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azur lane fleet line ups

Dozle The Crusader

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fleet 1


vanguard:lvl 110 Laffy(Nyx) lvl 98  ,z46,  lvl 100 shropshire 

backline  flag long island retrofit  lvl 100. illustrious lvl 98. Rodey lvl 96

fleet 2 

vanguard: Big Sis Atago lvl 101,Takao lvl 100 (both orth) and Ashigara lvl 96

backline:flagship Crimson Akagi lvl 120,Kaga lvl 102 (both orth) andShouhoure retrofit    lvl 96  boss fleet 

fleet 3

vanguard :Pr Saint louis oth and lvl 105,Yuudachi lvl 73,Carabiniere lvl 72

backline:  flagship Warspite retrofit lvl 104,Okami Mio lvl 100,Vestal lvl 96

fleet 4 

Vanguard: Foxhound retrofit lvl 90,Furutaka retrofit lvl 90,Admiral Graf Spree  lvl 84

Backline: flagship Amagi lvl 89 ,Kaga Battleship lvl 86, my favorite Yamashiro(Yama) lvl 120 and retrofit 

all for  those fleets limit break too  

fleet 5 iron bloods 

Vanguard: Z36 lvl 96,Z23 lvl 82,and Z25  (yeah i know thats alot of Z)

backline:flagship Bismark lvl 90,Tirpitz lvl 24 (im working on her ),Graf Zeppelin lvl 61

fleet 6

vanguard: Ayanami lvl 58,Shigure lvl 46,Yukikaze lv l76

backline: flagship the War god her self Mikasa lvl 70,Nagato lvl 81,Taihou lvl 90


subfleet 1

I-19 lvl 71, Dace lvl 55, I-58 lvl 56

subfleet 2

U-556 lvl 105,U-73 lvl 60,I-168 lvl 70

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