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    At work but loving these steamy role plays!!
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    Feeling very antsy and in need of release...
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    I’m sorry that I haven’t been very active! I’ve been very busy. I try to rp around my work schedule. After 10 pm is when it’s easiest for me to rp.
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    Hello! I've been very busy with school, but hope to be around much more!!
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    Hey all, just a little update. Finally starting to catch up on work, last two week have been capital R ROUGH. I really didn't realize how weak I had gotten over the course of my surgery, but I'm bouncing back! As for work, jeez, catch up has been killer. I'm basically a travel agent, and in the time it has taken for me to get well enough for work, a lot of my client base have moved on and getting them back has been...well, I guess stressful would be a word we could use, though honestly its not strong enough. But slowly but surely I'm catching up, and I should be back on the site soon to pick up where I left off. So yeah, things are looking up!
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    I know I've been absent from the Forum for a long time now. I've been working on myself and getting myself together. Things have indeed improved with my Depression. I'd like to thank everyone who has been here for me and supported me through out my struggles with it. I'll be on in a week to start Roleplaying again. Right now I'm spending time with my family. I have family members visiting me right now, but I will be back on again soon. Just wanted to leave this note on my profile. Thank you again!
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    I have finally found the biggest problem with making new chracters are. Actually naming them XD And with that gonna go figure out something to do.
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    Meanwhile, in EcchiTexts...
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    Happy Birthday, Aura! I hope you have a great day!
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    Well then, it appears I need to get my character sheets in order.
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    I just like to have fun and for the most part are open for anything! Just ask before sending anything... lewd!
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    Okay, so just to point out a typo and an observation, in order: 1 - You fell back into calling her Kaianna; it's Kianna. xD 2 - I'm slightly surprised that, in a presumably/relatively well growing forest, there aren't any sort of long grasses and/or large leaves that Bellossom could use in lieu of bandages? It could never be a permanent solution, but even if she quickly braids together some blades of grass, it could cover the burn, and the damp grass would also go some way to soothing the burn too? With that 'negativity' aside, once again a great chapter. Characters using/displaying their skills, and their natural charms, to their advantage works out really well. There's no insane amount of fast paced action, which makes it a pleasant read, but it's not so long as to be dull, either. Chapters of about the length you've been putting out definitely suit your writing style (at the moment/though I'm sure there's eventually some action to come). It's a good way to flesh out the characters and the situation they've found themselves in in the mean time, I think. I certainly think you should keep it up; I truly enjoy reading this story, and I'm looking forward to part four, whether anyone else is or not. xD Also, you're welcome to use the characters; you write them well, and I'm always happy to help out (and that you come to me for help) if there's anything you're not completely sure about how they'd react to.
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    Going to church in a minute so if replies are slow, that’s why!
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    I think a horror RP should absolutely have personalized enemies for villains in this case for the characters. Need to play to their specifics desires, and honestly I think the horror genre of RP it's the most rewarding although it's certainly good in all of them.
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    Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan frowned a little when she mentioned that some men before had made her do things. He didn’t like the sound of that. One thing that really made his blood boil was bad treatment of women, and forcing themselves onto woman that weren’t interested. He had always treated the women he had been with, with the utmost respect. He tilted his head slightly when Luna began asking questions, making it very clear just how inexperienced she was when it came to the subject of sex. He then gave her a reassuring smile, wanting to put her nerves at ease. He reached up, gently cupping her cheek as he brushed his thumb over the soft skin, “Well, it depends, honestly. Not only on the people involved, but their mood at the time. Sometimes, people like to just get down and on with it. Others like to prolong the experience, to take their time to enjoy it. To give, and receive pleasure and exploring to find out what feels the best. And with you… I think that it the method I would prefer to go with.” He said, giving her a charming grin before he leaned forwards and pressed his lips against Luna’s. It was a light kiss, neither forceful nor demanding. He didn’t deepen the kiss, and pulled away after a moment and said, “I personally don’t think kissing is too far.” His grin widened once again as amusement made his blood red eyes twinkle in mirth, “As for the naked thing… we’re both pretty much naked already.” He said.
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    I fantasize about being rich and rolling around in a pile of money. cash, obviously. but no... picture the most degenerate thing you can think of, and then forget it. It's about a million times more degenerate than that. Involving gay sex, a cabbage, a chicken, corset and a long dress. I'll let you use your imagination to figure out the rest.
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    I am just returnimg from holiday and I start my new job tomorrow. It's been a good week.
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    hello people of ecchidreams! for once I decided to try out something I've always been curious about: fanfic rps. I'd like to keep this as short as possible, so before I make my list I'm only going to say that what I wish for isn't a rp with a deep plot that takes place in the world of the fanfic, but more of an initimate situation between me and the person playing the chosen character. (kinda like catfish, I guess? even if it sounds stupid and sad that's pretty much the idea? cause I mean doing stuff with a 2d character could be quite complex I guess) in any case, here's the list. I should mention that here are some characters that are more important than others, meaning that playing those ones could be an incredible turn on to me if done really well, or an incredible turn off if done really badly. once again, what I'm looking for is someone who could play a particular character simulating their personality as close as possible (but I completely understand that copypaste is impossible on human beings), and for the characters who don't have a well defined personality cause played a minor role or other reasons it's completely ok to be creative a little bit. also I'd like to play the submissive role, but some characters make an exception to this. and now the famous list: dragonball: Bulma (this honestly could be every bulma, obviously except gt bulma since she's a hag. I just love her cocky personality), Android 18 (DUH), Android 21 (both forms cause why not. actually it'd be hot if during the rp a form change happened), Kefla/caulifla pokemon: not going to lie, pretty much almost everyone, though I'm not familiar 6th gen onwards (except ORAS) so that is a no. special mentions are: May (more on her later), zinnia (more later), Blue (also later on), yellow (pokemon adventures manga), crystal (adventures), flannery, Cynthia, skyla (she's hot af), elesa (also hot af), rosa, hilda. Also wouldn't mind a pokemon furry rp tbh, like pokemon x trainer, but of course humanoids pokemons, or regular pokemons that look human? there's a lot to try out to be honest. league of legends: riven, irelia, fiora, janna, vayne, morgana, kayle, le blanc, katarina, akali... the list is really long, these are the ones I'd prefer naruto: Tsunade (obviously), sakura (Boruto sakura since I don't wanna go to jail), Mei terumi (mizukage), Ino (shippuden or uber milf ino, I meant boruto ino), Hinata (but maybe even not), sumire kakei (uhm... possibly fast foward some years?) date a live (yes I watch garbage when I'm bored): tohka, natsumi (both ways it's okay, but the older form is my favourite), origami (shy or pervy, or both), kaguya (maybe tag team with yuzuru?), mana, Ellen (clumsy or serious), Kurumi (more on her later on) infinite stratos: chifuyu, yamada, charlotte, tatenashi (cat outfit maybe? that scene when she jumps on ichika wearing that and teases him made me breathless) konosuba: wiz, aqua, megumin (I absolutely love her cheerful personality), darkness (she's hot, but she's a masochist... what if she was a little bit sadistic instead?), yunyun blend s: miu (that could be really, really interesting), maika, kaho others: tooru (miss kobayashi), rachanera (monster musume), masuzu natsukawa (oreshura), jibril (no game no life), blizzard (one punch man), tornado (one punch man), haibara(conan), ran(conan), neferpitou (hunter x hunter), leone (akame ga kill), chtuko (hayore nyaruko san), nyaruko( hayore nyaruko san), Amy(toradora) "special characters": zinnia: not sure if she deserves the spot, but I completely adore her cocky and know it all personality. for those who read the adventures manga that's pretty much what I'm looking for. Blue (pokemon adventures blue): for those who don't know she's the one who got named green in the games afterwards (but I'm like vegeta with goku with her so ima call her blue). love the way she teases people, love her caring attitude towards people she loves, love her peskyness. overall great character that made me enjoy every bit of her presence. I must say her personality in the games just isn't the same, even if it's pretty much the bad copy of the manga's. I'd love to be teased and all just the way she does with red and company, and then having her pushing me on the bed to have fun. fujiko mine: there should be nothing to debate here, she is a symbol of femininity and independence, even if she has a tragic background. love how she's always too far from reach for you and how she never ever concedes to the one she truly loves, since she uses her body only as a mean to have her way, maybe this time we can make an exception? Kurumi Tokisaki: I Absolutely love her. the character is from a garbage show but it's the only one who isn't there only for fanservice. I love the traumatic and deep psychological background and she's badass and cool af. that being said, the appearance is 10/10 and the personality is 11/10, once again I love the teasing words and attitudes she has (and her ara aras) and her romantic and caring attitude hidden by a fake yandere personality. and the polite way she talks, the way she touches other people gently and to tease them like she's always and continuously in control of them, and most importantly the way she looks at them as if they were food is just way too hot and makes my head spin. honestly, if someone here can make a good impression of her I'll be head over heels in 3 seconds or less, though honestly that could prove quite hard. May: childhood crush, as all kids those years. love the character, everything of it. what I'd like to do with her is kinda different fro what I'd like from the others, as I'd like to be on bottom as she teaches me stuff with her typical cute and gentle approach we all love. this is pretty much it, thank you if you arrived here, and hope to see some replies. I'll be sure to keep this updated
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    Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory As Luna started stretching herself out, Raeghan had to resolutely turn his head away a little just in case she flashed anything. It would have been rude to just sit there and stare at her, after all, especially when he had plenty of chances to do that later. He would rather not spoil anything now. When he had heard that she had stopped her movements, he turned his face towards her again now that she had settled herself comfortably. At her question, he shook his head, “I’m good thanks. I’m still full from the stew earlier, and I think I’ve had enough to drink for now.” He gave her a rather lopsided, slightly drunk looking grin. He tapped the ends of his forefingers together in thought for a few moments as he considered her question earlier, “As for what it’s like… well…” He waved his hand in a northerly direction, “The city itself is hidden in the Therarr Mountainrange. Quite deep into it. There’s only way to actually get there, short of being able to fly like they can. The road itself is somewhat treacherous but relatively well travelled. There’s a town called Dragon’s Eye that sits about half way travel from the city. But when you head to the city… you travel along a winding mountain path, and then just as you move over a rise in the path, you can see the city laid out before you. The buildings are larger than anything made by the hands of other species. More graceful too, I would say. There are also a number of waterfalls, of the clearest water you’ve ever seen. All in all, it’s a tall and impressive city.” He paused for a moment, before grinning slightly, “I know that you’re not going to believe me here, but that city… Vorserend it’s called, has stood for millions of years. It’s the oldest city in the world.” He tilted his head slightly, a sudden mischievous twinkle in his eyes, “And of course… being a raven, I can move around and see things other visitors might not.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Such as their burial grounds. Visitors aren’t allowed anywhere near them, and they guard them quite zealously. I can hardly blame them. I’m not exactly sure how they do this… perhaps some kind of magic but it seems that their bodies turn to some kind of crystal that actually grows into a tree. And the leaves turn into the colour that was their eyes. Their burial ground is a forest of these trees. One of the most breathtaking sights I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t even find the words to describe it.” He shook his head before giving a helpless shrug, “I think you would like it. They even have a massive library filled with thousands upon thousands of books… Of course, you’d need to learn how to read Eldyrannthian. Not many outsiders can actually speak or read it.”
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    Oooh - I am first! Welcome to the neighbourhood!
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    Wow our Petsmart doesn't allow this kind of thing
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    New role play idea - Elementary School Sweetheart... Back before middle school started, he had to move away with his family as work took his father elsewhere. It was hard for him, he loved his school, his hometown, everything he had was there and it was all he'd ever known. To be ripped to suddenly away from all of it, his friends and all, it was too much to beat almost. There was one thing, however, that he would never forget about that day. There was a girl in his school. She didn't say much, she was a bit shy, he always thought, but whenever possible, she stayed close to him. He never really learned much about her, but she had taken a liking to him and him to her, they were practically attached at the hip and even shared young love's first kiss one day alone at the playground... And as the car was driving away, he turned around to look at his home one last time and... There she was, her shrinking image standing in the street, watching him leave her. His hand pressed against the glass and as she faded away in the distance, he saw her put her hand up as well... With tears steaming down his cheeks, he took a deep breath, wiped them away and turned back around to look forward, not back... Year later, almost all the way through highschool, for his final year he found the means to get back to his home town. He wanted to visit his friends, whichever of them were left anyways, as he hadn't really kept too close of contact with anyone, he even got his own small apartment with a part time job. The first few days of school went a bit slowly, he recognized a few people who didn't recognize him, so he left them alone and it seemed like the whole world was completely different from when he left it. He stopped by his old house and stared at it for a long while from across the street, listening to the sound of laughter from from it as a happy new family now occupied it, he had to swallow a lump that grew in his throat. One day, he was sitting alone at lunch, flicking through news articles on his phone as he chowed down on a sandwich, his headphones in playing his favorite playlist of garbage music, when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye and felt a head rest on his shoulder.. He looked down, slowly, and.... There she was... (the girl is deviant as fuck in this, for him)
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    He wasn't sure how it happened. He didn't even think that her kind were around his neck of the woods. One day, she followed him home, he fed her since she looked hungry and she just sort of never left, she kept coming around and insisting that he be his master. He continuously declined, she would follow him everywhere and insist that she do everything for him, even though she usually made a proper mess of tasks, she would even shout "master" at him in public, much to his dismay, seeing the looks he got for it. In his apartment, he couldn't type on his computer without her stretching and laying over it, he couldn't sleep without her curling up on his head, he couldn't cook without her on her knees pawing at him. He didn't have any interest in having a servant, but she wouldn't leave him alone and seemed pleased as punch to serve him. What the hell was he supposed to do with her?
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    Izanagi couldn't help but to smile a bit back at Deadrin after his slight demontration of affection. Even though Izanagi himself wasn't really used to recieving these, he certainly could appreciate the gesture. "That mekes two of us my friend" the demon replied with a slight chuckle before giving the chains a firm pull as they began to make their way out of the cave. Despite the fact that they had only spent a couple of hours in there, Izanagi felt as if days had passed. Mainly due to how boring mining was. Exploring the cave and fighting a few idiots wasn't really bad or anything he had never done before, but mining? that was just straight up boring. He was really glad it was finally over. However, they would still have to deal with climbing over that enormous wall near the entrance of the cave. Going up would vertainly be more complicated, not only because of the sacks, but also because Deadrin's leg wound could be a very real problem. "Let me know if you want to make a quick pause because of your leg" Izanagi told his friend since he didn't want him to push himself too much. When they passed by the area in which the battle against the monsters had happened, the demon was taken away from his thoughts on how to possibly solve the problem they would soon have to deal with by his friend mentioning how curious he was about the fight that took place there earlier. Izanagi smiled a bit before replying "Heh worry not. I can tell you all about it after we set up a camp" that caused him to begin remembering how it all happened. The memories of the ones he had defeated on that battle took over his mind for a few moments as thought on which details he should bring up. Soon enough, they had reached the wall at the entrance. Deadrin showed the rope they had placed there back when they had first arrived in the place. It had been cut. Most likely by the cultists who had attacked them. Displaying a reaction similar to his friend's, the demon facepalmed and groaned in annoyence "Ugh... it seems these guys just love to make our lives harder. Even after being killed" Much to Izanagi's surprise, Deadrin was able to simply climb up the wall with his bare hands. It was like he had some sort of glue on the palm of his hands that allowed him to climb up without much trouble, despite the wounded leg. Now it was his turn to go up and Izanagi had to think on how to proceed. The first thing that he did was to move the chains holding the sacks with the mineral up. "Make way. I am moving the sacks of kraerhil first" he announced so that Deadrin was aware of what he was doing and could avoid getting hit by the heavy cargo. Since it was a bit hard to see correctly from his position, Izanagi didn't want to his wounded friend with a heavy load of minerals. The chains began to move upwards at a slow speed and, after reaching the desired hight, moved a bit forwards so all the sacks wouldn't be at risk of falling down the wall again. The chains then immediatly dissipated leaving the cargo there. Izanagi knew that the easiest thing to do would be fire a bladed chain at the roof and use it to climb, but causing another collapse wasn't a risk he was willing to take. Thankfully, the demon had an idea. He once again opened a small portal and wrapped the set of chanins around his right arm. Just like he did with the kraerhil, the portal and chains slowly moved upwards, pulling him as well. Izanagi was eventually able to safely reach his destination. "Alright... that's that"
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    hello and welcome to ecchidreams, I hope you'll have a wonderful time here! I honestly have to say that I really wish we could rp, since I've always wanted to rp with may, for I had a huge crush on her when I was a kid
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    Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan grinned at Luna, tilting his head slightly as his eyes kept shifting to look down her top. He found it hard to look anywhere else and he had to shift slightly forwards due to discomfort of his eagerly reacting body. He tried to keep focused on what they were talking about in order to distract himself. They still had the entire night, after all, so there was no real need to rush things. He coughed a little to clear his throat, “Maed’s fortress is gone. Long gone by now…” Raeghan said, the corners of his mouth pulling down sadly, as his red eyes grew pained, “We were attacked, by bandits and Maed was killed by them before either me or Rayvenne could stop them. They burnt down her fortress so all that might remain is stumps. We’ve already picked over what could be there, which is why we have her Tome.” He sighed a little, feeling a sense of loss when he thought about his old mistress. Despite the fact that it had been about forty years, he still missed her as if she had passed away the day before but his efforts to try and find her soul to speak to her, were in vain as if her soul had simply disappeared. He then looked up and said, “As for meeting Rayvenne… we found her. She doesn’t come from Craethiel. She comes from a long across the Dynx Desert. I’m not going to tell you what happened in her birth home, but she felt the need to find another land to try and find peace. She crossed the entire Dynx Desert. It was a miracle that she made it. Maed and I came across her, near death, and brought her back to the fortress. Maed nursed her back to health, and Rayvenne stayed with us. I helped teach her swordsmanship, since that was something I was good at in my old life. Maed taught her some rudimentary spells, but she can only do a couple. They got on pretty well… although no better than with you at this point. Rayvenne is a very guarded person, slow to trust and slow to open up to people. She does it to protect herself…” He trailed off with a slight shrug, “I’m not going to tell you her life story. That’s for you to gain her trust for. But I think you’ll understand why she’s so… standoffish when you hear it.”
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    Entry 9 He returned to his wife last night. After spending a blissful 24 hours holed away in my apartment alternately making love, fucking, and making love, he had to go home. I understand. She is his real life. I am his fantasy. I hit send on an e-mail I just wrote and close my laptop, stretching out on my bed as I do. After several hours editing photos in my office, I'd needed a change and moved to my bedroom. Now, work is done, so I can relax. I consider cooking the chicken I have defrosting in the refrigerator, but I don't feel like eating. I glance at my closed blinds, wondering if he is doing the same. I stand, padding over to the window and flicking one slat up. He isn't there. Sighing, I drop the slat and head to the kitchen to cook. Just as I pull out a pan, I hear my phone ding. I glance at my phone on the charger. It's a message from my fuck buddy, whom I've neglected lately. FB: Horny? You'd better believe it, I think. But I can't tell him. He'd think it was permission to come over. Me: Busy. Raincheck? FB: Blueball bitch. Me: Pussy addict! FB: I'm addicted to urs Me: Liar. You're addicted to everyone's FB: True FB: See you @ work 2morrow Me: Later I toss my phone on the counter and return to the pan and the chicken, seasoning the meat before tossing it into a little olive oil and sautéed onions and bell pepper. My thoughts drift to my other job, the non-freelance photographer job. I also am an investigator at a private detective agency. I'm almost done with my latest case, a boring insurance fraud situation. Just as the client suspected, a man who had taken out a huge insurance policy right before hurting his back was lying, and I had the evidence to prove it. I'd just e-mailed the evidence to my boss for his morning meeting with the client. I take the chicken off the burner and fill a tortilla shell with the chicken mixture, some salsa, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Homemade fajitas were easy and yummy. I take a big bite as I carry my plate to the sofa and sit, lifting my feet to rest on an ottoman. I hit the power button on the television remote and reach over to pull up the blinds on the big picture window. My eyes widen as I see the image in front of me. It's Macy in her car having full-on sex with a man that I can tell is not her husband. His cock is much smaller than Jake's. Trying to be as subtle as possible, I lower the blind before dropping my plate and unfinished fajita on the end table. I fumble around to find my camera, and I position the lens so that I can get clear shots from between the slats. I snap a dozen photos before they finish. I watch as she straightens her clothes and leaves the car, and the man drives away. Macy climbs the stairs to her apartment and enters. I watch the trail of lights flicker on as she makes her way to their bedroom, and probably the bathroom beyond it, if I were to guess. I return my camera to the case and reopen the blind, sitting down to finish my fajita, but my mind is racing. As I finish eating, I see Macy leave the apartment again, this time wearing her nursing scrubs. She jumps into her car and leaves. I shake my head and go into the kitchen, washing the dishes. I am just about to pull out the vacuum cleaner when I see his vehicle pull up. He unloads a fishing rod and tackle box from the back of the vehicle, and I smile. He begins to walk toward his apartment when he pauses, turning to look at my bedroom window. He sees it is closed, and a flicker of disappointment touches his face before his eyes spy me in the living room window. He grins, motioning that he's going to clean up before coming over. I nod. But I have no intention of him coming over to my place. It's time for the next phase. I give him 10 minutes to put away the fishing equipment and to get into the shower, and then I climb the steps to his apartment. I try the knob, and the door opens, just as I knew it would. He was in a hurry and forgot to lock it. He make my way through the apartment, its layout identical to mine, and toward the sound of running water. I'm going to surprise him. I open the bathroom door, and steam pours out. Methodically, I undress, leaving my clothes on the floor, and then I open the glass door to the shower. He starts, surprised, and then a lecherous grin covers his face as his eyes rake over my naked body. He pulls me to him, kissing me deeply as his hands grope my ass, pulling me flush against his naked body, slightly lifting me off my feet. He lifts me, guiding my legs to wrap around his waist as he turns me toward the shower spray. The hot water rains on my hair, and I'm soaked. He kisses my neck and behind my ear then returns to my lips just as he eases himself into my waiting pussy. I moan into his mouth, joyous to be filled with him again. I wrap my arm around his neck, lifting up a bit, my breasts pressed against his chest. I nip his shoulder, lightly scraping his skin with my tongue. The roughness seems to get to him, and his gentle thrusts become ragged, disjointed, faster. He presses my back against the wall, and he begins to pound into my willing cunt. I pant, my pussy rippling and clenching his cock, joined with him. He bites my neck, sucking as he does so, and my body jolts. Over and over he thrusts into me, and through it all, I respond, kissing, nipping, squeezing, encouraging him to take more. The water from the shower cools as we fuck, and when we come, our legs give out beneath us, and we fall to the floor of the shower, a tangle of arms and legs. We laugh, loud and free, and then we kiss again. We shower for real after that, and we leave the bathroom happy. I wear a towel wrapped around my body, he around his waist. He guides me to the bedroom, their bedroom. The bedroom he shares with his wife. He stands beside the bed and runs his hands over my shoulders and arms. "I've never cheated on my wife before this," he says huskily. "I wish..." he trails off, shaking his head. He wishes we weren't cheating, that we'd met before her. I understand that. I tiptoe and press the sweetest of kisses on his lips, then his cheeks, his forehead, and the tip of his nose. He smiles, chuckling, and lifts a hand to caress my cheek. He gently tugs the towel from my body, and the cool air of the room washes over me. I smile into his eyes. He's nervous about having sex in the bed he shares with his wife. But I know she's had sex with others there, maybe dozens of times. I take his hand from my cheek and kiss the palm before slipping my own into it. I lead him closer to the bed and push his towel from his hips. His cock is at half mast, and I smile. I love his cock. I drop a soft kiss on the head and he inhales sharply. Oh, he's sensitive tonight. I wrap my hand around the base and squeeze, drawing my hand up the length of him. He grunts, spreading his legs for balance, and I wrap my lips around the head, swirling my tongue over him, teasing the underside of the head. His hands slide into my hair, holding me there, and I smile against his cock, sinking lower, taking more of his length into my mouth. I suck his cock, bobbing my head up and down his shaft, feeling it lengthen and harden against my tongue. I taste his precum, and I moan, savoring his flavor. And then he joins me, his hips begin to move, and I know he's close. He holds my head still and thrusts into my mouth. I relax my jaw and breathe through my nose, feeling the tip hit the back of my throat. He thrust in again, pushing more of his prick into my throat, and I swallow, moaning as I do so. "Oh, fuck!" he grinds out behind his teeth, and then I feel it. His hot cum shooting down my throat. He shoots again, my mouth filling, semen falling from my lips. I can't drink fast enough. He pulls out of my mouth, shooting another load on my neck and chest. He is panting, and so am I. I look up at him, unable to speak, and he climbs onto the bed, pulling up with him. He kisses me deeply, rubbing his semen into my skin again, and then he kisses my neck, biting it, and then moves to my breasts, kissing and biting both. He kisses my abs and my stomach, and then he moves to my pussy. He kisses my womanhood and then bites down hard, leaving a mark. He spreads my legs with his shoulders and buries his face in my shaved cunt, his nose and mouth pressing against the seam of my pussy, and then he slides his tongue into me. I gasp, hips bucking up, and I grip the bedsheets as he licks and licks, his tongue darting in and stroking my inner folds. He torments my needy quim, and his hands tease my excited nipples. I am at his mercy, blissfully savoring every electric touch from his tongue and talented fingers. Just when I think I can't take any more, he bites down on my clit, and my whole world shatters, a strangled scream echoing around the room as I burst, cumming, gushing into his mouth and down my legs, my body spasming wildly. When the echoes die down and my body stills, I stare at him, my mouth still open from my cries. He chuckles, crawling over me, pressing me into the bed, kissing me until my head is spinning. "It's time," he says. "Mark me as yours."
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    Entry 7 I'm sore today, my pussy raw from three days of wild, hard, animalistic fucking with my neighbor. Despite my tender state, it was completely worth it. After the day he fucked me and I watched his wife in the mirror, he'd returned each evening when she left for work. He'd taken me against the wall, over the back of the sofa, on the kitchen table. Each time was wild and memorable, heated and dirty. Today I watch through my closed blinds as his wife entered his workout room. She speaks to him, and the tell-tale signs of flirting were evident as she smiles and tosses her hair behind her shoulders. She seems to be trying to convince him to do something. At first, he says no, his head shakes and covert glances at my window a clear sign that he wants me. But she eventually wins him over, and he looks at my window with an expression of regret before following her out of the room. I sigh, telling myself it is for the best. After all, it was probably better to allow myself time to recuperate. Just as I am about to turn from the window, I see them leave their apartment wearing swimsuits and carrying towels. They are heading to the pool area. I smile, deciding to join them and drive him crazy. Minutes later, I leave my apartment, closing the door behind me as I make my way to the pool. When I arrive, I see that it is empty, but my neighbors are in the nearby jacuzzi, talking and laughing. I smile, my eyes hidden behind large sunglasses, and I make my way to a spot I know has the best vantage point from the jacuzzi. I know the moment his eyes latch on to me, but I studiously ignore his gaze. His wife is wearing a demure one-piece swimming suit, and I want him to see the contrast between us. I toss my towel on a chaise lounge and untie my coverup, letting the cotton fabric fall to my ankles and pool at my feet. I picke it up, placing it on my towel before stretching, letting the evening sun touch my skin. I am wearing a green, two-piece string bikini, the triangles covering my nipples small and barely containing my full breasts. The triangle between my legs show off my freshly shaved cunt, and when I turn and bend to straighten my towel and coverup on the chair, the string that runs between my ass cheeks wink at him. I know that his bite mark was still visible, and I am glad. I want him to remember his promise. Silently, I pad over to the jacuzzi, smiling a friendly greeting. "Hello," I say, slipping into the warm, bubbling waters at the opposite side of the tub. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm a bit sore, and the warm waters will help." "Not at all!" replies his wife, her voice bubbly and welcoming. "I think we live across from you. I'm Macy, and this is Jake," she says, pointing to her husband, not realizing how intimately I know the man beside her. I nod, acknowledging her greeting and reply, "Sarah. Thanks." I lean back against the side of the jacuzzi, letting the bubbles circle me, and I surreptitiously watch Jake from behind my sunglasses. He is nervous about his wife and me being near each other, and he also is trying not to show his desire for me, but I see it. It is there, burning in his eyes with each glance, and I can see the tent in his shorts beneath the surface of the water. "So, why are you sore? Long day at work?" asks Macy. She is a curious woman, but I don't want to appear rude, so I look at her and reply, "No, too much sex." I lift my sunglasses to wink at her and grin, letting her think I am joking, and then lower my sunglasses. I find that honesty is always best, and it often is the best coverup. My response has the desired effect, and Macy laughs, turning to her husband and changing the conversation. I let them talk, her going on about her long day at work. She is a nurse. I watch them, their interactions, and see the affection he has for her. I feel a flutter of jealousy, but I push it down. He likes her, but he wants me. I study her then, noting the no-nonsense blonde bun, the pert nose and freckled cheeks, the curvy body held beneath the tight fabric of her swimming suit. She is cute in a wholesome sort of way, even with her extra curves. My thoughts are interrupted by the chirping of her phone. Sighing, the woman climbs out of the jacuzzi and answers. I remain still, leaning back while watching her husband. His eyes dart from her to me, and each time they look in my direction, I see them move lower and lower down my barely covered body. I smile at him and stretch out one leg, letting my toes tease the lump I see in the front of his shorts. He jerks in surprise, his gaze darting to his wife, but her back is turned as she speaks with the person on the phone. He looks at me again, and then he slips one hand into the water and grasps my ankle, pulling my foot so that it lays along his length and uses it to stroke him. I let the side of my lips quirk up. So bad. We hear his wife sigh, and he releases my ankle as she turns toward the jacuzzi. "That was work, hon. An accident on I-10. I have to go in because they're short staffed." She leans over the edge of the jacuzzi and kisses his lips, which I have yet to do. She smiles when the kiss ends. "You stay here and relax, hon. You said you were sore. Too much working out, I suspect." She kisses his cheek, waves to me, and leaves the pool area. I wait until she is gone before removing my sunglasses, my eyes glinting in mischief. "Too much working out?" I ask, my voice teasingly seductive. Red stains his cheeks, and he replies, "What else could I tell her?" I grin, moving across the jacuzzi until I am directly in front of him. "What, indeed?" I reply, tugging at the strings of my bikini top. His eyes glaze in lust as the fabric falls into the water, my full breasts dancing over the warm water. I reach down, tugging his shorts until his aroused cock is free. I smile, wrapping my hand around his length, stroking him to full arousal before looking into his eyes, my voice husky. "I think it's time for another work out. Don't you?" He nods, snaking his arms around my waist and pulling me to him. My legs wrap around his waist, hands linking behind his neck. I feel one of his hands slide under my bottom, squeezing it, before moving to my fabric-covered mound. He yanks the bikini bottom to the side and guides his thick cock into my opening. Without warning, he rams it in...deep, and I groan, my pussy clenching tightly around him. He drops his head, taking one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking hard and relentlessly as he begins to lift his hips, thrusting in and out of my tight cunt. My head falls back as he fucks me, my legs tightening around his waist, pulling him in deeper. I pant, holding on to him tightly, my pussy welcoming his cock's ruthless thrusting, the water sloshing around us. I grip him tighter, my lips on his shoulder, needing to mark him the way he has marked me, but unable to do so. A mark will out us, and I'm not ready for that...yet. I lick his skin instead, and I feel him shudder, his teeth sinking into my breast, biting me, marking me again, making his claim on my body. I cry out, my body jerking, and I buck my hips, urging him to completing, my cunt grasping and releasing him until we both are breathing heavily. I look into his dark, stormy eyes, and I rasp out, "Together?" He nods, standing, lifting me, and leans m against the side of the jacuzzi, my breasts bare in the sunset's glow, his cock stuffed deep inside my pussy. He thrusts into me, hard, fast, relentlessly, my back hitting the side of the tub, my soft skins scraped against the tiles. He grunts, rubbing a thumb over my clit and slams in again, hard. My back arches, and I cry out, convulsing around his thick cock, my pussy drinking up the cum that he shoots into my willing pussy. We are breathing hard as we slowly come back to earth, and he pulls us back into the water. I smile at him, and he smiles back. I pick up my bikini top but leave it off as I climb out of the jacuzzi. I pick up my towel, wrapping it around my waist and toss my coverup over my shoulder, letting it cover one breath but leaving the other exposed. I wink at him as I grasp my top and sunglasses in one hand, wave, and walk to my apartment.
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    Never wear white shoes on a rainy day.
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Oh, uh, I believe you're supposed to coordinate with someone and start a new thread in the Your Apartment and Beyond section!
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    Good fucking lord. This site made me like hentai... -.-
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    I saw a cute picture of a sad bunny puking rainbows. I couldn't help but think of it saying the following in between retching. "Why are you laughing and saying 'aww?!' This is a serious problem; I'm actually really sick! I have a rare, fatal disease that causes me to vomit rainbows!"
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    I typically RP as a guy.. because.. well, I am one. But I am a little curious to try RPing as a female with another female. Perhaps my character will be unsure of her sexuality.. a little bi-curious. You could be her good friend who helps her explore these things and maybe more blossoms from it? I would like it to be very sensual and romantic. A lot of focus on touching, kissing and cuddling. Text me if you're interested. Looking for a slow burn/long term, so if that doesn't concern you then don't bother.
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    I have quite a lot of preferences, and my 'turn ons' can run right into some extreme territory. I can be flexible with certain subjects, but if I directly say no, or if it is obvious I am not going to roleplay something, then please, don't push it. I am very adamant with certain things and will most likely not bend to fit someone else's agenda, unless it was okay in my mind. Here are a few rules: ONE: I am not a dominant person. I am always submissive when it comes to roleplaying. I will not force myself to play a dominant character- ever, because I am not comfortable doing so. I will always play as a bottom, point blank. TWO: I can roleplay both in 3rd person, and 1st. I prefer 3rd, but I have no problem roleplaying in 1st person. So, there is no worries for that one. THREE: If you are going to roleplay with me, at least try to have acceptable grammar and punctuation. I don't care much for spelling, as long as it isn't ridiculously wrong. I can take a few misspellings, misplaced commas, but if it is... too much, I will tell you fast, without cutting corners. I like a whole assortment of things, as seen at the top. Here are some of my favorite things to do in roleplay: - Cum dumps - Tentacles - Rape - Incest - Extreme inflation - Futanari Some things I will NEVER do, are as follows: - Scat - Death - Blood - Under the age of 16 And, here are some scenarios I would LOVE to do: - Mother x Daughter (futa, and not futa) / Father x Daughter - Police Officer x Criminal - Princess x Knight / Princess x King - Teacher x Student / Student x Principal - And many more...!
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    Just some stuff illustrating what I like in RPs
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