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[Have Your Say] Community Picked ~ Videos of the Month

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Have Your Say!



Community Picked ~ Videos of the Month


For a long while now we've had a "Community Picked ~ Videos of the Month" and it's always been left open for the community to suggest what videos go in there. I've also took out a YouTube account, for the first time ever, and are currently using it to store the playlist that I hope grows with the community. :)


All you need to do is reply to the topic with YouTube video's you'd like to share with the community, use the like system to rate a video up (to be put online) which means you'll get EcchiCredits for each post from the likes. So this thread will be good to share video's you found on YouTube with everyone, and stuff that's liked goes up on to the site, and even on our homepage. It's in the Random Forum for a reason; so don't worry about being off topic or even discussing and talking about the videos shared. I've subscribed to some of my favourate (and some personally recommended by NeppyNepNep). Obviously this will expand over time too. ^_^


The sole purpose of this topic is fun, it's secondary feature is for Video's of the Month. But unfortunately this fun does come with a side dish of...


Ground rules:

What you must not post up in the thread:

  1. Anything that violates EcchiDreams or YouTube's ~ Terms of Service, on anything.
  2. No AMVs.

If incase of Dispute:

  1. Majority Wins

I think that's fair enough. 


Suggestions on how we can improve the channel, or even add more content is more than welcome, and accepted.

Please make a post in the Suggestion's, Comment's and Feedback Forums.

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Due to lack of interest, this has now been shut down. Video suggestions will come from staff only, seeing as it's only the staff that seems to be interested in this feature.


Update: Whole thing is flagged for removal in the next update.

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