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Atmer's Den


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Atmer's dorm was kept fairly clean, a few things left on the ground here and there. He didn't have a bed in his room, but rather a nice black wood folding futon couch that had silver swirls of vines painted on the wood. He usually kept it in bed format unless he had company. He had a very messy desk with a lamp and one clean space on it that allowed him to work on his homework. The rest of the surface was covered in various things that he could do or at with to keep his mind occupied. His walls were covered in pictures of beautiful landscapes and amateur art work that he had been collecting over the years. His end table was actually a small bookshelf, filled with various graphic novels and fiction books. He kept some self help and motivational books tucked between the books on the shelves, trying to keep them hidden.

When he finally got his room set up, he tossed his sweaty clothes from earlier into the hamper he kept in a corner and put on a pair of loose fitting jeans and a graphic tee. He plopped down onto his bed and stretched out onto it, thinking of all of the new people and friends that he had made. He reached over and grabbed a graphic novel, diving into the story. 


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