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  • Open Club  ·  46 members  ·  Last active

    Advanced RP! Come to the beautiful island of Utopian Curse, where characters must fight for survival while trying to uncover the mysteries of this island.

    • Belnika
    • TJ0523
    • Aura
    • Mr.X
    • Cuminside
    • Leavant Carser
    • Mqrco
    • RustedRuin
    • RJPenBil58
    • CaptKiraXAlice23
  • Open Club  ·  69 members  ·  Last active

    For Advanced, and serious, Roleplayers. Blackberry Falls is an RP that is set in the modern-day world, in an island that is occupied by two countries, Ashea and the UFF. Blackberry Falls is the Capital city of Ashea, and is the technological capital of the world.

    • Manni
    • Blooberries
    • WiIIiam
    • lVergill
    • Omoutte
    • UnluckyUwU
    • MysteriousMaple
    • Cash Money Chad
    • Letter sans
    • onearmeddruid
  • Open Club  ·  82 members  ·  Last active

    Advanced RP! Craethiel Kingdom is set in the year 1200BC in the mythical, dangerous land of Craethiel Kingdom with a medieval, fantasy adventure theme.

    • DarkestPrinceofCha0s
    • Daddy Pheonix
    • Hydra
    • Alaniz
    • Bifrons
    • PrincessElla
    • Drunkle Qrow
    • Fall1n
    • Bigmeat69
    • Neptune
  • Open Club  ·  97 members  ·  Last active

    Weekly/Biweekly Writing Challenges.

    • ch0055
    • Django The High Shaman
    • Cash Money Chad
    • Dirtydan
    • Typical Blue Haired Dude
    • MynameisAlly
    • DoctoroMindbender
    • Mai Pao
    • Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy
    • BillCipher
  • Open Club  ·  1,045 members  ·  Last active

    A place where you can Public RP quick within the club and must follow the simple rules mention inside.

    • shirakisenpai
    • ExtraterrestrialSTD
    • bigbiteyboy
    • Chris Velhim
    • Sakichan
    • Fistful of Sake
    • WiIIiam
    • captainwafflez203
    • evm1
    • W_X_R
  • Open Club  ·  47 members  ·  Last active

    This is a Sci-Fi RP set on the Andromeda One space station, a station owned by the Earth Alliance and the Ashaean's. It is a large diplomatic and trading that links the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies together.

    • Ice Queen
    • Tema
    • slendergirl
    • GageTheHedgefox
    • Bifrons
    • CaptKiraXAlice23
    • ThatMrKing
    • Neptune
    • RapTapTapping
    • candyboy

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  • Open Club  ·  22 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to the world of Neuropa.

    • Cash Money Chad
    • Musei
    • Miya
    • MiniRaptor
    • Sneek
    • Allenisen
    • Dream Guide
    • Nafarman
    • JennyDK
    • BlakeRp
  • Open Club  ·  205 members  ·  Last active

    This club is for roleplays where one or more of the partners play canon characters. Each topic is individual and closed off for anyone but those whose names appear in the topic title.

    • Vlamingo200
    • Aim2Plz
    • te-ginger
    • Ellipses
    • Guroda
    • JustaPan
    • Mommylover51
    • saincastadie
    • Mqrco
    • BrattySub420
  • Open Club  ·  17 members  ·  Last active

    Pine Heath is a town buried in a dense forest up against a lake, virtually far away from any other civilization. Though isolated, the town itself is self sufficient, however due to its remote locations it had become the perfect spot for the supernatural. Miles away in massive reserve is the Midnight Mansion, named after the self proclaimed "Midnight Pack" of Pine Heath. They fiercely guard their territory from outside threats, however they have to contend with an equally powerful clan. Far off to the lake, in the center of the body is the large and looming Blackthorne Castle, home of the Vampiric Blackthorne Estate. The land has been part of the estate for many years, claiming to be nobles, but should they be discovered as otherwise it could be the end of their existence. Here, the players can play as a Werewolf of the mighty Midnight Moon Pack, or they can partake in the affairs of the fearsome Blackthorne Estate as a Vampire or Thrall. This Club is based around the Supernatural and is Slice of Life, where everyday life amongst these clans are played out. With both clans do come face to face and even come to conflict, they put their survival of their respective groups first.

    • Rena-Amane
    • Ruyah
    • Nyx Lightner
    • love_and_poprocks
    • thorium12
    • Kitsuyumia
    • BigBadWolf
    • Kris
    • Gangsta Moll
    • Bovine
  • Closed Club  ·  7 members  ·  Last active

    This is homebrew game setting for an erotic and sexual Pathfinder game. There will be house rules and plenty of sexual content. Ultimately it's just a vehicle for all of us to have obscene fun.

    • love_and_poprocks
    • Floofenstein
    • IsabellaRose
    • Chiyako
    • MagnificentBastard
    • DreamsnThings
    • Cerise Susan Lily
  • Open Club  ·  15 members  ·  Last active

    Warning: This story is one that is in progress, with years of writing - it is actually technically my first roleplay, and its origins go back almost 20 years, though with one reset (mostly to convert it from a yuri only group, allowing male characters and a few other changes, after the disappearance of my original partner) and some periods of inactivity over that time. It has been moved here due to the shut down of Yahoo Groups. Unlike the few other times I have brought an idea over from there, this is a continuing story rather than a reset or open world that lacks a story beyond what the individual characters are going through. Everyone is welcome to join in if they want, encouraged to even, but it could be more complicated than in other cases. There are various aspects of the story, some easier to join in on than others. The vast majority of the writing was by me and one other person.********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The center of this story is a school, a boarding school isolated in the middle of nowhere, for high school aged students. It is a school that takes in two sorts of students. There is the elite side, this is a combination of the very intelligent as well as students from wealthy/powerful families around the world. It also takes in the violent trouble makers, too difficult to control in other schools. There is a reason for this. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** There are several unusual gimmicks at the school. First each student is not only allowed but expected to carry one weapon (optionally two if they are both one handed, essentially melee weapons, guns and such aren't allowed). Students are then expected to resolves conflicts between themselves (or otherwise prove themselves, or establish hierarchy and even just fun sometimes) the duels in an on campus arena, with a judge and audience. The fighting is not to the death, but rather to some other pre-agreed upon condition, such as first blood, ring out or unconsciousness. Another gimmick (and why I brought it here) is that this is essentially a sexual free use campus. Everyone, boys and girls, are not only allowed but expected to sleep around constantly with everyone else and anyone who does not do so is considered especially weird. More details will be provided in the club but the only basic restriction on this are to respect a student's sexuality and some restrictions on incest (cousins are allowed, siblings are officially forbidden but it does still happen sometimes, they are just more discreet about it), also students and teachers are not supposed to be involved with each other, though it can happen. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The last openly known quirk about the school is how it is run. Final decisions on everything come from one or both of two sources, the Headmaster/Headmistress and a Student Council with nearly unlimited power over the campus, as long as they agree on it (which most members love to exploit). Sometimes there is competition/conflict between the Headmaster and Council, but the new Headmaster has chosen to ally himself with them and work together. Of course politics and factions sometimes divide the Council on certain matters, though they are united in protecting their power and everything that comes with it. The Headmaster and many of the Council members are pre-established characters, though there is some room for others to make members (21 members total, 10 of which are potentially open for others to play). ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** But then behind the scenes there is something much bigger going on. The campus has become the center of a cold war of sorts between the gods themselves. The gods are a pantheon made up specifically for the group, none of them are open to play though there is some potential for characters connected to them in some cases, which will be covered further down. The gods are divided into several factions: ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Urbanus: A sort of Satan-equivalent (it literally was Satan in the first version of the story, before the reset and the pantheon was established). He has been trapped in Hell since he rebelled long ago. Recently he managed to partially return, possessing the body of one of he students, while his true body remains trapped below. The students following him are the 'Uomizu Family'. The center of which is a fallen angel; Hanako Uomizu and Urbanus' half-human daughter Su-Chi Uomizu (not her original name, they are married currently, even if only the Uomizu family and Hell accepts the marriage as valid) and various other children that came from some combination of Urbanus, Su-Chi and Hanako (divine children grow very fast). This conflict started last year, when the newly arrived Su-Chi met her father and discovered what she really was. Urbanus quickly established a group of four students that became the Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Su-Chi (death), Hanako (pestilence) and two other students as famine and war. They went on to preform what would be known (to some) as simply 'The Massacre'. Wiping out a section of the girls' dorm (which would then be kept to themselves, and known simply as 'The Uomizu Section') as well as the Courtyard at the center of campus, over one night. The Student Council acted quickly to hide this (hiding most traces, though a faint smell of blood lingers in the courtyard), very few know it happened or believe those few who try to make it known. But the Uomizu family is still known and feared throughout campus, it being understood there is something different and dangerous about them. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Ryouseiku: The new Headmaster is in fact a god, and founder of the school (though using a different name at the time, which he now pretends was his ancestor). Very few are aware of this though. The Student Council are his allies and agents (though only a few of them know what he really is, most just see him as a Headmaster who is much more willing to help him than the Headmistress he recently replaced). He had a later falling out with the gods in Heaven as well, though for different reasons. He wants to be more directly involved with humanity than the hands off approach Heaven has taken after previous troubles. He wants to make them into something more, something better. He was sealed by the power of descendants of four families with angelic blood. He was released ten years ago and has slowly been influencing things on campus. Completely in the shadows, until his recent decision to become Headmaster again. Even before, he had been working with the Council secretly over the last decade and it was with his help they gained the power they have now. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “Heaven”: This a larger group, containing (almost) every other member of the pantheon. Most of them remain in Heaven though. The only one on campus is Maxim, the god of magic. Even he is closer to an observer/advisor. He wants to keep a low a profile and only act if one of the other gods go too far. His main agent is a single girl, Jumi Hanari. She has long been a trouble maker, one of the few voices speaking out against the Council and trying to make people aware of the truth about the Uomizu family and the massacre. She is also a descendant of one of the four divine families and recently became an angel herself. She has/had a few other allies, including an older half-angel, a time traveling daughter from the future and her boyfriend until he disappeared (he was played by someone who stopped writing, there has been a little planning for a potential replacement, but there could be other candidates if other people join). ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “Chaos”: The goddess of chaos is the final divine faction. As one would expect, she merely follows her whims, constantly changing who (if anyone) she is helping at any given moment. The other gods know not to trust her and simply appreciate the help when it comes, while knowing it could change at any moment. As one would expect, she does not have many followers, but there are a few and one unusual student in the process of becoming her follower, though s/he (gender bender of the sort that keeps changing) doesn't know it yet. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** “Other”: There are a few other groups involved in the conflict with no connection/limited connection to the gods: The primary two being the sorcerer Cult of Zorn (ancient hostility to all gods) and Muneria (a secret society, focused on demon hunting, that are technically followers of the Heavenly gods, though lacking recent interaction with them). ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Guess what? It gets even more complicated. I mentioned the time traveling daughter earlier. There are two other time periods we can cover. One in the distant past (that has not been played yet) and one in the future (next generation, which has been played a little): ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The Sorcerer War (the past): This is where the Cult of Zorn originates (a few other cults as well, but they did not survive this period) as well as the hands off approach of the gods in Heaven. Thousands of years ago the gods were united, lived on Earth, on a continent that no longer exists (yes, it is a semi-Atlantis equivalent). They established the Kingdom of Zenis there. From there they also colonized, establishing smaller colonies on other continents throughout the world and openly interacting with those that lived outside the colonies. There was peace for a long time but it came to an end when some of the Sorcerers, humans taught great magical power by the gods, rebelled against the gods. The war(s) caused great destruction, many deaths and ultimately the destruction of the Kingdom of Zenis, the continent it was on and the gods going back to Heaven (the origin of Urbanus' rebellion was that he felt humanity needed to be punished much more harshly, if not destroyed for this. He has never forgiven them for the Sorcerer War). By the present sorcery is nearly forgotten (except by the hidden survivors of the Cult of Zorn and taking up sorcery is essentially an unforgivable sin and if discovered is one of the few things that may motivate the gods to act). ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The Next Generation/Post Apocalyptic Future: This is a (possible) future that takes place after the cold war between the gods turns hot. The various factions start fighting openly and breeding divine/semi-divine warriors to fill their armies (in addition to angels from Heaven and demons from Hell). Now the world is fought over between the 'The Heaven Legion', 'The House of Uomizu' and The Knights of Ryous. With others just trying to survive or finding more usual groups (such as a secretive fertility cult headed by the previously mentioned gender bender, by now fully devoted to the goddess of chaos and believed by the cult to be a goddess her/himself). For now, the war is in a stalemate, if and when that will change is unknown. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Finally, we have had plenty of fun doing small scale alternate universes. Focusing on specific characters in rather different circumstances. There could be many more, and I am certainly open for suggestions on them for others. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** In conclusion this is a very story heavy club but also very very sex heavy (which combined with character ages, is why I chose to bring it here after the Yahoo Groups shutdown). A little care needs to be taken to have content that fits in the universe but as far as things like fetishes, gore, generally dark content in general, there is nothing off limits. There is a lot of material to bring over from the old group. Some of the easier to copy stuff will come over quickly, but how to handle the pre-existing RP writing is something that still has to be determined. I only have most of it in email format currently.

    • Austin Skywalker
    • Bug
    • Hornyboy5234
    • Envy
    • Lance Solaris
    • SataiRolePlayingGuy
    • captainwafflez203
    • Sadao
    • Bruhlord
    • Ginger Jailbait Gwen
  • Open Club  ·  138 members  ·  Last active

    Every now and then... you ever get that urge to do something a little darker than usual? A little taboo? A little risque? Or maybe you're all about that life 24/7? Either way, come here to satisfy the dark urges that taunt you. Whether it's some light bondage or good 'ol snuff.. Noncon? Dubcon? Mind break? Incest? Manipulation? Blackmail? Drugs!? Degradation? Humiliation? Dehumanization? Abuse? All of the above!? And things that don't violate the ToS, (I forget about ageplay and the like, which I THINK is okay in RP form, not okay in image form.) I hope that we can be civil and considerate to each other while doing horrible things in RP! We're not here to judge or to take our frustrations out on the person behind the characters. If you don't approve of a certain kink, then you are by no means expected to play it within this club. And this is especially true when looking for partners. A person can seem to check every box you're looking for but one, yet if you try to push them into something they don't want to do, then feel free to see yourself to the door. Remember, there's just a short space between a therapist and the rapist!

    • Erasmus Sulur
    • Cruz
    • yubi
    • Franzcentennial
    • caramelbear
    • SexyVivi
    • PurePuppy
    • Aaron.
    • ElieCapulet30
    • Blitz69
  • Open Club  ·  1,045 members  ·  Last active

    A place where you can Public RP quick within the club and must follow the simple rules mention inside.

    • shirakisenpai
    • ExtraterrestrialSTD
    • bigbiteyboy
    • Chris Velhim
    • Sakichan
    • Fistful of Sake
    • WiIIiam
    • captainwafflez203
    • evm1
    • W_X_R
  • Closed Club  ·  3 members  ·  Last active

    a place for me 'n my cutie to write <3

    • dove.
    • Kenzie
    • cruel
  • Open Club  ·  55 members  ·  Last active

    A lovely little club where all the subby guys and domme gals can get together and enjoy a niche kink together~

    • billyjack456
    • SissyBoi4Futa
    • Toon
    • Blade
    • Lookin4fun
    • Scarlett
    • Onee-san
    • Grimm Weiss
    • Ruyah
    • handyman33
  • Open Club  ·  21 members  ·  Last active

    Adventurers Of Fordinia is a club in which I hope for us to explore together a fantasy world of my own creation. Members can play as either minor gods, the adventurers that worship them, or even the commoners that get messed with on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy your stay! Also be sure to read the lore if you are interested!

    • Shameful
    • Spring Owl
    • Durendal
    • Chiyako
    • ScreamingBirb
    • Cinderfrozeup
    • DreamsnThings
    • BunnyInASock
    • Dirtydan
    • Lookin4fun
  • Open Club  ·  115 members  ·  Last active

    Deep in an inner city, hidden amongst various other run down buildings is a rather unassuming building with quite the reputation, and more money than appearances would imply. It is a house of pleasure, an official whorehouse. In this city prostitution is legal, but it is very shameful, both for the women working there and their male (sometimes female) customers. This is why the place is located in such a run down place, with little or no markings on the outside to indicate what it is. They rely on word of mouth and customer loyalty to stay in business, They do also have rather wealthy/powerful clients as well. Ones who will pay to use it, and make sure it stays legal, but won't risk their reputations trying to improve the place's reputation. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The women who work there generally live there, rather than risk being seen coming and going. Most of them did not expect to become prostitutes, but various circumstances gave them few other choices. That said, many grow to become happy and proud of their work after doing it for a while. A lot of them tend to get a mix of both repeat customers, as well as one timers they never see again. The men have a variety of reasons too. Some are just desperate for sex, some are married but still want another woman, Some just want variety. And if you are willing to pay enough, there are few if any fetishes/fantasies one cannot experience in this place. *************************************************************************************************************************************** You are free to play either girls working in the house or one of their customers, or both. Fair warning, no one will be forced to play anything they don't want to, but just about any fetish can be found be found here and people are free to explore potentially explore rather extreme subjects. Though just what will or won't be played will depend on who joins and their interests/their characters' interests. *************************************************************************************************************************************** When you join take a look in both the topics and OOC/Setup Topics tabs to get a feel for the setting. If you have any questions feel free to ask, otherwise make one or more profiles for your characters in topic dedicated to that in the Topics tab and we can figure a story for them.

    • te-ginger
    • Mikathepika13
    • jp500
    • Alittlelolipop
    • DoIEvenExist
    • Phrincut
    • Lola-Star
    • Nekonee123
    • Brennan887
    • Jackal
  • Open Club  ·  200 members  ·  Last active

    A place where you can easily find both a friend or a lover. Move in today!

    • FoxyRoxy
    • Harmony Frost
    • Gangsta Moll
    • Bethany
    • Cuminside
    • Marious
    • lik.twink
    • Little Miss Cupcake
    • i rp with anyone
    • Violetrain
  • Open Club  ·  297 members  ·  Last active

    This club is to help those of us who enjoys kinks that are either extreme, rare or weird.

    • CodeRed
    • INCEZT
    • Venari99
    • DragonofDragons
    • RNickP
    • thebeaver
    • chatty
    • Bray
    • Shmoopsydude
    • DoctoroMindbender
  • Open Club  ·  133 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to the brothel named Good Times. Here you may find the girl or girls of your dreams for a fair and reasonable price! We have all sorts of lovely ladies that can tickle your fancy. You have but to ask for your desires and our stuff will do their best to try and fullfil them.

    • SubHermes
    • SerasPhimm
    • Blue Gear
    • Aubrey
    • clumsylemongirl
    • Wuzzle
    • Izaak
    • Sheimoon
    • chokefusion
    • Lyssa
  • Open Club  ·  32 members  ·  Last active

    A modern world where science in most cases have trumped religion, there is still a much higher and unknown existence to us. One beyond the veil of reality and which will induce madness the more one delves into it and learns the horrible secrets of the universe. Inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, this club aims to put you into the shoes of an investigator and explore and learn about the many lurking horrors that lurks beyond normal human comprehension.

    • Nafarman
    • Nan-Yo
    • LeSane
    • ruu
    • Sir.alex
    • Sera Scarlett
    • Django The High Shaman
    • JennyDK
    • Akimi
    • DarkGhost954
  • Open Club  ·  35 members  ·  Last active

    The land of Etheria is an overall peaceful and tranquil place where species of many sorts of live together in relative peace and order. It holds one capital city called Karthel. Beyond this, there are many other settlements of various sizes. The land consists of a very varied types of landscapes such as mountains, swamps, grassland and so on. These different biomes also holds plant life and species of many different kind.

    • NyxAvatar69
    • Teppo
    • YourBoyToy
    • Kitsuyumia
    • Gardsorm
    • DarkGhost954
    • Mr.X
    • shrike
    • Balthier
  • Open Club  ·  162 members  ·  Last active

    Ironclaw High is a large academy which was build shortly after the dimensional gate between the monster realm and human realm appeared suddenly one day about 10 years ago, making travel between the two worlds possible. This is an academy for monsters to get regular education, as well as an insight into the human world and all that it encompasses, such as culture, history, geography, social norms and so on. The academy is part of the only massive town where humans and monsters live together.

    • Multiversal
    • Chuck89
    • Xero
    • KanDaKnight
    • diIlweed
    • Valirio
    • SluttySissy
    • ramune420
    • sssunshineandsssmut
    • Sub Slut
  • Open Club  ·  7 members  ·  Last active

    Intermediate to advanced, idolmaster-inspired story featuring idols and their producers. Modern slice-of-life.

    • Lynnette
    • Moon Hound Hati
    • SataiRolePlayingGuy
    • Mqrco
    • YoriNya
    • Chiyako
    • shirakisenpai
  • Open Club  ·  241 members  ·  Last active

    Please do not make new topics without asking me. Please don't post multiple times in a row unless it's to bump the topic. Just to mention, you may start in any area whenever you want! This is meant to be in the setting of an area where anyone can come on in and either mingle around and get down in a private room, or just walk in naked and grab the first person you see to bang then and there. Massive orgies can happen, or it can be multiple couples in each corner of the room. You can be whoever you want (including even tentacle or slime beings). There’s the standard layout of a house (living room, kitchen, multiple guest bedrooms), a restaurant, a basement for video games, an attic for a thrill, and even a pool with a beach nearby! If you can imagine it, this place likely has it. Just be sure to get consent first before joining in. The way this will work is, each topic is a different area of the club. The role play will mainly be at this club, but your characters can always leave or come back whenever. To avoid complications well ignore the laws of time. For example, if you enter the main area and go to the beach, you would switch to that topic. If someone has to go to bed for the night, their character can do any random thing the owner decides or just have them leave. Please always assume everywhere is sanitary. If you want any extra areas added, ask me please. For any further questions, don’t be afraid to ask for that as well.

    • BladeRunner
    • ZoomyPossum
    • Cetemi
    • HoneyBunWithAGun
    • BraccanPilot
    • Lil_Piko
    • HexyBitch
    • kaix
    • SushyLock
    • Moongal101
  • Open Club  ·  16 members  ·  Last active

    The year is 2159 and far into the future. As commercialism has exploded more and more, corporations and their tactics, policies and influence sneak into every part of human society and city life. Basically, anything that a person can need or want can be obtained around the clock, with the few illegal things sold by those not steering clear of the shady life. Seeking ones fame, fortune and legacy is often bloody, difficult and highly risky. Implants can be found and bought in many places (legal or not) and of course fill in any sort of needs you may need. The only limits being your imagination, physical and financial limitations. Do bear in mind that as implants are craved for by nearly everyone, so will there be seedy people aiming to strip you of these - so a low profile is often adviced, unless you are ready to face the potential consquences. Just like commercialism is taking over, so does heaps of trash, wasted human lives and broken dreams.... Welcome to Megatropolis: A cyberpunk setting.

    • MoonMan
    • LeSane
    • Reider
    • DrMender
    • himedere
    • Ginger Jailbait Gwen
    • Venari99
    • Dream Guide
    • DoctoroMindbender
    • rohan10
  • Open Club  ·  7 members  ·  Last active

    In the jungle lies a base, mostly mercs pass through this part of africa but from time to time tourists show up at its gate. While the gravel wars come to a close the base is now of importance despite only two mercs ever being in the base at all times, called the grn team, they have to make sure the robot menace doesnt become a problem. Fortunately its slow going. Rules 1)be respectful 2) this is in the late 60s early 70s keep somethings period correct sillier weapons are allowed 3) length doeant matter dont be a jerk about it. 4)all characters must be of consensual age

    • jp500
    • Anjalilesb
    • onearmeddruid
    • shestud Lily
    • Gangsta Moll
    • WritesNaughtyStories
    • Cash Money Chad
  • Open Club  ·  102 members  ·  Last active

    This time I decided to try a rather open world setting with a twist. A world where the realities of hentai (to an extent porn in general) are just part of life. It is a setting that is not 'free use', but sex in general is much more common and in many cases and with the often weak/illogical justifications such circumstances would imply. More extreme fetishes are all also much more common. Things like 'breaking' girls, training them to be sluts and incest are a few examples of things that are much more common (the last at least is still rare and the sort of thing people keep secret, but it does still happen with a lot more frequency than in reality and people know it but don’t talk about it). There are people who still have more realistic relationships/sex lives but this other stuff is happening just under the surface (and sometimes in the open) and it is a lot easier to find. That is just the more conventional stuff, then there are the demon cults and isolated tentacle/other monsters that crave the bodies of human females. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Again, it is an open world setting. Most stories will be independent of each other but in the same world so the various characters can mix with each other to varying degrees. For maximum flexibility the setting could be split into three 'sub-worlds', fantasy, modern and sci-fi. These worlds will be somewhat more divided. It is possible, but not easy, to move between them. Feel free to be as kinky as you want, all subjects/kinks are allowed as long as you can find someone else interested in them. Adding extra story around all the sex is strongly encouraged but not required (and I will be doing so in mine).

    • OrdinaryDemiGuy
    • 7eureka
    • Bluestin15
    • Tonsar
    • Samira
    • Heisenberg 24
    • Goddessunspoken
    • Erasmus Sulur
    • Blitz69
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    Storyline: The Haven has been around for thousands of years. No one knows for sure who built or why, the only thing for certain is that it seems completely deserted...exept at night5. For as long as anyone can remember, there have been strange sounds that come from the old mansion at night. Anyone brave(or stupid) enough to go to the building is never seen or heard from again. The actual reality of The Haven dates back a few centuries. The sole purpose of the building is to trade, sell, and buy slaves. The building is also used as a safe place for vampires, and other "mythical" creatures to reside in. The humans that disapear are turned into slaves for the rest of their lives. The strange sounds heard are the sounds of tourture. This is where you come in. You are either a master or a slave. You can be any race you want.

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    This is a group RP based off of Dungeons & Dragons and my favorite zombie video games from the Xbox 360/PS3 era such as Telltale's The Walking Dead, Dead Rising, and Left 4 Dead. You do not need to know how to play D&D, you only need to know about the creatures and races.
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