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Just taking in the scenery...

Cash Money Chad

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Chad walked along the shining square tiles and looked out onto the water falls, gazing out into the city listening to the water falls crash against into the water below. A gentle breeze blowing through his white hair and across his expressionless face. He sat down on the round edge f the platform looking at his reflection in the tiles below as it shined brightly, reflecting the sun looming over him. He thought about sliding off the ledge and onto the platform below with the thought that he might be able to see the misty waters below if the other ledge had not blocked his view. He placed his hands on the edge and scooted down only dropping a few feet, to catch himself with ease on his feet. He walked over to the edge looking down he could see the only white mist, but the crashing of the water rang loudly in his ears.

"This wouldn't make for a good swimming hole," He said out loud thinking about how redundant that statement was but at least there was no one around to hear him, the solitude made him feel safe to express him self even if he was a bit stupid. 

He popped his head up and watched the trees waft in the breeze, thinking to him self that he might explore over there if there was a way to cross the gap between where he was standing and that area over there. He turned his head and looked at the long cylindrical buildings with domed roofs and chuckled to him self thinking they looked like dildos or robot dicks. chad looked out at the array of domed buildings and trees who's branches blew gently in the breeze, and came to the conclusion that if he wanted to climb a tree or something he was going to have to walk all the way around, since he had nothing better to do why the hell not. turning around chad eyed the platform above him and measured the distance, he quickly and thoughtlessly jumped before grabbing onto the ledge and pulling him self up with his muscular arms before slinging a leg up and pulling him self up entirely.

He took a deep breath and tried mapping out his route to the other side. He walked along not paying attention to anyone passing him by simply calculating his route as he walked along the shimmering tiles  occasionally looking down to see his reflection once again." Ok so hopefully the path would continue when I get around this building."

Once he had made his way to the other side of the building the sun had started to go down and he saw a part of the city he had never seen before buildings that looked like tenements elevated on cylindrical pillars topped with platforms each building seemed to be a series saucers a top layered platforms and beyond all of them a giant pillar with building pultruding from the sides of it. He let the cool hair blow against his face as a smile seemed to form on his lips, enjoying the view and the way the lights shined on the buildings reminding him of a sunset.  He held his gaze at the new found building s glancing occasionally to the flowing river at the base of the platforms. He felt peaceful and calm just standing there taking it all in. As the wind picked up it aired out his loose fitting black clothes feeling even better as the wind began to caress his chocolate skin. He scratched his own back under his shirt then looked off to the side with an excited smile.

"Tree!" He blurted out running and sliding off the platform to the adjacent one this time having to squat deeply when he caught him self, the fall being fairly higher than the first. "Alright, hoow hiiigh can I get?" He grinned and mumbled to him self "Maybe I can get some weed and find out." 

He clung to the side of the tree  and began climbing up the side of it, his crotch grinding on the tree became very uncomfortable very quickly so he settled on the  first branch thick enough to support his dense body. He hooked his hand over the base of the branch and shimmied along until he got to the point where the branch seemed to be too narrow for him. He kicked his legs and swung a bit  then pulled him self  and looped his leg over the branch and straddled it, his eyes widening when he felt the branch squeeze his balls a bit so he leaned back and pivoted his ass on the branch now sitting with both legs hanging off the side of the branch. He tried to adjust him self an get comfortable  being careful not to loose his balance or the fall might crack his head open and kill him. He took a heavy sigh before looking down at his hands, now red and scraped from swinging on the branch.

"I guess an ass wont be the only thing that stings when I smack it."  He scooted over to the base of the branch and looked out into the set of buildings and relaxed against the tree spacer.png "Sure is a nice view."



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