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Random Dance Dance Revolution Rant

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Okay, so if you don't remember this game, its the one with the arrows you have to step on. I know, its super vague, but its a good analogy in my opinion. I've played the game for the majority of my life, and loved almost every minute of it.


I say ALMOST due to some little shits over at Konami when they released SuperNOVA 2 on the PS2. I liked it, I cleared the entire Mission mode twice even. The song group was decent too, I actually liked over half the choices which is rare for me. But one song always stuck out for me: bag. All lowercase letters. So the thing about bag is that it is specifically labeled as a 65 BPM song (Beats Per Minute) and the Expert chart (hardest difficulty for the song) was a maximum 10. I figured something had to be happening here, such a slow song being a maximum 10.

Oh my god, was I right.

The song is super slow, barely more than a beat per second. But due to how DDR plays, it moved pretty slow, too. It moved so slow, in fact, that all the notes were crammed in, and it was almost unreadable in normal play. So now I'm pissed because there is no way I can possibly read the damn thing.


I eventually decided a speed mod would help greatly. For those unaware, a speed mod makes the song LOOK faster, but does not change the actual speed of the song. The notes remain with the same real world timing. I used x3 timing, the notes looked three times as fast. And I passed it. Twice. Granted, I passed with a D rank, but I passed it.

Fast forward 6 years, DDR has kinda died, and Ive managed to run it on my PC, theres a new difficulty scale even. So I go look at how bag is now. It was a 13 out of 20. Most former 10's are 15's or 16's some are even 18's if you're lucky. On top of that, bag's original BPM is 110, and they halved it for DDR. ADDING SALT TO THE SALT TO THE WOUND, THE PS2'S FRAMERATE MADE THE 12TH, 24TH, AND 48TH NOTES MAP INCORRECTLY, AND WHEN THEY FIXED THE MAP, THEY USED THE BROKEN MAP AS THE CHALLENGE CHART! 

Is it just me being salty, or is that bullshit to some degree?

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