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Ashley Baxter


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Name: Ashley Baxton.
Age: 24.
Gender: Female.
Species: Human.
Origin/Nationality:  American.
Occupation: Houswife.

Physical Appearance

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blonde
Physical Description: 

Pretty much a blonde bombshell, most often with very large rack.

Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview: 
Strengths, Skills and Abilities: 

  • Able to take any size and number of tentacles.
  • High charisma
  • Knows a lot of high profile females - good network


  1. Cocky and smug partners, that are not jerks about it.
  2. DP.
  3. Easy to groom/bimbofy.

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams):

  • To be famous outside of her husband.
  • To stay youthful for as long as possible, even indefinitely.

Hobbies and Interests: 

  1. Shopping.
  2. Vacations.
  3. Gymnastics.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Turn ons*:
Turn offs*:


Extra Information


Ashley is the typical trophy wife of someone rich and famous. Got married way too young and spends most of her days to do stuff that keeps her occupied and not bored (WIP).

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