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Werewolf Role Positions


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Open/Available Roles

- Alpha/Luna (Taken) Auvunux "Austin" Windcaller [Lead], 

- Beta (Taken) Daliah Winterfield

- Gamma/Doctor (Taken) Samara FloresLaura Vander (Gamma Minor)

- Delta (taken) Caleb Kakabiel

- Warriors (available) [3 Currently]  Rava Ahldaya , Canaan Donovan , Zaria Golden

- Omega's (Available) [2 Temporary] Felix KingDarion CastillianLupita Lopez


Role Explanations in Spoiler:


Alpha/Luna (Lead):  An Alpha or Luna in the leadership position is the head of the entire pack. They are in charge of looking out for the pack's members and is in charge of making the decisions. They may take council from others in the pack such as the beta(s). But in the end the Leading Alpha/Luna's decision stands and is final. When one is a leader a male is referred to as the Alpha and a Female is referred to as the Luna. If the leader is mated to someone with the same sex then the leader is called Lead Alpha for males and Lead Luna for females.

Alpha/ Luna (Mate): When the leader takes on a mate that mate gains the title of Alpha or Luna, If the Leader's mate is Male then that male is called an Alpha. If the mate is female then that mate is called the Luna. If the Leading Alpha or Luna dies, their mate does not inherit the position. They instead lose the their title and return to the position they occupied before they had mated with the leader.

Beta: The beta is the second in command in the pack. Their main job is to provide alternative viewpoints and opinions to the Lead Alpha/Luna and once a decision is made they help to make sure that decision is enforced. If the leader is away from the pack the Beta may act in charge until the leader returns. If there are multiple beta's the one that is in line to take the alpha/luna leading position is referred to as the Lead Beta. If a Beta dies, the Lead Alpha/Luna appoints a new one.

Gamma: The gamma is the medical expert in the pack. They tend to wounded and treat ill members of the pack. They typically are skilled in making medicines as well. Despite being considered 3rd in command, the gamma only leads when The Lead Alpha/Luna, Lead Beta, and Lead Delta have died. Their rule is temporary and as soon as they are able they must go to a sacred spot where they can communicate with the ancestors and recieve direction in which pack member is to be the new leader. The new leader can be a warrior or a delta but never an omega or gamma. The gamma can overrule the Lead Alpha/Luna in decisions regarding medical treatment and expertise but that is the only instance in which this is acceptable. They can also go to communicate with the ancestors to provide advice from the past if the Leader deems it necessary. A Gamma in training is considered a Gamma Minor. If a Gamma should retire to Omega or Die, the Gamma Minor is to become the new Gamma.

Delta: Delta's are Warriors given authority to organize patrol routes and timings as well as to create war strategies for battle.  If there are multiple Delta's one Delta is selected to be the Lead Delta and all other delta's will report to the Lead Delta, and the Lead Delta reports to the Lead Alpha/Luna and Lead Beta.

Warrior: Warrior is the most common member of the pack. It generically means a werewolf of mating age that can fight to protect the pack. Warriors can be assigned a variety of tasks.

Omega: Omega's are wolves that either are not in standing to be used as warriors or are unable to be warriors. Elderly wolves that have retired from their position, outsiders that have been taken into the pack, disabled wolves, and pups are all considered omega's essentially. Some omega's can be assigned tasks to help the pack out if they are able to do so.


Other Terms:


Queen: A female wolf that is either pregnant with/or is nursing pups. Once their pups have been weened then the queen returns to its original position in the pack.

Pups:  A child in the pack. They are referred to as pups until they are of mating age, then they are omegas until they are trained for combat and defense which at that point they become warriors.


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