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    Monika femdom

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    That's cool, I feel lol
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    I have no idea who it is. I find most of these on Pinterest. I am a big fan of where ever these are coming from. I like the idea of female warfighters. Strong women rock
  5. TheSourestPatch


    Don't leave your waifus locked in hot cars.



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      The car is only Hot because she's in there

  6. TheMonikan


    Is this Monika?
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    Alice captures a new servant

    "Good... Now you're going to be serving my girls here, to their every desire..." she began explaining, laying down the rules "You may not leave the villiage without my permission. Now I need to know, are you a virgin?" she asked, hoping he was.
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    Good morning everyone ^_^

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    Preference list

    ABOUT ME: Male, 31, multiple paragraph perfered per message, and I have been RPing for 10 years now. I usually will not post on the weekends. With two in diapers, married, 6 dogs, active duty life, etc I just need those two days to reset. I will notify you instantly if I am dropping out of the RP. I won't just Ghost you. I will do MxM, FxF, FxM, or MxF. I have no issue with those wishing to be a anthro, furry, etc. So if you don't see a pairing here you are looking for, PM me. All of the following can be heavy smut or zero smut. Also, we can switch back and forth at any time. Just let me know. CONTENT - Plots - Pairings - Anime/shows - Pictures Plot 1: Setting- Mosel Iraqi 2007, June, 20th. The large scale conflicts and battles of the War have wound to a close and the more complex detail of managing social projects, rebuilding government systems, and protecting the cibilian population falls on the shoulders of young leaders and new soldiers. Already 9 months into a year long deployment, D.Co 1-12 Cav Tank Company is flying in replacement after a mortar attack on their small COP (combat outpost). The unit is made up of 16 tanks, 2 humvees, a M113, and 36 personnel. Their base is little more then a fortified mosque inside a small town outside of the main city of Mosel some 10 miles West. The base is only 400 meters at its widest and the tanks parked inside offer most of their protection. MC: In addition to me playing almost all soldiers in the base, my main character will be Jullian Graves. A young 28 year old Tank Commander and now Platoon Sergeant for 3rd platoon (nicknamed 3rd herd). He is one of 3 platoon Sergeants but the only one currently without a LT. At 5'7, 160 he is a lean athletic man but not some monster of a man. From NC he has a bit if a twang when he is angery but other wise hides his accent. Character positions open for females in 2007: Combat reporter (military or civilian) EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Non-Combat (military Intel) LT Combat Medic Character Positions open for Males: Tank Commander Gunner Loader Driver Platoon Leader LT (Any of the above jobs for Females) Purpose: To use this realistic setting to create meaningful stories to convey in the best way I can the strong bonds between people in combat, the up hill battle to leave a positive change in the area, the pain of lose, and emptiness of hallow victories. This RP does have an end point. In 3 months Characters will come come to the parade field to friends, family, or just each other. So if your ready, your deployment... starts... now! ___________________________________________ Plot 2: Setting- 1953, Chicago, October 3rd. The gun running, gambling racket, and political extortion of the Mafia is a well known evil and one the Police Force is currently struggling with. Don David Callion is a young 50 year old man who has finally managed some semblance of peace. At least enough to be feared and start making the family rich again in its irganization and set of friends. This is in no short part because of the man who saved his life and the life if his family in Italy. MC- Robert Brown was a young 18 year old man when he broke ranks to chase a fleeing Tank heading to destroy a large farm outside Sicily. Earning him the debt of the later Don. Now at 25 he is the must trusted arm of the Don. Robert's job is interal affairs. If someone in the family is misbehaving they get a visit from "The Bloodhound". But this life of war and violence has lead Robert to drink to deal with his shell shock (what PTSD would later take the place of). Purpose- Concerned his most loyal man is starting to loose his grip on reality the Don chooses to partner him up with YC. During this time its clear Robert is blindly following orders. The Don's motives are questionable, and soon sides will have to be taken. Will there be a quiet porch by the beach somewhere for our characters after this or will the life claim what it will from men in a life of violence and Sin. ___________________________________________ Plot 3: Setting- Modern Day Japan, September 7th, Senior Class 443 at Tokyo High. Rescently a new student has joined the class. Recently there as been some increase in violent deaths of thugs, violent criminal, and even some students at the school. Police are often see coming to the school now or asking questions. All that people know is that most of the victumes were not the best people to say the lease. Witness say that they typically heard very loud music during the attacks. MC- Mark Williams is a transfer student from the States. His father is currently working at the defense Ministry. Enrolled in this Prestigious school Mark only knows enough Japanese to get by. Keeping to himself mostly he more often then not has his ear buds in. Mark is struggling not with puberty, colleges, or finding a girl. He is struggling with a sickness. He us a serial killer. Inside him is a vast darkness and a hunger to feed it. Constantly on his phone he has to seek out what he beleives as evil. Though the jump from murder to just a common jerk could be seen in dry spells. His attachment to music during is both to camouflage the act and sets the tone for his battle. Purpose: YC can be of your choosing and choose to do what they will. Become a target, a friend, help, report, or hunt. This is an RP for the creatively flexable. ___________________________________________ Plot 4: The year is 3012. Humanity has collonized most of our solar system at this point. We have just learn to harness the power of our local star the sun. War is still present and petty racisum is now more on a planetary scale and not so much a heritage one. We are still to simple human we once and probably always will be. The human race has eveloved thanks to genomic therapy. Splicing in peices of animals bit by bit, human look to be a cross of many things. Sharing many health benefits from it. Of course thanks to so much complecation of genes reproduction is lab based now and intercourse is more recreational now a days. But orbiting Titan (on of Jupiter's moons) are two beings to thank for most of the advantages of today. YC and MC do not know each other. But we have been sleeping next to each other in this orbiting lab for 300 years. Having gone to seek cancer treatment years ago, our records were lost during the great planetary war. Now, the Jupiter secret science center know for it's break through Gene threopy,parmasuticals, and human advancement projects have been using us for these many years as unwilling and undocumented test subjects. We are perfect physical beings thanks to the testing. Hightend senses, rapidly thinking brains, extreme physical ability, and cosmetically perfect. Once again conflict finds us in this deep sleep. As the research center takes damage from a pirating ship; that is taking advantage of a battle going on between Jupiter and Venus, our tanks loose oxygen and spill us out into the blinding light of a white medical suit. Flashing red lights throughout the ship hide the Alert of our waking up. We are living proof of crimes against humanity. Jupiter and all those who do business with the planet seek to see us dead. Knowledge of our past is wiped away and will only come to us slowly with time. We need to run! Will we join the war? Seek to explore new reaches of space, start a new life? This is a furry/anthro RP. I figured I had to have a least one. _________________________________________ Plot 5: Harem based This can be a reverse Harem, normal Harem, or a combination. It can have furries/Anthro/Trans/Alien, there are so many different was to play this and of course AI can play many many different characters. I only ask that which ever way we do this RP that YC or MC collects them one at a time to develop the characters. I would live a post apocalypse Harem RP were YC collects warriors to surround yourself with. There would be other groups out in the waste pand to defeat or absorb as well. This would allow me to use the tactical Asian girls I want to play so basing this in Korea, China, or Japan would he awesome. Or the classic midevil Harem where a royal sneaks out away from their spouse to go collect people to put into their secret stash of characters. For this one it's ok to harm or kill of characters at the wime of YC. This is a very fluid open idea. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SIMPLE PAIRINGs M Alien x female M Alien x Male F Alien x Female F Alien x Male or any variation King/Prince x Queen/Princess or any pairing combination of this Demon x Hunter Any Family Combination Trans x Male or Female oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ANIME/SHOW- must create your own OOC. We are just using the plot and world. - Berserk - SAO - Claymore - Outlaw Star - Supernatural- - Gunslinger Girl - Pokemon - Digimon - Gundam Wing - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Black Lagoon - Fate Stay the Night - Final Fantasy 8 - Final Fantasy 10 - Crono Cross
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    "Come on everyone, Squweee with me! 


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      I have no idea what has you so chirpy and happy. But I am glad you are in such a  great mood.

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      Hey we miss you

  12. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory When Luna had moved off the clean the dishes, Raeghan turned his head to look at Rayvenne where he asked, “Are you alright? You’re being more… withdrawn than usual.” She swivelled her head around to give him an intense look before she shrugged one shoulder and looked away. Used to her mannerisms, he waited patiently, watching her with a slightly raised eyebrow. He knew after a few moments, that she would say something. He was the only person in the world that she had cautiously given the title of ‘friend’ to, as he had earnt her trust and confidence. Sure enough, she finally said in a quiet voice, “You kind of look like… him. Except the eyes, of course...” Raeghan frowned, and it took him a few moments for him to realise who she was referring to. He then winced and said, “Oh. Well… that kind of sucks, because I like this body. It’s pretty good looking.” Rayvenne turned her head back towards him, now looking amused, “Yes… it is pretty good looking. Part of his charm, after all. I’m not angry, or annoyed at you… or Luna. I just wish-” She suddenly broke off when Luna returned, so that the bunny-girl was not privy to their conversation. She turned back to tending the fire as Raeghan smiled up at Luna with one corner of his lips quirking up slightly. At Luna’s question, Rayvenne shook her head in denial, “This is a job you paid me to do, Luna. And I will do it. Just go and enjoy yourselves.” “Don’t worry about her.” Raeghan said to Luna, adding, “She just likes to be by herself, sometimes. You wouldn’t believe the number of times she would kick me out of the camp just so she could spend time alone.” “That’s not entirely because I want some time alone. You’re sometimes that irritating.” Rayvenne shot over her shoulder, causing Raeghan to chuckle and wink at Luna before assuring the bunny-girl, “She’s fine. She can handle being on her own for the night. She’s been doing that for years now.” He said, in the tone of someone sure in their conviction.
  13. Here are some tasty links for my kitty eared enthusiasts! Feel free to add your own! (I added in a few other ear types near the end, just to keep it fresh ) https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/ichiri-my-ideal-life-in-a-different-world-41752 https://doujins.com/hentai-manga/kanesada-keishi-lewd-roses-3735 https://doujins.com/hentai-magazine-chapters/hinotsuki-neko-how-to-train-your-pet-older-sister-28019 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/saryuu-kemophilia-28963 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/saryuu-kemophilia-1-5-29063 https://doujins.com/strike-witches/kuroinu-juu-survivor-7238 https://doujins.com/granblue-fantasy/asanagi-victimgirls-21-bokujou-happy-end-29552 https://doujins.com/naruto/meiya-itachi-no-nikukyuu-taizen-5801 https://doujins.com/asobi-ni-ikuyo/asanagi-victim-girls-10-326 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/kitsunekov-fox-maniax-40109 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/saryuu-dog-girl-observation-record-33372 https://doujins.com/xenogears/jacky-seraphic-gate-5497
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    Nw here!

    Hello and welcome to EcchiDreams! It's good to see you here. If you need any help, or just have a question, please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff.
  15. Here are some tasty links for fellow Trap lovers! Enjoy! https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/lew-the-cute-otouto-has-to-become-an-imouto-for-the-sake-of-his-onii-chan-29763 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/sakura-puchilo-my-walks-37705 https://doujins.com/cg-sets-original-series/nagi-ichi-mejiri-furyou-shounen-mesu-ana-kouseisu-26320 https://doujins.com/the-heroic-legend-of-arslan/ikezaki-misa-sacrifice-prince-30679 https://doujins.com/the-heroic-legend-of-arslan/ikezaki-misa-sacrifice-prince-after-34192 https://doujins.com/hentai-magazine-chapters/nemunemu-yui-and-me-3598 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/martan-swim-angel-5347 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/makuro-original-magical-trap-rio-20654 https://doujins.com/cg-sets-original-series/gujira-i-became-my-stepdads-girlfriend-29074 https://doujins.com/doujins-original-series/kanbayashi-takaki-my-brother-sold-me-so-i-got-fucked-all-night-long-26939 https://doujins.com/hentai-magazine-chapters/dawy-futanari-santa-chan-special-2983 https://doujins.com/is-it-wrong-to-try-to-pick-up-girls-in-a-dungeon/gorgonzola-goddesslife-demeter-edition-40647
  16. Traps are gay and its OK! Thin waist, bubble butts, cute faces! If you like Traps, then your just into girly features, even on men! I think this actually helps to break down our sexual psychology quite a bit! We aren't really attracted to genders, we are attracted to features! I have broad tastes, but there are men I would never dream of sleeping with even though I'm generally attracted to them IRL. In the same way, even though I'm bi, there are plenty of women I would not find attractive either. Why? They aren't composed of the features I find attractive! What is a trap? A boy with the features of a cute, slim girl! If you like cute slim girls, you will like traps, gay or not. And there in we find a little insight into how we actually view attraction and sexiness!
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    Sunny's Neko Collection

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    Tasty Links!

    Here are a few tasty links I like, Enjoy! https://hentai2read.com/once_a_beast_always_a_beast/1/1/ https://hentai2read.com/gardevoir/1/ https://hentai2read.com/a_carefree_monster_girls_exhibition/1/1/ https://hentai2read.com/shokanju_no_nakigoe/1/1/ https://hentai2read.com/honey_or_sis/1/1/ https://hentai2read.com/houseki_kemono_to_yuuraku_ma/1/1/ Feel free to add your own!
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    Willing to ERP! Dm me!~

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    Hi guys❤ Hope you're having a great night❤

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      i love being your princess❤❤

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      And i love being your prince gorgeous~ 💕💓

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      Yuuto Hiroshige

      Miss you! Hope you're doing well!

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    I will be away for 10 days, so please be patient while I'm gone. I'll respond as soon as I can. 🙂

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      Did you know: You can actually set a "Leave of Absence" message that is visible on your profile for times such as this. Because your status will get buried and people you're roleplaying or communicating with might not be aware that you're going to be away for a short amount of time. Setting it is easy. [Guide | Link]

      Otherwise I wish you well. Take care!

  24. Tactical harem

    Tactical girls

    I have some less THOT like girls but here are the attention grabbers
  25. EvangelineWadsworth


    Feeling Oh, So Bad

    Entry 4

    I'm angry, jealous, even. He fucked his wife against the window, our window. There is not ration to these emotions, just raw fury that exploded when I saw him push her against the glass and screw her. Reason dictated that I remember she is his wife, that I'd watched her enter his workout room and come on to him, but there was no room for reason in my  mind. That window, my window, they were ours. He should know better. Now, he had to be punished.

    I wait several days before I open my blind again, days that I feel his frustration and disappointment as deeply as I feel my need for him inside me. When I can take it no longer, I open my blind, letting him take in the low-cut dress that barely covers my ass cheeks. I'm made up tonight, complete with fuck-me heels. I pretend that I don't see him as he stands from his pushups, moving closer to his window. I look into the parking lot instead, crossing my arms under my ample bosom, lifting my breasts as I do so, and run my hands up and down my arms. I see him touch the front of his shorts, shifting his cock, no doubt. Finally, I lift my eyes to look at him, and he smiles, tugging his shorts down his hips. My pulse speeds up; he is a sexy man, after all. But instead of joining him, I lean back...just as my office fuck buddy comes up behind me. He wraps his arms over mine, pulling me back against him, pushing my hips back so that my bottom is rubbing his arousal. I watch my neighbor, and his mouth drops open, heat covering his cheeks, his jaw twitching. He's the one who is jealous now. 

    I stare into his eyes as my partner kisses my neck, his fingers delving beneath my neckline to fondle my breasts. I want him to know that this is his punishment...that I saw him fuck her in our place. 

    Although his hand is still, he continues to watch, his eyes following my dress as my partner pulls the bodice down to my waist. He watches the hands that continue to torture my breasts, his hands balling into fists. He knows those should be his hands touching me. 

    My partner slides one of his hands beneath my dress, cupping my naked mound roughly. He isn't a gentle lover. I have no use for those. He roughly shoves two fingers into my dripping cunt, no teasing, no testing, just raw strength. I bend slightly, my pussy clamping around his fingers, and I see my neighbor's brow furrow, his shoulders tense. I wiggle my ass against my buddy, his arousal hard and long against me.

    Without a word, he yanks my skirt up high, baring everything below the waist, so that the entire dress is wrapped around my waist. His fingers are still inside of me, roughly scratching my soft, wet folds, pushing against my sensitive clit, his hand soaked with my essence. I close my eyes, savoring his touch, imagining my neighbor's fingers inside of me, his cock pressed against my bare bottom. I hear the whir of a zipper being lowered and feel the velvet-covered steel of a cock pressing against my dark hole. I tense, knowing he won't go there, but cautious nonetheless. He pulls his fingers from my quim, and then I feel the tip of his flesh pole at my entrance.

    I look up again, needing to see his face, and I see a visage of fury, of lust, of need. We stare into each other's eyes, and then the cock rams deep inside of my hot, wet cavern. I fall forward against the window, moaning, my breasts squashed against the glass as the cock pulls out and slams in deep again. Breathing hard, I stare at him, his face angry but his hand jerking violently on his prick. I watch him watching me, and it is his cock fucking my aching cunt, pushing deep into my tender folds and thrusting fast and hard into me. 

    Hands grip my hips as he fucks me violently, roughly, slamming my body against the window. I hear the squish of my arousal as his cock works its way deeper and deeper into my body. Over and over I take his brutal thrusts, my body tightening, on the precipice of release. I gaze at him, and the unadulterated need on his face nearly breaks me as he jerks his cock. His eyes are glued to me.

    I gasp suddenly, my body trembling violently as he pinches my clit and then thrusts in hard, deep. My eyes roll back in my head as I scream, body arching as skyrockets burst behind my eyes and sensations take over my being. My body jerks, convulsing around his cock as he shoots into me.

    Time stands still. I feel the pulse of the cock inside of me, flaccid now. I hear my heartbeat, fast, erratic, slowing with each calming breath. I see his hands, stationary and sticky with cum. Our eyes meet. Exhaustion is mirrored there. He mouths, "I'm sorry," and I smile for the first time. I nod, and he smiles back. The limp cock leaves me, and I step back, closing my blind just as his wife's car pulls in front of their apartment.

  26. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    I’m so upset it’s hard for me to even think...

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      I'm sorry to hear that, my friend.

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      Hope things look upf or you, sweetheart! ❤️ 

    3. Reven


      I understand that right now as well. Your not the only one upset.

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