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  • ~ Chosen For The School Girl Cult ~

    ~ Chosen For The School Girl Cult ~

    The school had open arms when it came to new students. All the teachers were humble and the staff kind. As the new student came into the academy, with it being just a few days in, she managed to see how quickly she adjusted to the new environment. The academy proved to be quite comforting with all the support surrounding her, and this support was given by a peculiar group of girls who seemed oddly... Interested in her. Every time she’d be alone at lunch, they came to sit with her. Every time she needed help with work, they came to do so. Any troubles the new student had with her personal life were put to ease by this strange group, in a way, they were like a new family to her. 

    One day, one of them suggested that she come after school for a club they planned. Though it was quite vague sounding, why not try it? She built a trustworthy relationship with them, so it wouldn’t hurt to see what they did after hours... A whole ring of them, perfectly lined up around each other, with horrifying markings on the floor. The projector in the empty classroom opening some gate or portal to an incomprehensible dimension, filled with flames and machines that exceeded what humans were possibly capable of. It was too much to run, only shock was felt, and freezing up was the first thing that her body did when she a cloaked figure come out of the gate. It seemed interested in her, and with the group of girls applauding the new student, she was taken away to a whole different place. Where she would be turned into a warrior, a warrior with high rewards-- equipped with infinite power. The shy student would confront herself as she was molded into a killing machine by this strange cult... 

    ~   ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~   ~

    Mmm! Alright then, I haven’t made a bulletin post in quite a while, so here I am! This idea I’ve been wanting to get out for a bit now, so since I’m finally doing so-- let’s talk about it! For this roleplay, I’ve kept the story a bit vague because if someone takes interest, then I’d love for us to discuss about what scenarios happen and how the story progresses, unless you’d want to keep all that a surprise of course. I think it’s always better to have some level of communication rather than just guessing what we both like, right?  (Remember! There’s references at the bottom!)

    In this roleplay, I’d like to take the role of the cloaked cultist! I love faceless and monstrous type of characters as most of you know, so how could I resist with this idea? Maybe I should change up my type of characters soon... Anyway! I would absolutely LOVE it if someone else could play the role of the school girl! A once shy and nervous girl who eventually gets morphed into a deadly and cold being by the cult. Now I shouldn’t even have to ask this... But who doesn’t love school girls..? 

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay:

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (I don’t expect perfection, just good enough for it to be readable!)
    • Decent Length  (I can usually write 3 - 4 paragraphs. Remember, I don’t need a whole novel either..!)
    • Expression  (Through character dialogue and details, expressiveness is my favorite!~) 

    Now here are some things I don’t look for: 

    • One Liners  (It’s frustrating to write so much for someone, only to get a few sentences or single line back...)
    • Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice, but when they slow down or contradict the story-- there’s a problem.)
    • Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone, it is incredibly inconsiderate and discouraging to people. If you want to stop or aren’t available to roleplay, let me know, I’ll always understand.) 

    Now then! With all that out of the way, let’s move onto the real meat of this. One of the main reasons people roleplay in the first place...

    Kinks! Here are some things I think’ll fit well with this roleplay:
    Femdom, Rough Sex, Reverse Harem, Slight Non Con, Spanking, Domination, and... H-Hand Holding... ~

    Remember! These are always up for discussion. If you want to add or get rid of a certain kink, then we can always talk about what we’d like! I’m usually pretty open with kinks in roleplay, just as long as their within our boundaries of course. 

    So that wraps it up! I hope someone takes interest with this idea, but all I ask of you is that you have a completed profile! Specifically, a preference sheet of some kind. It’s always kinda suspicious to me when someone doesn’t have a mostly complete profile, because those types of people seem to enjoy ghosting and giving very poor communication. Ninety percent of the time it ends up with a corrupted roleplay, either through them ghosting or me just backing out of it. So please have a preference sheet before EcchiTexting me, that’s all I ask. Anyways, I look forward to catching the eye of someone, I’ve been wanting to try out this one for a while, and now I’ve finally written it out! So... I’ll see you soon~  (>///O)

    And thank you for reading this~  💖




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