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Frequently Asked Questions


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This thread is meant to answer some of the bigger questions that are not explained in the club's rules located here. If you don't see an answer to your question here or in the rules, you are free to send an EcchiText or an EcchiChat message to the Owner, Leader, or a Moderator, who will try to find a solution to your problem.

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Q: I want to apply for my own ATMGlory! What should I do?

A: First, there are some pre-requisites that you must fulfill:

  • Your account must be fully completed.
  • The account must be older than a week
  • Your time spent on this site should be more than 5 hours.

If you check off all of these boxes, then send a request of becoming an ATMGlory Catcher to the Owner of the club - @aLittleCrow - through an EcchiText or an EcchiChat message.

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Q: My request of a personal ATMGlory has been accepted! What should I do next?

A: Every Catcher needs two threads: their ATMGlory thread, where they service their customers, and a Customer thread, where they register their customers. The very strict rules that should not be broken are for the titles of these threads. The formatting of the initial messages for these threads are more of a suggestion, so that the club has a unified style, so please try to deviate from them as little as possible.

You can take a look at the already created ATMGlory threads for examples, but here is a more text-based tutorial on how to make your own:

  • First, describe where your booth is situated - is it in a casino, restaurant, shopping center, wherever. It can be placed anywhere, since ATMGlories are publicly accepted and government regulated as semen gathering stations.
  • Then, describe how your ATMGlory looks - what colour is it, does it have a special shape, what kind of writings or patterns are on it, etc.
  • Now, put in the available options and their prices from the "Prices" section in the club rules.
    • You can remove options you aren't comfortable writing, but please don't modify their prices.
    • If there is an additional option you'd like to add to your ATMGlory, contact the Owner or a Leader to figure out how to price it.
  • Finally below this, add a reference picture of the character that would be occupying your ATMGlory in a quote, with any text that might dance around it. This quote is meant to act as the 'screen' in its idle state, that can switch to a camera feed that shows what happens on your end if you wish so.

You should also create your own "Order of Customers" thread in the OOC Negotiations section in this club to keep track of who and how much has paid you for your Services. It should be formatted as follows:

  • In the initial post, just copy-paste what is written in an already created Customer thread, replacing their mention with yours (use the @ command, and select your username from the drop-down menu
  • Every following post should be made as a Customer requests your services and formatted as follows:
    • The customer's name, the Service's they have chosen, and the price of them. Here's an example:
      • @aLittleCrow for a blowjob; 20 credits
    • Below that, in a new line, write whether they are waiting in line, their Service is ongoing, or it has been completed.
  • You are free to add additional comments that could be made by your Catching character, but don't let them overwhelm the important information mentioned earlier.
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Q: I would like to create several characters, so that I could Service more people. Is that allowed?

A: Sure! Go for it! Except there are going to be some limitations:

  • You can only have 3 different ATMGlory characters active at the same time. If there is someone or someplace you don't like Servicing anymore, in the thread's status (written in the square brackets) put [ABANDONED]
    • You can not undo this action, as a Leader or the Owner seeing this status will permanently lock the thread, stopping any new posts from being created.
    • The thread will not be deleted or hidden, so new Customers can evaluate the reception of previous customers.
  • First, you need to have asked for permission from the Owner or a Leader of the club.
    • If they say no, you need to service at least 3 more customers or abandon an existing Catcher (if you own 3 or more) before asking again.
  • If they say yes, you are free to create a new ATMGlory thread with your new character.
    • The formatting of this is the same as before, only now in the title you add an additional differentiator - either the Catching character's name if you use it, or a specific defining feature of them after your nickname. Some examples:
      • ATMGlory - aLittleCrow (Anne) [OPEN]
      • ATMGlory - aLittleCrow (Brunette) [OCCUPIED: CustomerA]
      • ATMGlory - aLittleCrow (Female) [ABANDONED]
    • You still have only one customer thread, but now you also add with whom you are Catching a Customer.
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