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Roleplay Threads

Roleplaying Threads

Welcome to the place where the Roleplaying Magic really happens. This is the centre-hub of this club, and where you will satisfy your roleplaying needs. 

There are two threads that are pinned so that they're always on top. The main thread of the roleplay and the out of character thread, where you can sit in the Velvet Club and interact with other roleplayers. Most of the roleplaying for the Andromeda One station will occur in the main thread, where characters can meet and interact with one another. If interaction leads into sex, or an exciting adventure, then you're free and very welcome to create a new thread in this section. A Side Story. This must be titled correctly with "(Side Story)" in the title at the beginning, and must be tagged properly as well with the type of side story it is, like Sex, or Adventure. Bear in mind the rules, linked in the Home Page, so don't let it fall inactive! You do not need to ask permission to create a side story, nor do you need to inform the staff of the club as to what you're doing. All side stories are public to other members of the club, so everyone can read and enjoy it. If you have created a sufficiently detailed extra information thread regarding a planet, or other location, you are free to create a Location thread. It will act as the main thread of that location where Dreamers can come and RP in. Whether you allow sex in your locations or not, us up to you. 

Please remember to adhere to the rules, so that you don't get into trouble by the Owner and her vigilant staff. Don't forget, that in order to begin roleplaying, your character profile must be complete, and must be posted up in the Character Images. If they are not, the post will be removed. One liner posts will not be tolerated, either. A minimum of at least one paragraph is required to be considered suitable for this roleplay.

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How to join this Roleplay

  • Make a Character Profile. Upload the image of your character in your own album, within the Citizen Database category. Tag the image with the appropriate tags, such as Andromeda One, and Character. Then in the description of the image, copy the Character ID template from the main Citizen Database tab and paste it into the image description and then fill it out. It's best to complete the profile before posting it up, so feel free to do the ID in a word processor, or even in the Sandbox.
  • Once you've put up a completed Character ID, then you're free to Roleplay as long as you stick to the roles of the RP. Most Roleplay will be in the Main thread, but Side Stories are allowed for content such as sex and special adventures. If you need outside of RP help, feel free to hang around in the Velvet Club AKA the OOC thread.

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