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Ironclaw High is a large academy which was build shortly after the dimensional gate between the monster realm and human realm appeared suddenly one day about 10 years ago, making travel between the two worlds possible. This is an academy for monsters to get regular education, as well as an insight into the human world and all that it encompasses, such as culture, history, geography, social norms and so on. The academy is part of the only massive town where humans and monsters live together.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. The white-haired girl's pupils followed the Manticore's moving tail closely while her ears twitched at the sound of her voice. She seemed to be getting quite impatient now with the idea of having a good night. She raises her arms and presses her palms against each other as she looks to Julia. "20 already sounds like a good number to have a good time! I hope you can introduce me to someone as interesting as you, Julia! Even though I doubt that you will be able to. I'd love to move on to the next one right now. Learning can be done some other time." Erina forms a mischievous smile on her lips while wrinkling her nose in interest of Julias Drink.
  3. Of course, first step is to make a character. I highly suggest reading the club's rules - they are also within this forum in a different topic. Generally you can play as either humans or monsters. There are students, staff members, townsfolk and familiars (the last two go in the same topic called "Other characters").
  4. Usually, members will try and arrange shorter (or longer) self contained scenes between characters of theirs. For instance, I have a party happening within the dorm room of one of my student characters. So it really depends on what sort of scenes you wish to do and with which character(s). I always offer to do a first scene with any new members.
  5. Like ideas of how I can role play with this group I guess
  6. You're welcome. What do you mean by "talk up something"?
  7. Hello and good evening @Ventus. Glad to see more people joining the club lately. So welcome and just let me know if you need help to get started!
  8. Name: James Lewis Age: 18 years old Position: first year Sex: Male Race: Human Personality: Nerdy, introverted, slightly impulsive. Skills: Smart, Has a chemistry major so he knows how to use it to his advantage in terms of solving problems, Memorizes and analyzes situations and concepts very easily.
  9. I walk to the gate of the courtyard with my books and suitcase. I look at the large school beyond the courtyard, slightly daunted by the sheer size of the building. I walk into the courtyard knowing no one and timidly looking for people to ask about how I get to the dorm office to be assigned a place to stay.
  10. The tail of the manticor lazily sways around behind her whilst the two of them speak, trying to form a new friendship and bond. Another long sip of her drink is made as she listens to Erina respond to her. Thankfully, the demon lady seems pretty open to her suggestion for joining one of her parties sometime."Oh, great! There are always at least 20 or more people showing up - so plenty of new people to meet there and have a good time with. Hmmmmmm, I am ALWAYS down to party, haha! Even if studies seems to get in the way sometime!", she says with lots of energy. She choses to ignore the weird deflecting part about this odd book.
  11. Erina grips the tight-fitting roll sweater with her hand and tugs on it a few times to get some air. She listened to the Manticore while she did so and smiled mildly. "Thank you...I couldn't have said it better myself. " She says with a nod and seemed clearly pleased when Julia told her the suggestion for a party. Her smile grew with her interest."A party sounds great. I love meeting new people.... I'll bring something to drink too.... I promise! " A giggle sounds lightly before her eyes widened a bit at the mention of the book. "Oh that old thing...Ha Ha. Nothing worth mentioning. " She explains to her with a smirk what she was hiding behind the book as she held it in front of her. She spared an explanation for the moment and looked over the cover at her. A bit desperate, she wants to change the subject. "Do you already have a date in mind yet?"
  12. Julia does enjoy the snappy and fancy outfit that Erina has adorned herself in. Even if clothing is not really for her, she does take joy in seeing nice looking stuff. She grows curious as the demon lady seems to have brought a book with her here, for whatever reason. Before she can get a chance to address that, Erina answers her last question."Oh thank you, hun! You seem like fun yourself. As they say...better late than never, right? Perhaps you should attend a party with me soon...if you are into those, of course. Oh...right...may I ask why you brought a book here?", she says and drinks more of her gin and tonic drink.
  13. Greetings and thank you very much for joining my club @Eva5155. Happy to see even more people join lately and of course, a warm welcome to you. Let me know if you have questions or need any help to get started!
  14. OOC: Sorry, I will try to avoid this next time. Erina herself, in contrast to the naked manticore, hardly seemed to be able to stand the idea of walking around like that. She felt comfortable in her woolen top, covering every part of her body in black and red clothing that would be in danger of getting cold outside of her dorm room. Her ears, meanwhile, twitched at the sound of the sweet bumping of the pines, teasing her to make a pleased face. She really seemed to be more than just comfortable and so let herself be distracted briefly before her attention turned to Julia after a few seconds as she settled down. Next to her, Julia would be able to discover a book which Erina carefully touched with a palm and slowly pulled towards herself. "Could be better." She then says with a smirk as she looks at her face. "I attend the second year. That's probably why we've never met. It's a shame that we were supposed to meet so late. You seem to be a very interesting person." She says, concluding her first impression of her and looking at the bowling balls that had gathered by now.
  15. OOC: I appreciate the quick response, but just letting you know there is no need to quote me. I do get notifications, after all ^^ For Julia, being nude, is just fully natural and normal, though she has learned that the same does not go for other species, even within the monster realm, so she is quite used to when people do oogle her over. The sounds of pins being knocked over continuously plays off in the background, providing a fitting noise for the atmosphere. The manticore then plops herself down in the seat next to Erina, contiuing the conversation and keeping eye contact when doing so."Oh, cool, cool! That is an awesome start! Right back at ya...so what year do you attend? I am in 1st, myself", she goes on and reaches for the drink she got which takes a sip from.
  16. Her smile widened a bit as the manticore leaned against the wall and turned her attention to the demon. She folds her arms behind her back after wiping a strand of her white hair from her face, thrusting her chest out a bit as she finally tilts her head slightly to the right. "I feel very comfortable in this club, thank you for asking. It is nice to know that I can count on someone when there should be any problems" She explains with a smirk on her lips "I'm Erina. It's nice to meet you, Julia." She narrowed her eyes a bit, not hiding her obvious curiosity as she scanned the Manticore from the closer distance with her eyes.
  17. Julia gives off a warm and inviting smile as she gets a nice and perky response back from the other student. Her body leans against the nearby wall, resting lightly there as she interacts with the demon."Ohh, cool! Always fun to see new members. Are you having a good time then? If anyone is a jerk, just let me know and I will BONK them for ya, haha! Well, very fun meeting you...I am Julia and who are you?", she says, herself quite energetic and eager for conversation. Her eyes glance towards the scoreboard a couple of times, but nothing that deprives her attention from Erina.
  18. I will. However, I'm just as open to tips or comments if you notice anything. ^^
  19. Glad to hear it ^^ RPing with someone completely new always makes me a bit unsure, so I usually ask. Do let me know if I can improve on anything.
  20. Yes, that is correct. I may have overlooked doing a reply for it, but it has been a long time, so I should probably check it out soon. I hope you liked the starting post? ---------------- Greetings and warmly welcome to @Maksi! Thank you very much for joining our fun little club. Let me know if you have questions or need help to get started!
  21. Found the Club and already replied. ^^ The correct dorm room would be "Julia's lovely room" with MiniRaptor as the last person to reply, right?
  22. Erina appeared as a recent figure in Bob's Bowl'O'Rama yet managed to create some impression. She seemed to have learned quite a bit about bowling before her appearance at the alley and applies her knowledge to score a few points. Success would often become apparent in a small cheer or failure would simply disappear behind an embarrassed face expression. On the mentioned evening in bowling area, the demon found herself alone on one of the bowling lanes and rested her head in the neck when she caught a glimpse of the scoreboard. She sighed and then glanced around the room as she caught a view of the manticore. Curious, she blinked at her clothesless appearance and seemed to have a certain fascination with it, even when it was nothing really new to her. When their eyes more or less met and she walked towards her, the white-head greeted her with a smile. "Hey. Yes, I discovered this place just recently!"
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