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Imouto Kanna
Posted (edited)

I've decided to start writing my own short stories involving, Kanna. They will be mostly alternative universes and stuff. Kind of like small fetishes or whatever I'm craving at the moment. It will be third person style but mostly from Kanna's perspective.
If you like the way a story is going I don't mind turning it into a roleplay together 🙂

So the original universe I picture Kanna in is where the parents are usually not home due to business trips and being more interested in their careers. Her brother who I don't really have a specifics in mind, usually his name is something Japanese, he wears glasses,  has grey or white hair medium length hair, gold eyes, is at least 6 foot, slender, nerdy, and cares deeply for his little sister. Hopefully in my writing you'll get a better idea of his intended personality in my writing. I might write something short just to give you an idea.

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Imouto Kanna
Posted (edited)

Today was different from most days. At school one of the boys confessed to Kanna and asked her to be his girlfriend. It was in the moment she realized there was someone she liked, but it wasn't that boy. She was actually wishing it was her older brother, Kyosuke, who asked her out. When Kanna was younger she used to joke that she would grow up and marry her brother and the adults would just laugh it off innocently. Now a bit older, she understands that it's not possible but she still has much love for her brother. Even though Kanna has just started puberty she hasn't developed much curiosity into sexuality. She wears a training bra and her mother took one of her evenings to show her how to shave her legs and armpits, not much hair has grown around and above her pussy yet and most mother's don't teach their daughter that anyways.

Because their parents' are hardly ever home, Kyosuke still lives with them at the age of 21 to help take care of Kanna, who's only 12. Kyosuke works and goes to school part time. Kanna is a student at a prestigious middle school and gets high B grades. Kyosuke was about the same when he was in school and choose a local college and part time job, he's unsure of what he wants to do for his life. He does know he wants to take care of Kanna, he saw what his parents never being around did to him growing up. In fact, taking care of her so much he's ended up developing his own special relationship with her. They used to bath together and Kanna would sneak into his bed at night when she had nightmares but since Kanna has started developing he's decided she needs her privacy and space even if Kanna herself doesn't quite understand that. At first he would make up excuses or stuff and eventually Kanna just stopped asking him to join her. It's gotten hard to not stare at her growing body and he's found himself developing an unhealthy interest in loli porn and porn involving little sisters which he keeps tucked away to make sure Kanna never discovers. That is a conversation Kyosuke hopes to never have with her. Kyosuke doesn't have time for a girlfriend right now; he's tried having one in the past but they often got jealous of how much time he gave his sister over them. Kanna was fine with her big brother having a girlfriend but that's because he tended to prioritize her over his girlfriend as previously mentioned. 

That one fateful day Kanna got confessed to, she decided to test something out. How would her beloved brother respond to her possibly getting a boyfriend? Would he be jealous? Protective? Maybe even get him to confess his feelings? When Kanna got home she decided to tell Kyosuke what happened but instead of telling her brother she told the boy no, she told him that she said yes. This is the story of that day.

Kanna had thought about this long and hard during her walk home from school. When she opened the door she kicked off her black dress shoes as usual and yelled, "Oniichan, I'm home!" Since Kanna went to a prestigious school she was required to wear a uniform. It was a navy blue, pleated skirt with two red stripes that went to her mid thigh and a sailor uniform top, also navy blue with red stripes on the collar and sleeves. She decided to include her own personal style by wearing thigh high black socks with red stripes. This was her warmer weather attire. During the winter it was similar but with long sleeves and a longer skirt and tights instead of socks

As Kanna set her bag down and put on her house slippers, her brother was still upstairs trying to fit in a jerking session before she got home. The moment he heard her voice, he grumbled softly. He didn't have enough time to finish, but he also knew if he kept up with it Kanna might greet him in his room which could be even worse. Though the risk did turn him on a little bit, he tried his best to brush it aside and adjust himself; Kanna was usually hungry when she got home and sometimes she'd need help making a snack. So Kyosuke started to make his way downstairs once he felt calm enough. Kanna was already in the kitchen rummaging for something to eat.

"Did you need help, Kanna?" Kyosuke asked as he leaned on the archway that separated the kitchen and dining room.

Kanna took a deep breath, "Yes, but not with food, " she paused. "A boy at school asked me out today. Do you remember your first girlfriend, Oniichan?" 

For a moment Kyosuke frowned, he knew this day would come; the day when Kanna would start dating. He hoped he'd have a couple more years since she was still so innocent and the idea of anyone corrupting that annoyed him.  He'd be lying if he didn't admit to sometimes fantasizing about him being the one to introduce her to sexual stuff but he also understood how fucked up that was. As for his first girlfriend he had a one when he was younger than Kanna, well kind of. All they ever did was hold hands, hug and kiss... Kyosuke decided to use that one in this instance. "I do, her name was Ayumi. It only lasted a couple weeks, as we didn't walk much over winter break."

Kanna didn't recognize this name but that is to be expected when there is a 9 year age difference between them. After a pause Kyosuke asked her about the boy who asked her out.

Uh-oh. Kanna hadn't thought that far ahead into how she wanted this conversation to go so she tried to think of things that might make him jealous. "W-well he's older..." Kanna paused, " he's turning 15 soon."  Kyosuke tried to keep his composure upon hearing his age. FIfteen is old enough to be pressuring his sweet little sister into lewd things. Kanna continued, "He goes to school with me and he's on the track team. He's also popular." To be truthful Kanna wasn't one who cared about popularity but she knew it meant a lot to some of the kids at school, however this didn't mean too much to Kyosuke who was still stuck on his age and caught the last bit about popularity.

"Kanna, I don't think you should go out with this boy." Kyosuke said calmly. What if this boy uses his popularity to his advantage and pressures Kanna into stuff? Or he makes up lewd rumors about her! Kyosuke thought. I must protect her. Kyosuke's own experience in school wasn't the greatest, people were mean and bullies. However, things for Kanna were different. She was well liked and got along with everyone she was just shy.

Kanna's eyes lit up, maybe he was telling her no because he was jealous! "Oh, no. Why not, Oniichan?" Kanna asked not hiding her excitement very well.

Kyosuke caught on to this and became confused. Kanna wasn't the best liar, her emotions often gave her away sooner or later. "Kanna.." Kyosuke sighed, "is there something you're not telling me?" Kyosuke started to overthink again. "Did this boy pressure you into a date?"

"What? No!" Kanna replied quickly. Maybe deceiving her big brother wasn't a good idea. "Ummm..."

Kyosuke knew heard rumors about how teenagers were during puberty but being a teen himself not too long ago made him feel that they were exaggerated. Now, he's not so sure, Kanna is hiding something from him but what? "Kanna," Kyosuke said in a stern voice, "out with it and don't lie to me."

(to be continued as I need to sleep haha)

Edited by Imouto Kanna

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