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This is the topic to post your characters. Below is a suggested template for what to include in their profile and you may add more depending on what you feel fits:

Field(s) of specialty:
Honours and medals:
Currently training:

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Name: Natalie Kristina 
Age: 18
Rank: Rank
Field(s) of specialty: Sniping
Honours and medals: None

Personality: A rather serious, hardworking woman. Despite her lack of experience, she does her best to learn and use what she knows to the fullest. 

Background: Natalie Kristina, only sister to seven other younger brothers. She never understood why her parents kept making so many when they got more and more poor from all the mouths to feed. Her mother was a baker, and her father was an accountant, but it barely brought enough money to the table. She has tried various jobs to try to help sustain them as well, like babysitting, lawn mowing, and whatever small jobs she could do, only for them to still have trouble getting anything else aside from the necessities. 
 It wasn’t until Natalie was hanging around one of her friends, who offered to show her how to hunt with the use of a sniper rifle. A talent that she had considerable skill for, and soon even enrolled in a low cost training program for the uses of snipers. It wouldn’t take long for her to enroll shortly into the military, a decision that she decided was better for her family. One less mouth to feed, and extra money for them to use. It wasn’t until after a few months of her actual military training that some weird Russian man came up to her and offered to be in an academy... for tanks. She raised her eyebrow at his offer, but then again, learning to use a tank could still be get her the money she needs. Without much hesitation, she decided to accept.

Currently training: Yes

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Name: Helene Blumenarsch
Age: 25
Rank: Captain
Field(s) of specialty: Navy combat
Honours and medals: None
Personality: Pretty smug. Likes to party a lot and have fun every day. Very loyal to her friends and will take her training very seriously.
Currently training: Aircraft carrier leadership and tactics.

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