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Some stuff to keep your spirits up after a hard day


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Just add something, anything that has helped you through a hard time. Whether it is a song, a story, a picture, some kind of an accidental experiences, or a comment section. Anything is fine, as long as it made you feel even slightly better about a bad situation and you think might lift up a mood of another.

I'll start off with a rather depressing song that has a surprisingly supportive comment section:


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Hmm. When my dad died  the first thing to make me feel better was shit talking him with my brother. I know that sounds bad, but we were honestly just cracking jokes and having as good a time as we could together. It made us both feel better. 

Edit: How this can be helpful to others. I know this is very generic, but finding a way to laugh when shit sucks, helps me. Could help you too?

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