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The first thing you should do is take a look at the Character Bios section 

 and use the provided template to make your character. Once it is made, you can immediately direct yourself to the Resort tab and pick one of the location threads to start roleplaying in (popular staring locations are the beach, or the hotel where you can get registered for a room and ask the staff for information, though any area is open to you from the start. Be advised: the jungle essentially only exists for those players who want their characters to be non-conned, particularly by feral beasts)


While you can start roleplaying as soon as your sheet is made (no need to wait for approval), there is one thing of particular note here in the info section at the moment: a list of the island staff members and a short description on all of them (though only the ones I am personally controlling are presently up while Lolli's will be added at a later date).


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