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Xenia Renekton

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You may probably be able to tell, but Im entirely still new to this site and just really starting out. So with this club, I was just wondering how exactly it all works? 

Like theres the resort and rooms and etc, and you just start in one of the places and either staff will be there or....? Is there a system?

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Oh, hey there love. Sorry this went do longeothout being replied to. As mentioned in the recent announcements both the club leader and myself have been  very caught up with IRL demands these last few weeks. Still, apologies for the wait.

Anyways, as for your question,  there isn't exactly a system in place but there is something of a recommended procedure 🙂 You first should navigate over to the character bios tab and select the character submission thread. There you will find a handy template with which you can submit your character to the island. Once submitted you can immediately start roleplaying in one of the resort location threads.

normally speaking you would be encouraged to have your character appear either at the beach or at the hotel so they can be greeted by staff and introduced to the island's few rules and its purpose/mechanisms explained to them. However, as previously stated both the club leader and I have been unfortunately very tied up as of late and have had difficulty answering our typical IC administrative duties.

So at the moment we recommend that your character seek out interaction with other player characters rather than wait for staff to come greet them.

It should also be noted that there is no rule saying you cannot as a new player create a character who themselves is not a new arrival to the island. You can easily if you so choose play someone who has been a guest for any length of time already, and thus skip the period of confusion and subsequent orientation that new guests tend to go through 🙂

general rules of the island are that you can do whatever you please there as long as you do not infringe upon the free will of any other island resident. All ammentities provided are free of charge and inexhaustible as magic is a very common feature in any part of the island. Island guests who register their name in the hotel guest book have the enchanted hotel immediately create a room designed to their preferred aesthetics and level of comfort, accessible by the magic elevators found on the ground floor near the lobby. One cannot access another's room unless specifically invited or on official staff duty (or in the company of one such person).


again, sorry that this reply was so long coming but we sincerely hope you still find this club interesting and will add yourself to the colourful and pleasant roster of characters populating this little island paradise and haven we call home. Welcome to sweet treat island ^_^

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