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Backstory on my hiatus


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Okay so this is for people who know or knew me back when I joined a few months back, so here's what happened, I had a switch of countries and I had to find a new job and a way to resume my education, now the uni prices being absurdly high I have another flight shortly to take (I know alot of flights) but I booked it ages ago after calculating how much I'll have after the part time job I'm in, so in December I'll be off to another place, and the venting part of things, oh man, where do I start, from losing a best friend to probs a disasterous find, there's more than 90% chance the mom that I already lost when I was 15 might not even be my biological mom, step mom accidently said this a month back, still hasn't left my mind and in terms of social life, just dead, nothing, radio silence, and I'm glad one person here really remembered me and still comes on, it's very safe to say we are friends so to the person reading this, you know who you are. I don't need to mention but thank you, really. 

On brighter sides, I have two weddings to visit coming up soon, and finally I can resume uni, get a proper job and start doing my bucket list and hopefully on to finding "the one" cough cough anyways 😂. Its been pretty rough for me. Going days without little food and sleep and working overtime every day, and on weekends, and then when I'm free having other expectations and having to return to my "therapist centre" which is truly my mistake that I let people treat me like that but I can't stop myself from helping others either, my day could either go radio silence or just helping people 24/7, no in between, and no one coming to look out for me or like wanting to talk to me, just nothing so yea, this is the vent and backstory and the reason why I left for so long, I'm so sorry but I am back and I really look forward to having great times with everyone. 

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