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  • ~ The Dearest Darkest, Most Delightful Maid ~

    ~ The Dearest Darkest, Most Delightful Maid ~

    Looks can be deceiving, one's words can be dishonest, and one's true self can be devastating. Many would fall into one of these categories of trickery, but to be all of them was rare. How would someone live as so? One would think they'd be living a lie? To only lie and deceive towards others can only result in lying to yourself after all. And one of the least expected types of people to do such a thing was a peculiar maid that seemed... Attached to her master. Yet not fully showing it, but why? She was so normal, yet little did the master know what he had residing in his own house. She was just a maid, helping clean up, preparing meals, and generally watching over his home. He was a regular man as well, working a tough job to come home to his maid, which he rather enjoyed as she was very sweet and kind. It was worth it just to see her. 

    Occasionally, just before going to bed, she'd be a bit extra, and tell him a story of hers. Almost in a motherly fashion. She'd tell tales of an apparent inverted world that lied just beneath the Earth, and how mystical monsters lived together similar to humans. The master of hers was used to it, until the time he came home after a long day of work. A meal was prepared, the house was clean, and her bright smile was seen from a mile away, it was a perfect evening! Yet eating her delicious meal made him... Sick, no, revolted inside. He didn't know why, until he took a look of himself. His body became dark, with a ghastly aura around him as he worried for his life. Only to see his dearest maid turn into a... Monster? She acted like this was normal, but it turned out that this was what she wanted! She was a shoggoth! She told him that this was her true self, and that she truly wanted him like this to love him, as she couldn't tell him any other way. The master would soon have to embrace this new form, as well as his monstrous maid... 

    ~  ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~  ~

    Bbbbpppprrrr! Alright then! Here's a new roleplay since I haven't made in quite a while. And this one... Jeez! I've had it in my head for so long, and as many of you know, I'm a bit of a monster enthusiast. It's one of my favorite things ever, so naturally I made... Well-- another one... But I hope that's okay! Because this idea is one I'd love to try out, and I would adore if someone could do it with me! 

    For this roleplay, I would like to play as the master, who starts out as a regular human guy, but is eventually turned into a monstrous form of himself by his loyal maid. Which turns out to be a monster as well! A shoggoth girl! Which I have to say, are incredibly cute to me, I mean, they just look so squishy and fun... How could you not love them?   (Also, there are character references at the bottom..!)

    But anyways! I'd absolutely love it if someone could fill in the role for the monster maid, but for the story. I've kept it slightly vague at the end because I would like to discuss what the end would be with you! I think it's best to talk about how the story would be best with someone before playing through it, and this goes for all the other parts of it, unless... You like it to be a surprise of course.   (>///O)

    Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 

    • Decent Spelling/Grammar  (It doesn't have to be perfect though!)
    • Decent Length  (I can usually write about three or four paragraphs, but I can negotiate..!~)
    • Expression  (Emotion through character dialogue and details are my favorite~)

    And here are things I don't look for:

    • One Liners  (I don't expect a whole novel, but it's frustrating to write a lot and only get a few words back.)
    • Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice and everything, but if they slow down or contradict the roleplay, there's a problem...)
    • Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone, it's very discouraging to people. If you want to stop the roleplay or aren't available, please let me know, I'll always understand.) 

    Now with that out of the way, though I can always discuss on writing preferences, here's the real meat of this roleplay... 

    Kinks! Here are some kinks I think would fit nicely in this roleplay:
    Ecchi Scenes, Femdom, Yandere, Kissing, Paizuri, Slight Mind Break, Cuddling, a-and... Hand Holding... ~

    Yayyy! That's all done and done. So with all this shown and hopefully clear, let me remind you that I'd greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at my preference sheet if you plan on EcchiTexting me. And please, have a completed profile with a preference sheet as well before doing so as mentioned, I like to see what kind of roleplayer someone might be before starting out, so that is all I ask. Anyways, I hope this catches the interest of someone. I do genuinely enjoy making new ideas and posts for everybody to see, so I hope this'll interest someone, as I do make these from scratch! So, if you are interested, please EcchiText me, I don't bite...  (>///<)
    So with that, I'll see you soon~  

    And thank you for reading this~ 💝





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