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    At work but loving these steamy role plays!!
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    Contact Nasa. I've discovered two new planets.
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    Cheese. Cheese would be able to help with that fourth wall issue of yours if I am not sure how to fix it.
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    I have finally found the biggest problem with making new chracters are. Actually naming them XD And with that gonna go figure out something to do.
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    So, Fire Emblem Three Houses. Good game. Lots of fun. I know things that ruin the experience. I merely ask that you refrain from lewding Sothis for now until you play the gamr for one (1) full play through and know tje character. Because then you won't lewd her.
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    "Phew... Here we go Writing up and sending out all of the responses I owe for everyone >~<"
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    "I'm back and will be better than the last few months, if that really means anything at this point I'll try to be posting pretty regularly ^_^"
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    I have been gone for so long that I am going to have to end all current RPs. Sorry but life picked up in a big way! Sorry for those who waited for so long! I hope to come back to RPing at some point but I am struggling to find time.
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    Sorry everyone, I have a turn around again so I won't be on long tonight. I'll be back though for all my sexy friends the minute I can, maybe about 7pm tomorrow my time. Sorry for those I have waiting, but I'll make up for it anyway you'd like. -Unbuttons his shirt as he looks towards the camera- The same goes for her too. Right Nimiko? -Exits the shadows wearing no more then a few strings as she licks her fingers- Nimiko: "Right". I'll defiantly make time tomorrow.
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    I would love to have more roleplay partners for the evening, but... huh. I’m just not sure. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve if anyone is interested in rping, however I will need to make sure our interests match up with oneanother.
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    Switch with a preference to being sub. Other fetishes include mind break and orgasm control. I'm fairly open minded aside from the few that are hard nos. I prefer keeping things seperate: please don't ask for my kik, Discord, or other methods of contacting me. I prefer to play shy or innocent characters, but have the capacity to play brazen and slutty characters if need be.
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    Okay, so just to point out a typo and an observation, in order: 1 - You fell back into calling her Kaianna; it's Kianna. xD 2 - I'm slightly surprised that, in a presumably/relatively well growing forest, there aren't any sort of long grasses and/or large leaves that Bellossom could use in lieu of bandages? It could never be a permanent solution, but even if she quickly braids together some blades of grass, it could cover the burn, and the damp grass would also go some way to soothing the burn too? With that 'negativity' aside, once again a great chapter. Characters using/displaying their skills, and their natural charms, to their advantage works out really well. There's no insane amount of fast paced action, which makes it a pleasant read, but it's not so long as to be dull, either. Chapters of about the length you've been putting out definitely suit your writing style (at the moment/though I'm sure there's eventually some action to come). It's a good way to flesh out the characters and the situation they've found themselves in in the mean time, I think. I certainly think you should keep it up; I truly enjoy reading this story, and I'm looking forward to part four, whether anyone else is or not. xD Also, you're welcome to use the characters; you write them well, and I'm always happy to help out (and that you come to me for help) if there's anything you're not completely sure about how they'd react to.
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    - Is currently working on replies. Please do no disturb. Thank you. -
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    Going to church in a minute so if replies are slow, that’s why!
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    Character 4 Perfect A. Harmony. A girl that everyone expects to live up to her name- perfect. She's stressed out by so much in her life.
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    I have a craving for a boss/employee pairing where I play the boss and perhaps my secretary or second in command? Tries to seduce me and win my heart. Or best friends who end up having sex one night/weekend and then are faced with a huge decision when the girl gets pregnant. Or just something slow and sexy in general...
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    @Chiyako It's done: https://ecchidreams.com/community/topic/2357-side-story-a-learning-experience/
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    Location: North-east of Kalath en-route to Enutpen’s Glory As Raeghan's palm cupped against the girl's cheek her rambling instantly came to a stop! She calmed down, although her face remained as bright as it had been. Still, a smile spread across her lips, head leaning just enough to press herself into the reassuring hand. It was still evident though just how excited she was as her tail continued to wiggle around behind her! "That sounds ni-" Suddenly she was kissed! Luna's eyes sparkled with rainbow glee, widening as big as they possibly could! But her shock soon faded away. Instead she closed her eyes, leaning up and into it, squishing her soft lips against the man's. This was her first desired kiss! She was going to savor it as much as she could! And savor it she did. Her heart raced within her chest, hands gripped and fumbled with the thin fabric of her gown. While it only lasted a few seconds it felt as though it'd gone on for at least a full minute. Luna couldn't help but to let slip a nervous though clearly excited giggle. It wasn't just the comment. No, her anticipation was simply mounting to new heights! Although his comment was also very much true and, at the moment, quite funny to her. "True! Um. S-so, uh, what do we do now?" Clearly Raeghan was going to take the lead, right? He knew what to do! (Continued at: )
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    I think a horror RP should absolutely have personalized enemies for villains in this case for the characters. Need to play to their specifics desires, and honestly I think the horror genre of RP it's the most rewarding although it's certainly good in all of them.
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    Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan frowned a little when she mentioned that some men before had made her do things. He didn’t like the sound of that. One thing that really made his blood boil was bad treatment of women, and forcing themselves onto woman that weren’t interested. He had always treated the women he had been with, with the utmost respect. He tilted his head slightly when Luna began asking questions, making it very clear just how inexperienced she was when it came to the subject of sex. He then gave her a reassuring smile, wanting to put her nerves at ease. He reached up, gently cupping her cheek as he brushed his thumb over the soft skin, “Well, it depends, honestly. Not only on the people involved, but their mood at the time. Sometimes, people like to just get down and on with it. Others like to prolong the experience, to take their time to enjoy it. To give, and receive pleasure and exploring to find out what feels the best. And with you… I think that it the method I would prefer to go with.” He said, giving her a charming grin before he leaned forwards and pressed his lips against Luna’s. It was a light kiss, neither forceful nor demanding. He didn’t deepen the kiss, and pulled away after a moment and said, “I personally don’t think kissing is too far.” His grin widened once again as amusement made his blood red eyes twinkle in mirth, “As for the naked thing… we’re both pretty much naked already.” He said.
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    Still feeling the elementary school sweetheart role play. Need the right partner...
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Hey all! I'm more than happy that I stumbled acrossed this site and have this opportunity to meet all of you! I hope you all take the time to read that about me on my profile, so I dont have to give that spill again. So I've been roleplaying/writing for a while, lately I've been getting a dry spell, so hopefully I meet near people that share the same interests as me. So please hit me up!!
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    Meanwhile, in Ecchitexts...
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    I fantasize about being rich and rolling around in a pile of money. cash, obviously. but no... picture the most degenerate thing you can think of, and then forget it. It's about a million times more degenerate than that. Involving gay sex, a cabbage, a chicken, corset and a long dress. I'll let you use your imagination to figure out the rest.
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    In the need of some good futanari stuff. ♡
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    not that much longer 'till the summer break is over and it's back to work for me. pray for me that my students will all still be too exhausted from their own holidays to cause a riot.
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    I know I've been absent from the Forum for a long time now. I've been working on myself and getting myself together. Things have indeed improved with my Depression. I'd like to thank everyone who has been here for me and supported me through out my struggles with it. I'll be on in a week to start Roleplaying again. Right now I'm spending time with my family. I have family members visiting me right now, but I will be back on again soon. Just wanted to leave this note on my profile. Thank you again!
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    I will mainly be doing a sub position, as I do have more experience being a sub character.
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    "but" But thanks again for your help with this conversation. I don’t want you anymore lol
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    My word: Suck Suck the moment and I will be up within my best friend. o.O This phone is weird.
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    I tend to prefer playing the submissive character in RPs.
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    I just like to have fun and for the most part are open for anything! Just ask before sending anything... lewd!
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    i'mkimd if drunk tonight. Reading a novel atm. Anyonr wanna tskr advantage? Rough, forceful scenarios only
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    Since waking up, I suddenly needed to use the restroom, so I did. Then my mom wanted to me to go eat Thai food with her, which I rode along. Soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I rushed over to the bathroom; throwing up 7 times in a row. First was a relief, 2nd felt strange, then 3rd goes painful as I vomit stomach acid... returning, drank some meds and try to rest in bed...all of a sudden I feel hot. >< pls kill me...being sick from food poisoning is just sucks...
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    So hungry and so annoyed.....
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    FUCK!!!! i just now remembered my computer cratered and i lost all my files, including one of a story idea i wanted to do. Now i have to remember what i wrote down for the monsters, characters, and the summary of the plot
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    how come no one ever wants to rp when i do
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