I have my story, writing preferences, and kinks covered for this!  (Note: there are also references at the bottom~)  But if we ever EcchiText each other, then we can always discuss more if I haven't mentioned something. So then, if you are interested in this, please EcchiText me! I am always looking for more people to roleplay with, and it always brings a smile to my face when I know someone is enjoying my stories. I hope I get to see you soon~  

    And thank you for reading this~ ❤️ 




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