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  2. JennyDK


    Actually...not the worst idea I heard, but maybe rather a sister who is more "morally grey".
  3. WritesNaughtyStories


    More murdery than Nishka. Maybe Nishka's evil twin, Mishka.
  4. Aura


    Things are fucking crazy these days. I don't mean to bring politics here, but if I seem down or reserved recently, everything going on here in America right now is really hitting hard. There's just so much hatred and spite on all sides and I just can't even begin to wrap my head around what's right and what's wrong. Every time I think I want to take a side I'm met with some horrible person on that side that just makes me want to rethink everything. I don't want to make decisions based on hate, I've done that before and it was a huge mistake I never want to repeat. But it seems like everywhere you look is just nothing but hatred for the other side. It feels like there is no righteous choice and that's eating me apart on the inside. 

    I'm trying to stay positive and continue playing along like nothing is going on, but this shit is getting more and more impossible to ignore and it's just depressing. It feels like there's nothing I can do about it. Unless the government does something to resolve the core issue at hand, I don't see this being resolved in any way other than extreme violence, domestic terrorism, or all-out war. And two of those three already seem to be pretty rampant on both sides. I am beyond disappointed in humanity, honestly. This is an issue that never should have existed in the first place and the fact that the government is too stubborn to so much as apologize has only escalated it to this over all these years. The footage looks like a goddamn Hollywood movie and I still can't fathom that it's all real and right here in my country. And it's being supported from both sides. I've been adamantly against both of these extreme mindsets for as long as I can remember and this is exactly why.

    I'm sorry if I appear slower or inactive again, I'm still going to be continuing my Pokemon thread because it's a good distraction from these issues I'm powerless to change. But I'm not sure I'm gonna be in the mood for roleplay anytime soon right now. It's really hard to enjoy anything right now. 

  5. JennyDK


    She seems much more "roguish" than the other one.
  6. WritesNaughtyStories


    I think I'm with @Solomon on this.Although, Skaven with Lightning Claws is pretty awesome.
  7. John Sacrane

    John Sacrane

    You just need to dm for your desired role play and I would be happy to oblige my dear😏

  8. Solomon


    I prefer the other one personally as it also shows her without the hood.
  9. Tsuki



    I take some time to read all the answers before going to bed🧪🔮 ✨

    1. WritesNaughtyStories


      Study hard. 😉

  10. JennyDK


    @WritesNaughtyStories @Solomon Do you think this is a better one for Nishka?
  11. John Sacrane

    Master and Maid

  12. JennyDK

    My RP characters

    Various looks and references I like to use.
  13. Aura

    All the Pokemens

    Mini-Games! I have to say that this is one of the modes I've been looking forward to playing from the moment I popped this cartridge in. Not gonna lie, the minigames in Pokemon Stadium 2 shot this game up as one of my favorite N64 games as a kid. I must have spent hours on hours playing these minigames over and over and I'd never get sick of them. I constantly strived for perfect scores in every game and while I never got super great at all of them, I did get good enough to unlock the "Very Hard" difficulty eventually. I think I spent more time in this mode than any other as a kid. The minigames are much more varied this time. They aren't all just button mashers or rhythm games like in the previous game. Most of them involve the control stick. My favorite part of this mode, though, is that if you have the appropriate pokemon in your save file, you can use your own pokemon in the minigames! There are even some special minigames in which you can use species of pokemon that are not normally usable unless you bring them in from your own save. Since I've never had a physical copy of Gold or Silver that could retain a save before, it goes without saying that I've never been able to see these pokemon in action! I'll make special note of these as we go down the list. As for how I'll be tackling this mode, I'll be going down the list and playing each game on Normal difficulty. I'll be saving Pichu's Power Plant for last because there's a little special touch on this one I want to explore. As I play the games, I'll give my opinions on each one. Then we'll do a quick championship against the AI, depending on how rusty I am I may raise the difficulty depending on how comfortable I am with the games. There are some games I was always able to absolutely destroy as a kid, but some I don't think I ever got the hang of entirely. ------------------------------ Gutsy Golbat The object of this game is to fly around the screen collecting the hearts that float in from the right. You want to be careful hanging around the right side of the screen because there are also Magnemite that will shock you if you touch them, making you drop hearts you've collected. You move with the control stick and fly faster by repeatedly tapping A. You're not hammering the A-button though because that'll give you too much momentum and send you flying straight into a Magnemite. If you bump into other Golbat fast enough, you'll knock hearts out of them that you or other Golbat can collect. At the end of the cave, you'll meet the Jynx that's been sending these hearts with kisses and the Golbat that collected the most wins. I've found the best strategy with this game is just to hang back and not get too greedy. Collect whatever hearts you can, but don't try to hit other Golbat to knock it out. Focus instead on dodging any that come into you because if they miss, it's pretty likely they'll hit a Magnemite giving you lots of hearts for free. Just focus on avoiding getting hit and collecting whatever hearts you can. ------------------------ Topsy-Turvy This is basically Bumper Balls from Mario Party except good. You control a Hitmontop with the control stick and press A to use Rapid Spin. This is important because the goal of the game is to score points by knocking other Hitmontop out of the ring. You'll only earn the point though if you hit them with your Rapid Spin. Otherwise, that player will just take a few seconds to hop right back in. The game continues until either one player scores five points or the timer runs out, giving the win to whoever has the most. I don't remember caring much for this game as a kid but it's a lot more fun than I remember it being. I'm not sure there really is much of a strategy to this game. Just make sure you're lined up to hit somebody and use Rapid Spin just before colliding with them. If you miss, you'll be easily knocked out yourself. You can also knock your opponents into each other to score multiple points at once. I actually won by knocking out all three of my opponents in one hit. Just keep in mind there's risk versus reward at play here. If you shoot into a crowd of three people and don't hit all three, you're pretty likely to get bounced right out of bounds. --------------------------- Clear Cut Challenge This is one of the first games with a special guest pokemon: Scizor. If you don't have a Scizor in your save file, you can only use Scyther or Pinsir. So, Cross was able to help me out for this one! The game itself is kind of like a game of chicken. There are five rounds. Each round, Spinarak will carry a log to the top of the screen and then drop it. You have to cut the log as close to the white line as possible and you'll earn points depending on how close to the line you get it. Cutting it right on the White Line earns you a perfect and 20 points, meaning this is a game you can get a perfect score in: 100. I distinctly remember practicing this game for hours as a kid and eventually being able to cut right on the line every time. It's risky if you're out of practice, though, because if you cut above the line, you end up losing points instead of gaining them. The farther away you are from the line, the more points you lose and if you miss the log entirely, you lose 10. Your score never goes below 0 thankfully, so you can't get totally screwed over by messing up in the end. In fact, if your opponents aren't very good, you could miss every single hit and score one or two perfects and still come out on top. Once again, the strategy is just to know your limits. If you don't trust yourself with getting a perfect, don't go for them. The window for scoring 10 points is much larger than scoring 20. As a kid, I seem to recall finding the game easier with Scyther because his thin blades show more precisely exactly where you're going to cut, and in that respect, this makes Scizor the hardest because his claws are so large. ----------------------- Furret's Frolic This is one of the stranger guests. This game can normally be played only with Furret as the name suggests, but if you have a Girafarig in your save, you can use it as well! From the four corners, pokeballs will roll down the slides and into the center square. The object of the game is to bump the pokeballs into your square by being the first to press A. You'll always knock the ball in the direction of your goal and if the ball is near one of your opponent's goals, this will either send the ball back into the center or onto one of the slooped ledges where, depending on your timing, it can roll back toward your opponent's goal, toward the center, or it'll roll toward your goal. As the game goes on, stronger pokeballs will start to appear that are each worth more points than the last. This game is extremely hectic but in a fun way. The only strategy here is to keep the eyes on the prize and remember to prioritize. Go for the highest scoring balls. It's okay to prioritize these over the smaller pokeballs. Also keep in mind the larger the ball, the harder it'll be to move so, especially with everyone going after it at once, it may take several hits to get it to move to the next square. Just hit A as soon as the ball is in reach and as soon as you knock it toward your goal, move over to hit and hit A again before anyone else in order to get it inside. If multiple players hit the ball at the same time, it'll pop up in the air and fall right back down, so make sure ot pay attention to where the ball goes after you hit it! This is a game about action and reaction. Quick thinking is very important as well. -------------------- Barrier Ball This game is basically a mixture between four-player Pong and Topsy Turvy. Like Topsy Turvy, the object of the game is to be the first to score 5 points or just score the most before the timer runs out. When the ball passes your paddle and hits your goal, you lose a point. You gain points by hitting the ball into another player's goal. By hitting the ball while moving, you can add a spin to it. As the game goes on, multiple balls can fly around at once allowing this game to get pretty hectic. The most important thing here is to make sure you don't let the ball pass you. Keep in mind that you'll only score a point if you were the last to hit the ball with your paddle. You'll know if this was the case because the ball will be glowing the color of the last player that hit it. The only advice I can really give is to watch the speed you're moving. You're in direct control of the spin you hit the ball with. This is especially useful if there are two balls out at once. If two players are dealing with a ball, take advantage of this and try to spin the ball in such a way where it hits the other side of one of their goals while they're distracted. You also may want to prioritize in scoring on whoever has the most points so that their points decrease. I don't think I ever really got good at this game, it often kind of just feels like luck. As @NyxAvatar69 has pointed out, you could go an entire game without the ball ever even going in your direction. Still, this game can get a lot of fun just to watch. Especially when you have the balls flying everywhere. -------------------------- Rampage Rollout This is a game I've never fully understood how to play well. The object is extremely straightforward. The first to finish nine laps wins the game. Obviously, you'll want to stick as close to the inside as possible to make this happen. The catch? Each time you pass the goal in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place, you'll earn one, two, or three dust clouds that you can drop for not only an extra boost but to stun any opponents that run into the cloud you leave behind. Think like a banana from Mario Kart. Something about this game just never felt right to me though. I never really felt totally in control. Maybe it was because this game uses the D-pad instead of the control stick, but it feels like it takes too much time to side step a dust cloud because you have to go straight to the side before turning back forward. The hitboxes on the dust clouds are also very weird. I guess you just have to learn what these hitboxes are and how to get really close to them without touching them. Obviously, as the race continues, more and more tornados will appear around the inside of the lap as the people in the back race to the front. I guess you'll just want to watch the players in front of you and make sure they don't have any dust to throw back at you. Otherwise, make sure you don't stay behind them. I feel like these clouds help the player in second a lot, but third and fourth kind of get the short end of the stick because not only are they they furthest behind, but they also have the most tornadoes to deal with. Sure the last place player gets three, but the best they can do is hurt the first-place player who might be laps ahead. I'm not really much of a fan of this one. ---------------------------- Streaming Stampede This is a game i'm honestly surprised doesn't have a guest. I would have expected Togepi or some other baby Pokemon to be playable here, but I suppose with Togepi and PIchu each having their own games, it would be overkill letting them star in two. Anyway, this is a game that's pretty easy to get a perfect in and, consequently, also pretty easy to tie between human players. The object is simple enough. There are five rounds. At the start of each round, you'll be given a target pokemon to watch for. A herd of pokemon will start to run onto the screen and among that herd, you'll have to count out the pokemon you were told to look for by pressing the A button. At the end of the round, the answer will be revealed and you'll earn points based on how close you were. The player with the most points wins. While it sounds easy enough and also a bit problematic thanks to the easy ties, I actually enjoy this game quite a bit. There's not much to it, I just think counting the individuals out of a crowd can be pretty fun, and the game also tries to throw you for a loop now and then. It's also really funny to watch the AI sit there and continue pressing the button well after the pokemon stopped showing up. It's especially hilarious when they get the answer wildly incorrect. I've had the AI guess as high as 12 when there were only four pokemon total. Some of the rounds can get pretty tricky, though. For example, one round asked me to look for Diglett while having a bunch of Dugtrio pop in around them, making individual Diglett really difficult to pick out. The final round will always have you counting every pokemon that comes into view. This is a lot trickier than it sounds though because quite a lot of pokemon come in at once. It can be easy to accidentally miss one that was behind another, for example. Pay close attention! -------------------- Tumbling Togepi This is probably the weirdest guest appearance of them all. While Togepi is normally the only pokemon available in this minigame, if you have one in your save file, Omanyte (of all pokemon) is also playable! What makes this especially bizarre is the only Gen 1 pokemon among these guests with one exception and it's not even available in Gold and Silver. If you've completed your gen 1 pokedex, it's entirely likely you don't have an Omanyte anymore because you evolved it. This means you're more than likely going to have to transfer your omastar to Gold and Silver and breed it, or start a whole new game just to get an Omanyte in gen 1 just to use Omanyte in this game. Thankfully, I needed an Omanyte for Pokedex completion anyway, so I had no issues breeding my Omastar. Anyway, this game is an evolution of Run, Rattata Run from Stadium 1. Instead of being a button masher, though, this game is more about navigating with the control stick. There are many obstacles in your path that will slow you down or trip you up. You want to hit as many boost panels as you can to increase your speed while avoiding obstacles that will slow you down. While rolling from a boost panel, you can jump over logs, but it will slow you down. Obviously, the strategy here is just to react to the obstacles as quickly as you can. Depending on how sharply you'll have to veer, hitting a log might actually save time by allowing you to jump over a rock, but the lower speed may not make that worth while. Make sure there's a boost panel coming up if you try something like this, but for the most part, just try to run in as straight of a line as you can. This game always kind of feels like a crapshoot to me. It's not one of my favorites. ----------------------- Dlibird's Delivery This is another weird one that I never really understood the dominant strategy for. The goal of the game is to collect presents at the bottom of the screen and delver them to the top of the screen while avoiding the Swinub. If the Swinub hit you, you'll drop the presents in your bag and have to collect more. The more presents in your bag, the slower Dlibird will move. If you collect multiple of the same item in a row, you'll earn a bonus multiplier. I suppose in a way you can consider this an evolution of Sushi-go-Round as your goal is to collect the most expensive presents as many times in a row as you can. I usually just go to the bottom of the screen and collect the most expensive item I can see and hang around a bit to see if any more appear before rushing to the top of the screen to drop them off. Obviously, the more expensive items are rarer but seem to appear more commonly toward the end. Diamond rings will always appear with a special jingle. You'll want to prioritize these over all others, especially if you can get multiple in a row for a huge bonus. -------------------------- Egg Emergency This is another game I'm surprsied doesn't have a guest star. Blissey just seems like such an obvious addition to this minigame. Anyway, this is by far my favorite minigame. I practiced it over and over as a kid to the point where I always scored a perfect. Over the course of the minigame, 100 eggs will fall from the sky and you have to catch as many as possible while avoiding the Voltorb that will shock you and cause you to drop some of the eggs you've caught. You'll get one point for each egg leaving room for a perfect score of exactly 100. It's a lot easier said than done though, especially on the higher difficulties where eggs will start to fall extremely fast and even frequently fall between two Voltorb forcing you to either successfully catch the egg or lose your own eggs in the process. I think there's also something funny about playing this game on easier difficulties and effortlessly catching all of the eggs while listening to at least one of your opponents failing to catch every single egg. LIke, I swear the AI intentionally avoids doding the eggs. On easy mode, voltorb very rarely appear at all so they don't even have that excuse! There's no real strategy here, it's all about reaction time. Just use L and R to catch as many eggs as you can and avoid the Voltorb! Going for a perfect is really fun here, especially on the harder difficulties! If I have any gripes with this game, it's that the division between screens is extremely thin. It's easy to mistake your opponent's eggs for eggs of your own, I imagine this is especially the case if you're the 2nd or 3rd player. ------------------- Eager Eevee This is another really fun one. It's basically Musical Chairs but with an added twist. Aipom will drop down with a basket over a fruit and will eventually lift the basket revealing the fruit. At that point, you have to quickly press A in order to be the first to collect the fruit. So what's the catch? First of all, Aipom will sometimes fake you out. He'll lift the basket slightly before lowering it back down. If you bump into the basket, you get stunned for a brief period during which the basket will be opened for everyone else more than likely. But beyond that, sometimes there will be a Pineco under the basket instead of a fruit. Hitting the Pineco will result in the Pineco SelfDestructing, knocking your Eevee out for the next round. This game is built entirely around psyching your opponents out because you can even use the B button to fake a dash and potentially trick your opponents into dashing instead. For the most part, you'll have to be the first to reach the fruit in order to get any points at all, but if it's a pile of strawberries, they can be divided among multiple pokemon that get there at roughly the same time. ----------------- Pichu's Power Plant This is the special minigame I held off on because it has a special requirement for its guest. Pikachu can be playable in this game but only if you have a copy of Yellow version. This is an evolution of Thundering Dynamo from Gen 1 but it comes with the added perk that you have to use the control pad to point toward the nodes that light up rather than just mashing the button. At its core, it's still just a button masher, but as the only button masher in the game, it's much more acceptable here. I don't feel like I have to tear my arm up if I want to get good at the minigames in this collection. Since a node won't go away until another node appears, you also don't have to worry about being blindsided by the game suddenly switching from A to B like in Thundering Dynamo. ================= Mini-Game Championship After wetting my toes with the minigames once again, I feel pretty confident in jumping into a minigame championship on Hard difficulty. This works similarly to the championship of the original but with a few extra twists. Just like before, the player who selects the next minigame is randomly chosen among the players in last place. But instead of just jumping into choosing the next minigame, they'll roll a die to determine how many coins the next game will be worth as well as whether they'll get to choose the minigame or if the game will be completely random. Minigames can be worth anywhere from 1-3 coins and can even involve stealing coins from the player(s) in first place. I actually have never heard of this before, but upon winning the competition with a Gold cartridge in the controller, I actually earned coins from the Game Corner for winning a competition on Very Hard! I'm not sure how many but I can't imagine it's very much. When I loaded the game up I had 73 coins. I don't know for sure how many I had before, but I wanna say it was 23. If that's true, i won 50 coins for winning a 5-coin championship which tells me you probably earn 10 times the number of coins in the championship. If that's true, then this may actually be a more consistent way to earn coins without soft resetting in the actual game. Still, I'm pretty sure soft resetting is a much faster way of getting the coins you need for some of the more absurd requirements to be met. I'm not sure if you have to play on Very Hard difficulty to get this reward, but in case you do, it should be worth noting that all you need to do to unlock Very Hard difficulty is to win a 7-coin championship on Hard difficulty. It's nowhere near as absurd as it is in Stadium 1. ================= 1P Quiz This uses a similar system to the questions in the classroom. The game will ask many questions about Pokemon trivia and you'll have to answer as many in a row. In the 1P mode, the game challenges you to see how many questions you can answer in 100 seconds. Make sure you read this questions thoroughly, because they like to be tricky, even on the easy difficulty. For example, one of the questions opened with "Which pokemon has a long" and I immediately answered Lickitung because it's the only pokemon among the selection that was notable for a long feature. But the rest of the question read "which pokemon has a long tail" Even then though, some of the questions are pretty BS. I got a question asking "Which pokemon rolls around in a minigame?" to which Donphan was apparently incorrect and the correct choice was Togepi. Despite the fact that, on the final lap in Rampage Rollout, Donphan does indeed start rolling around. The time pressure also makes getting the high score pretty luck-based. Some of the questions inherently take longer to finish because of the necessary information you need ro process. Sometimes instead of pictures, the answers will all just spell out the pokemon's name. It obviously takes longer to read each name than to look at each picture. Additionally, some questions will have four pokemon and "Which of the pokemon is" followed by a random color. If these questions pop up, you have to just wait until the entire question is written out before you can finally know what color it's asking about. On the flilpside, sometimes you'll get questions like "What is this pokemon?" with a picture of the pokemon immediately plastred on the screen so you can answer the question immediately without even needing to read the question. It's a flawed system, but it is just a distraction at the end of the day. Obviously, on the harder difficulties the questions get trickier. For example, on medium difficulty, you'll get questions like "Corsola is a Pink pokemon. Which of the following pokemon is Brown?" On hard difficulty, the game takes it up a notch and will start to ask you things like what route you should go to to get Juggler Irwin's number or which TM number can be bought at the store. My records for Easy, Medium, and Hard respectively are 37, 22, and 13 questions. There's also a multiplayer quiz in which multiple human players compete to be the first to get 10 correct answers.
  14. Despite the verbal assault Yuri seems mostly okay, like she is kind of used to this kind of treatment and truth be told, this is far from how bad things get for her. Sure, Natsuki was over the line and all, but she was not as fazed as one miight think. In any case, Monika manages to mostly calm her down. She even faintly whispers to Monika:"I think she just needed to let out some steam". Natsuki mostly didn't notice the door going up and the two other females entering. She stiffens up heavily from the hug done to her body. Had it been anyone else, they would be feeling her wrath and fighting right away, but oddly enough not this time. She immediately makes herself ready for an assault, but her body somehow stops just shy of that, but she does not return the hug. Sayori can feel her chest heaving lightly and slowly easing up more."All because stupid Monika waltzes to who the fuck knows where! I mean, why be the president if you just leave the club be like this?", she complains sharply, but Sayori can tell it is not as bad as before.
  15. kalei



    hey guys,look at what I found,I was thinking about some gangbang.

    and that maybe this second pussy here could give birth to her hive workers offspring that are already born at a certain age to work for her and give evrything that she needs.

    it would be very hot.

    or maybe even more someone inside of it and then then into a bee?

    those are some quick ideas of mine

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    2. Stins1989


      I would. Monster girls like to capture men to breed them and I'd be into that. Unless you mean the monster gets gangbanged. I'd have to hear the details of how a bunch of men or futa's capture a monster girl.

    3. kalei


      what if its in a normal world and a human turns into a monster girl?it's an idea that I had been thinking about

    4. Stins1989


      Well that might make some sense but the girls would adapt to their monster powers pretty quickly I'd think. 

  16. Today
  17. A deep sigh of relief goes past Jessica's lips as Rick seems much more ease and even as far as to seem spry and positive. That indeed doest makes her job much easier to deal with and first she gives affirming and reassuring nod and a better smile."Of course, I don't have anything to stick around here for and I passed on the most crucial information", she says and gently nuzzles his cute little head. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a sandwich and a bottle of water."Here you go...you must be needing some energy and water", she says and then begins the long trek back.
  18. JennyDK

    A-Z of Baby Names

  19. JennyDK

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    Hey there. Thank you very much for the follow ❤️

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    I have returned. Did you guys miss me? ❤️

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      *reveals best crusader legs*

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      Oooh... nice, what's that where they meet?

    4. JennyDK


      The ground XD LOLOLOLOL!

  21. kalei


    I'm the kind of person who is always scared to tell someone something because I'm scared of how they would react.

    or they would get upset at me.

    well,there were some people before that reacted in some violent ways when I didn't wanted to erp with then or that I wanted to stop it

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    2. kalei


      ok,thank you for your words,I feel more better now.

    3. Iceassassin25


      Well people on here probably won't get mad if you wanted to stop role playing with them

      Well hopefully they don't get mad as it's silly to get angry over somebody wanting to stop the rp

    4. kalei


      thank you ice.

      I'll try to put my fears aside

  22. aLittleCrow


    While browsing Bing images for some standalone tentacle monsters, I found this cutie.


    Just thought some of you might want to see her.

  23. Elena Ichinomiya

    Elena Ichinomiya

    My words, i don't want to make excuse but...i can't reply to a smut scene when i'm fade right?

    And those who isn't involved in smut scene yet, i don't think you're gonna love it if i reply with half-butt effort right?

    "I'm sorry, but i think i gotta shift change here. See you at 9!"
    (Been a while since i use her pic for expression)
    #ShiftChange #OldAlbum #GoldEdition

  24. Stins1989


    Some of my favorite Monster girls. I'd love to do an rp with these.


    Anubis: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Anubis
    Arachne: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Arachne
    Blue Oni: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Blue_Oni
    Gargoyle: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Gargoyle
    Girtablilu: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Girtablilu
    Hakutaku: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Hakutaku
    High Orc: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/High_Orc
    Kraken: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Kraken
    Lamia: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Lamia
    Manticore: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Manticore
    Minotaur: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Minotaur
    Mucus Toad: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mucus_Toad
    Pharoah: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Pharaoh
    Scylla: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Scylla
    Slime: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Slime
    Wight: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Wight

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    Hello and welcome!

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    NekoNebula's Preferences

    I like a lot of taboo topics, please feel free to ask if you have a specific thing you want to write. I'm pretty open minded, there's a lot on here that I like and would be open to if you want to discuss further. I'm friendly and happy to come up with an awesome story we'll both like.
  27. WritesNaughtyStories


    Bored and caught up - who wants to hear a naughty story? Come have a seat on my lap and we'll see if I know a story you like...

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      Shirona looked at Rachel before starting to laugh, sitting up on the couch, placing her controller on her lap and placing only her index fingers on each side of the controller. "Alright alright, I'll give you a major handicap," she teased, starting to play with only her fingers moving the controllers and pressing the buttons. Clearly a very improper way to play, and very difficult, but Shirona was in a good mood and wanted to test the limits of her skills. 

    3. WritesNaughtyStories


      "Ummm... Shirona," Rachel began uncertainly, "it wasn't a video game... it was your bare butt..." she managed to say finally, dragging out the thoughts as she found her courage.

      She didn't really know why she was telling Shirona - it's not like Rachel  was that kind of girl. Never mind Shirona. Or hitting her.

      Except when Rachel thought about it she felt her pulse quicken and a spreading warmth, low in her belly.

    4. Reyna


      "...What?" Shirona looked over at Rachel with a questioning look, raising an eyebrow at the girl, not processing what she said at first. There was a moment of silence from the girl, finally registering and processing what her friend had said. "But... why?" she asked her, looking up and down at Rachel, pretending that she was questioning her. 

      "You had some weird dream. What have you been drinking?" Shirona asked, laughing it off like it was some sort of joke. It had to be, right?

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