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[Open] The Place of Many Corridors


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It was the low humming that eventually brought Mildred to her senses. That wretched humming. Parting her eyelids, she found herself flat on the floor staring up at the blurry ceiling of a room, her eyes wincing in pain as they tried to adjust to the sudden fluorescent light of the lightbulbs overhead. She groaned as she sat up, dazed and confused. Once her eyes adjusted, she scanned her surroundings, noticing she appeared to be in the center of an L shaped hallway. Eyes darting back and forth from one end of the hallway to the other, an uneasiness began to set in as she couldn’t recall why she was here or the events leading up to this. 

Mildred ran a finger over the carpet floor unconsciously and stood up, stumbling slightly from sudden lightheaded-ness. She wore a very loose fitting, somewhat revealing yellow blouse that reminded her of the coloration of these eery looking office walls— and she didnt appreciate that. Her denim jeans seemed no worse for wear, nor her sandals and wristwatch. Though upon closer inspection, she noted her wristwatch seemed to be malfunctioning. She looked back out onto the end of the hallway.

“Hello?” She called, her voice falling flat.

“Hello!” She called again. Waiting a few more minutes, her voice was met only with the constant hum of the hallway. Panic began to set in.

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