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Leroy's lay low at the apartment 47


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After being blamed from a crime he didn’t commit Leroy ran to a friend who’s very connected to help him out. He gave him the advice of leaving the city and stay in the other city nearby.


Getting there he meets up with his friend lawyer who gives him the keys to his apartment so he can lay low, he rarely uses this apartment but always sends some people to clean it up to keep it in good shape. Leroy takes the keys without questioning anything and lets the lawyer take him to it, he steps out of the lawyer’s car and faces the front entrance of the beautiful apartment building.

The place is quite calm , only a few people walking around and talking to each other, what he does is just walk in and move to the door with the number 47 which is written on the key, he reaches the door and attaches the key in it while looks around a little bit worried and hesitant, however he does it anyway, he turns the handle and slowly walks in calculating his own steps, all he sees is a decent sized interior, a nice looking room with many decorations, a nice couch, places portrait on the walls, there are 8 of them, a TV on an yellow shelf with books besides it. He moves inside and closes the door behind him, he turns to look at the interior he is in again as walks towards the kitchen, everything under order, the furniture look clean and usable, the bathroom also looks normal and clean, everything in the apartment is in order. All he does is walking to the living room and sitting on the comfortable couch and look at the ceiling thinking about how is he going to fix this mess up with the law, this apartment is actually a good place to live for a while until things die down and get solved.

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